How A Man Treats His Beloved Woman - The Rules Of Manners Education

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How A Man Treats His Beloved Woman - The Rules Of Manners Education
How A Man Treats His Beloved Woman - The Rules Of Manners Education

Video: How A Man Treats His Beloved Woman - The Rules Of Manners Education

Video: How A Man Treats His Beloved Woman - The Rules Of Manners Education
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beautifully dressed
beautifully dressed

Pathologically, it is considered how a man treats his beloved woman, so he treats his mother. There is a widespread opinion: how a girl puts herself, such an attitude should be expected. For a long time, all men have resigned themselves to such principles, however, a convenient argument ceases to be true and to shield guys, justifying their inability to communicate with the opposite sex. Psychologists say that a woman cannot influence a man, only correct behavior. However, this will not last long, exactly as long as the lady takes steps. Then, letting it go, it will reap the benefits. The only ones who can give a man the right upbringing are his parents.

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  • 1 Doesn't know how or doesn't like?
  • 2 What is he like when he doesn't love?
  • 3 Recommendations of psychologists

Doesn't know how or doesn't like? I

You cannot say that a man does not love if he allows himself to be rude and insolent to his companion. A woman is able to change him at the beginning of a relationship, which is why it seems that she shows character as soon as she is allowed to enter the house. Bird rights are also respected as long as the man allows it to be. Otherwise, the girl will immediately declare herself, and the attitude of the companion will tell about intentions, serious or not.

  • Most women assume that men don't like them:
  • They are constantly snapping and unwilling to compromise;
  • Not all character traits cannot be corrected;
  • The man does not lend itself to training, but is actively involved in his transformation;
  • It changes when another appears on the horizon.

This is typical behavior of a middle-aged male with an average income. It also influences a man's attitude. At first, if he is in love, he will try to please her in everything. Then, having achieved, he will begin to please himself, turning his beloved into a way of obtaining benefits. This does not mean the attitude, rather, the commercialism that comes out.

There are several reasons to suspect hypocrisy when he uses a girl for his own purposes. And they all indicate dislike. After all, the way a man treats his beloved woman can be seen from the outside. Therefore, advice from psychologists and friends often helps, who are able to objectively and calmly look at the situation.

when a man loves
when a man loves

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What is he like when he doesn't like? 2

A male in love is like a stupid creature who sees a beautiful thing for the first time, but has no idea what to do with it. Lack of love turns into a profitable union:

  1. A man will always appear when he has sex. He can give nothing more, just as he can take.
  2. Carelessness in attitude. If he often talks about love, but does not think about safety in sex, this is dislike. This is selfishness that a narcissist can manifest.
  3. Does not report on trips, delays at work. Every time a girl finds out about a business trip through friends or social networks - this is a reason to think about whether he took care of the feelings of another person?
  4. Mediocrity in promises - just to say something and forget to keep your word. A real loving man will do everything in his power. After all, he was planning actions when he assessed the ability to fulfill them with given promises.
loving man
loving man

It can also be concluded that he never offers help, even take out the trash. It is easier for him to do what he was asked to do than to take the initiative. Although this speaks of high pride, if, for example, in the family, his parents protected him from physical work. Perhaps it is still difficult for him to adapt to a woman who is an order of magnitude smarter, more independent.

Psychologists' recommendations3

When a man is in love, you can start polishing the relationship. Firstly, you can't get away with bad words - let him learn to behave in the company of ladies. Cynics know how to make themselves powerful and independent, but it is more profitable to build small and helpless creatures. Psychologists propose to solve the problem as follows:

When a woman is right in her speculation, a man's admission of a mistake tends to zero. Colleagues, friends, circumstances will be to blame, but not he. Immediately you need to stipulate this: a loving man, no matter what, will keep his word. This should be stated on the first date.

when a man loves, you can see it
when a man loves, you can see it

Any mention of marriage is perceived as an aggressive tactic. Anyone who has been in a relationship for more than a year or two should understand that the desire to write it in a marriage certificate is not the ultimate goal. When a man sees a joint future, he is not afraid of the circumstances of pregnancy and living together. A strange reaction indicates frivolous intentions.

He can splurge, speak beautifully. For a woman, talking is a pleasure, but for him a way to get the information she needs. You can play scouts until the man begins to talk about himself. When everything is in the palm of your hand, it's easier to push and bend your line. Men capable of living together will willingly talk about their provision to live together or with children. Unwillingness to develop this topic is a reason to wish him luck. It is impossible to re-educate such people, as well as to correct character.

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