Why Do Women Need Money From Men? True Reasons

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Why Do Women Need Money From Men? True Reasons
Why Do Women Need Money From Men? True Reasons

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Why women need money
Why women need money

Men are convinced that almost all girls are obsessed with material goods. They do not understand why women need money and not love and spiritual connection between partners. The man is partly right, girls are really interested in the financial aspect or its prospects.

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  • 1 Why does a woman choose wealthy men?
  • 2 Nature is to blame
  • 3 How do you know if a woman needs money?

Why does a woman choose wealthy men? I

Do not rush to accuse all women of commercialism and reflect on the topic of how women use men so as not to fall for the trick.

Yes, some of them are really chasing incredible riches and are ready to do anything for this: engage in prostitution, be a kept woman, or play the role of a fool in love for profit. A young girl does not follow the call of her soul, but is looking for a man with Maybach - this is just a selfish person. She wants to solve all her requests through a wealthy daddy.

Why do women need money? We are talking about those who are looking for a serious relationship and love. If a girl is very young, she may absolutely not think about the guy's condition. And agree to any of its terms.

But with age, a woman becomes wiser and understands that a responsible man must take care of her and children primarily financially. After all, she will have to go on maternity leave, she will not be able to provide for her family.

It is quite normal when a girl, before marriage, is interested in the financial situation of a companion. If he has not achieved anything by the age of 30, this is a reason to think. What was he doing all this time? He did not buy real estate, a car, did not reach heights in his career. What if, after the wedding, he also continues to mess around. And he will shift all the worries about future offspring onto the shoulders of his wife.

Divorce statistics assert that marriages, when a woman jumps out to marry for great love, without knowing important things - one of which is wealth and the ability to earn money, end in failure.

Nature is to blame for everything 2

In the course of evolution, stereotypes have become entrenched in women and men: she gives birth, brings up children, maintains a house, he earns. It can be argued that the modern world erases the boundaries of old mores, but nature itself stands its ground.

money man
money man

The woman has the first task - to provide for her offspring at any cost and take care of their comfort. Let's draw a parallel with ancient times, a woman always chose her hunters: strong, courageous men who could kill a mammoth.

In the modern world, everything has remained as before in a new way. Women like guys who make money, make money, create comfort. A girl always supports a man who wants to create his own business, if, of course, he spends his money on her, and not the maintenance of a mistress and satisfying his needs.

According to psychologists, the monetary reason is one of the main ones in family conflicts.

How do you know if a woman needs money? 3

The number of corrupt women is small, but there are people among the beautiful half of humanity who are hunting for wealth. You can recognize them by the following signs:

She appreciates everything material. Such a girl can be seen from afar. She looks bright, dresses exclusively in branded items, wears expensive jewelry. And in general, they choose everything only the coolest

I love men with money
I love men with money
  • The date is more expensive. An ordinary girl is not interested in the thickness of a man's wallet. On the first date, I'm not sure that he will pay for it and just in case has money with him. A mercantile girl will choose expensive wine or lobster, something else exotic and extravagant. She willingly takes the initiative and plans the meeting herself, just keep in mind that a significant investment will be required.
  • Interest in the possibilities of a man. The woman asks him about the car, apartment, bank accounts. She is interested in plans for the summer and the New Year. Having experience in communication on such topics, the wealth hunter may ask questions in a veiled way. Pay attention to your own story, if the conversation somehow moved to the financial area, then it is beneficial to your companion.
  • Lean inner world. Most likely a dummy behind a beautiful wrapper. She is not engaged in the development of her personality, does not think about realization and is not interested in the spiritual world.
  • Her dream is Bali. If, when talking about the deepest desires, she dreams of rest, entertainment, expensive cars. She is looking for a sponsor who will make her dreams come true. A woman who is waiting for a sincere relationship will talk about creating a family, children and self-realization.
pulls men with money
pulls men with money
  • The big age difference does not bother her. Quite often, a mercantile person enters into a relationship with a man much older than herself. She does not care about the difference in worldviews, interests. She will adapt to the requirements of the chosen one and will agree with him in everything.
  • She's in financial trouble. If a woman, after several meetings, complains about material problems. We urgently need to repay the loan, my mother fell ill, the salary is delayed, the car is junk. Most likely, a man is only a source of money for her. She will hint in every possible way that she is counting on his help. A decent woman will not talk about her difficulties.

Even a girl who only needs money from a partner will want a spiritual relationship, but she will not be capable of it.

interested in a rich man
interested in a rich man

Summing up, we can clearly say why women need money - in order to be happy with their families, to ensure a cloudless future for their children. Therefore, most of the fair sex strive to find a partner who can take on the role of a breadwinner.

And about why a woman needs a man, read our article further on the link.

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