Annoying Husband Or Wife? 7 Tips To Solve The Problem

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Annoying Husband Or Wife? 7 Tips To Solve The Problem
Annoying Husband Or Wife? 7 Tips To Solve The Problem

Video: Annoying Husband Or Wife? 7 Tips To Solve The Problem

Video: Annoying Husband Or Wife? 7 Tips To Solve The Problem

From time to time we have to deal with conflicts and misunderstandings in the family. At the same time, negative emotions in relationships poison our lives, devalue all the good that we know and love in each other.

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  • 1 A bit of history
  • 2 Where does the negative come from?
  • 3 The mechanism of negative energy
  • 4 Ways to solve problems

A bit of history

A person has two important components - the mind and emotions that move him. In primitive times, in the first place, oddly enough, were negative emotions. They made it possible for a person to react quickly in case of danger and make lightning-fast decisions about flight or attack. Negative emotions such as fear, danger, anxiety, anger served as salvation for a person, developing certain reactions to automatism.

In a modern person, the cause of negative emotions can be troubles at work, dissatisfaction with personal or family relationships. However, unlike ancient man, modern man is able to suppress some of his emotions. For example, if a boss raises his nerves at work, feelings of anger may be suppressed for fear of losing their job. But suppressed emotions will find a way out in the evening, with the family.

Where does the negative come from? 2

The nature of negative emotion is such that it never arises on its own. Most often in a relationship, it is associated with the manifestation of conflict, internal dissatisfaction with the behavior of another person. You may be annoyed by little things like scattered items or uncleaned dishes. But, if you think about it, each of us brings our habits and concepts to the family.

And, if a person is accustomed to a certain way of life from childhood, this is the only correct option for him. It is difficult to require an adult to put his things in a certain place if it was permissible in his family to leave things where they have to. Sometimes it is even difficult for another person to imagine that his habits can be so annoying.

Negative Energy Mechanism 3

If you try to ignore the emerging negative outburst, to suppress your emotions, sooner or later there will be an explosion. This explosion will be directed towards the one who caused it. The culprit, in turn, did not even realize that there was such an intensity of passions around him. Simply because no one told him about it.

Hushing up the situation is not an option, even if you are a person trying to bypass conflicts. The conflict itself makes it possible to reach a new level of relations, in which significant adjustments will be made. Do not try to suppress emotions in yourself, learn to express everything that does not suit you in the current situation. The ability to conduct a constructive dialogue will not come immediately. It is important not to offend your partner. Claims should be made with respect for each other's personality. Compliance with these conditions will give you the opportunity to find a way out of this situation.

quarrels in relationships
quarrels in relationships

The situation when in a relationship one of the partners constantly restrains negative emotions resembles an act of self-sacrifice. One suffers for the good of the other, while the second is good and comfortable. As a result, the scenario becomes familiar, and the one who suffers from constant discontent falls into a state of prolonged depression, slowly destroying his personality.

Ways to solve problems4

  • Mutual concessions on the little things. Each of us has our own established habits that are difficult to part with. But, when one of our habits causes a persistent negative emotion in a partner, we are ready to compromise. However, concessions should be made both from our side and from the partner's side.
  • Talk about what you don't like. Sudden dissatisfaction caused by your partner's actions or behavior should be spoken out loud. Don't be silent about the problem! After making a complaint, it is necessary to look together for the optimal solution to the problem.
  • All decisions are made jointly. Any decision, be it the choice of a sports section for a child, or planning a vacation, must be discussed with a partner, and not taken alone.
how to solve relationship problems
how to solve relationship problems

Do not try to re-educate the chosen one. Accept habits as they are. We are all different, but this does not prevent us from getting closer and understanding each other. Let your partner be who they are without asking them to meet your expectations

  • Respect for personal space. Each family member should have their own personal space, where the rest cannot be accessed. This can be a shelf in a closet or a table with a laptop. In no case should you put things in order there, violating personal boundaries!
  • Learn to see the positive in your partner. Many of us find it easier to see other people's shortcomings, which are so striking. It is much more difficult to see the good in a person. This needs to be learned.
  • Family trust. In a strong, harmonious family, an important component is trust in each other. Not every person is able to fully trust their partner. This can be hindered by personal sad experience, hidden human complexes, character traits. But if you want a truly happy relationship, learn to trust your partner.

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