Who Is A Bitch - Description. Why Do Men Like Them?

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Who Is A Bitch - Description. Why Do Men Like Them?
Who Is A Bitch - Description. Why Do Men Like Them?

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Video: Who Is A Bitch - Description. Why Do Men Like Them?
Fell in love with a bitch
Fell in love with a bitch

Relationship between persons of opposite sexes is a sensual magical combination of several ingredients. And such a mixture does not always lead to something good. There is no universal recipe for happiness, but there is a common paradoxical opinion that is characteristic of the stronger sex. For example, this is a stereotype that men are just crazy about bitchy natures.

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  • 1 Who is a bitch and how is bitchiness manifested?
  • 2 Why do bitches attract good men?
  • 3 How does this relationship end?
  • 4 How to return a man who went to a bitch?

It often happens that a relationship or marriage is destroyed because a loved one has left for another woman with an ardent character and royal manners. Let's try to find out why the guy fell in love with the bitch and what to do about it.

By itself, the image of a typical bitch has nothing to do with the concepts of home, calmness, comfort and care, rather the opposite. This word repels and evokes negative emotions. And at the same time, there are representatives of the stronger sex who, among the whole environment, choose ladies with a strong character.

And faithful, affectionate wives, trying to please their beloved in everything, wonder what she did wrong and how to return the one who succumbed to the spell of the bitch. It is possible that these ladies were originally like that, and it is likely that they read a lot of modern manuals or even attended master classes on how to become a bitchy selfish. We understand and establish the cause-and-effect relationship of this phenomenon.

Who is a bitch and how is bitchiness manifested? I

To understand why a man loves a bitch, first of all it is worth figuring out what type of women fits the definition of a bitch. According to several dictionaries, a bitch is an egocentric lady (putting herself at the center of everything), a woman with a grumpy character, a lover of scandals with or without. But is it really so? Does this definition fit modern realities?

Of course, if the bitches just behaved defiantly and treated others with disdain, then men would not be carried away en masse by these persons. Over the past few years, the media, the Internet and television have created a slightly different image of the typical bitch.

This is the type of business lady, successful, independent from anyone, looking fashionable and tastefully dressed. A modern bitch does not tolerate a boorish attitude and will not allow to offend or somehow hurt herself, knowing what to answer to the offender. She is always lucky, she comes out of desperate situations as a proud winner.

love a bitch
love a bitch

Quite a good image, even, one might say, positive. The only negative is that the bitch is forced to spend her life with such a character and behavior alone, because she is not adapted in a long-term relationship. And the reasons for this may be different - the same one gets bored, I want variety, loves to charm several men at once.

Despite the difficulties in building a relationship or marriage with such a woman, representatives of the stronger sex are ready to give up a quiet life with a simple, cozy and laid-back girl for a fleeting connection with a bitch, or at least a ghostly chance to be together. Realizing all the risks of breaking the marriage and breaking the heart of his wife, a man is ready to take responsibility for the sake of understanding that he was able to win a real bitch girl.

We figured out the concept of bitches - this is not a quarrelsome brawler, a jealous woman who makes scandals, but, above all, a lady with a strong character. Now let's find out why the guy fell in love with the bitch.

Why do bitches attract good men?

Nursery girls are taught not to offend anyone - they should be quiet, kind, peaceful, good and please everyone. It is not customary in society to somehow stimulate women to behave bitchyly - just be good in everything and a long line of suitors will build up for you. Everything will happen by itself, you just have to choose the right one.

In real life, being good means harming yourself, changing your personality, character, and denying personal needs. Some men do not respect women who are easy to comment and overly obedient. The ability to stand up for oneself, to fight for one's point of view, to know one's own worth - these are the distinctive qualities that are appreciated by men who have gone over to the bitch. And also:

bitch girl
bitch girl

Well-groomed appearance. A real bitch always looks attractive, even if she went out to the store to buy bread. The hairstyle of this type of ladies is always perfectly styled, manicure and pedicure are done regularly, and the wardrobe is not made up of thoughtlessly purchased expensive things, but tastefully selected.

The bitch regularly visits the gym or fitness classes to always keep in shape. He does not forgive himself for weakness, and therefore eats properly and monitors his health. Her image is always bright, unforgettable, sexy. The bitch enthusiastically catches the surprised and greedy male looks on the one hand, and on the other - the envious and angry female ones. This is incredibly flattering to her.

Behavior. He knows how to keep himself in society, but when it comes to encroachment on personal boundaries, he will not be stingy to say a sharp remark, offend or offend a person with a note of sarcasm in his voice. Her interests are above others, she is not embarrassed if she achieves what she wants, despite the fact that others are uncomfortable.

The feelings of someone else are completely indifferent to her - they do not love anyone and take advantage of people. Almost every passer-by is obliged to reckon with her, and close people (relatives or colleagues) should indulge and help in everything.

Respect. A real bitch won't let her partner or anyone else hurt herself. He will not forgive betrayal and remain adamant - it is useless to seek after the walk to the left. If the chosen one is late for a date, then he does not wait and returns home - this is a rude step in her direction.

man and bitch
man and bitch

He does not forgive even the smallest offenses (for example, to call him an insulting word as a joke), otherwise the man will get used to it and stop treating him with respect. If you do not put the gentleman in his place, then he will get lazy and will not help, and the bitches know this better than anyone.

Refusal from routine. At some point, some of the stronger sex will get bored with the monotony in the form of a diligent wife, who will not say a word in response to a rude remark. A selfish lady will not get bored with messages and calls about when their man will finally return home.

Quiet and benevolent women have been following the same line of behavior for several years, and this is what becomes the starting point of a man's departure to a bitch. It's not boring with bitches - drive with them! It is impossible for a bitch to convey something to the chosen one without dealing with relations. When she breaks all the expensive dishes or fiercely discusses and proves her point of view, this is ecstasy, pleasure, variety.

Purposefulness. The bitch always knows what she wants, has her own constant and unchanging life guidelines, both at the moment and in the distant future. He listens to himself and fulfills his own whims, and, first of all, he considers a man as a tool for these purposes. The charm of appearance, coupled with this quality, creates the image of a strong woman who is subject to any field of activity.

Independence. Another main rule of the bitch is that a vulnerable position is unacceptable. This type cannot be associated with someone in monetary dependence or live in someone else's area. To leave at any moment without consequences and regrets is what it means to be a bitch.

how to recognize a bitch
how to recognize a bitch

That is why men stay with such women, because they are constantly overcome by the fear of losing their lady. Plus, addiction involves pouring in emotions, energy and strength in response, and this does not fit in with a selfish nature.

Erudition. In fact, a bitch can hardly be called a brilliant mind. It is enough to know a few rules that lie on the surface, to have logical, calculating thinking and penetrating power. But those bitches with whom there is something to talk about, what to discuss and get good advice are much more likely to win any man. With a beautiful dummy, it's interesting at the beginning of a relationship, and as it develops, it becomes boring.

Relaxed behavior. A typical bitch is not ashamed of her ideal body, demonstrates her sexuality in every possible way, wearing a dress with a deep neckline or a tight skirt. Modest women may not open up even to old age, being embarrassed and covering up nudity - any man does not like this.

That is why men go to the left to vulgar ladies and cheat on quiet women. Men peck at the free behavior of a woman, naively believing that getting into bed is easy. A bitch with temperament and character will always be welcome. And the egoism emanating from women of this type literally pulls men like a magnet - she demands attention and gets it.

How does this relationship end? 3

Sooner or later, fortunately or unfortunately, the relationship between a man and a bitch ends. The representative of the stronger sex will soon begin to understand that it is financially and spiritually difficult to please such a lady.

In the first case, her requests are too expensive, and in the second, there is no return from love and the absence of reciprocal feelings. Investing in a bottomless abyss becomes mentally and physically difficult. In addition, frequent quarrels spoil the attitude and there is a constant expectation of a scandal, which leads to stress.

signs of a bitch
signs of a bitch

That inspiration and the idea that a woman in front of him is an ideal that descended from heaven is gradually disappearing. A man is faced with a harsh reality, love and attraction are dulled and begins to act soberingly. Over time, the partner realizes that he was used for personal gain and a bitch appears before him, whose true motives lay on the surface, and she, in turn, did not hide it.

The representative of the stronger sex begins to feel guilty before his loving wife, and, after weighing all the pros and cons, tries to restore the previous marriage. It is possible that he will return to the arms of the bitch more than once, but in the end it will end in mutual hatred.

Women bitches love themselves too much to keep only one man next to them - so they begin to cheat on their chosen one. Moreover, a selfish and vulgar person will not be tormented by remorse, considering dissolute behavior as something normal. Since childhood, the bitch has got used to not deny herself anything, she does not care about the opinion of others, as mentioned above. Another reason why such a union does not last long.

However, there is also a positive outcome - if everyone starts working for the sake of the relationship, then this can lead to a long relationship. Each individual must mature psychologically. On the part of the bitch - to change your arrogant behavior, attitude towards men and start seeing in the chosen ones those with whom you can build your future destiny.

Simply put - to see them as equals. On the part of a man - to understand that eternal squabbles, scandals and quarrels bring only negative to both. True harmony in a couple lies in mutual understanding, calmness, tenderness and care.

relationship with a bitch
relationship with a bitch

How to return a man who went to a bitch? 4

It is useless to do this at any stage, especially at the very beginning, as soon as the husband has left. He will not listen to anything, because his brain is drugged with the charm of a beautiful lady. Any reasoning will look humiliating, so you better keep your composure and self-respect for yourself.

If he comes back himself, then you decide whether to accept it or not. Changed once - will change the second. You cannot build happiness on a grief that happened once. There was a drive with the bitch, after she realizes that she does not want to live in harmony and tranquility again, she will start looking for a new violent lady. Such a man is not worthy of you, remember that.

how to get a man back
how to get a man back

It is also not necessary to become a bitch, otherwise you will be doomed to live your life alone or a constant change of partners. The bitch can hardly be called a happy person - everything revolves around her person, this is very sad. And most importantly, you are not to blame for this situation. Most likely, you just haven't found your chosen one yet.

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