Ask These Questions To The Person You Are Going On A Date With

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Ask These Questions To The Person You Are Going On A Date With
Ask These Questions To The Person You Are Going On A Date With
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girl surprised
girl surprised

Humanity has confidently entered the digital age. Tons of dating sites and apps. The developers no longer know what to come up with. Dating for heterosexuals, for homosexuals and for those who have not yet decided. For the rich and the poor. For those who dream of finding their one and only, and for those whose “singles” change every night.

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And we are used to it. We adapted to all these "swipes" and "matches". And that's okay. Tinder has helped many people meet the love of their lives. So it's silly to wrinkle your nose and deny that online dating has a number of advantages.

But let's face it - in the early stages of dating, we sometimes behave awkwardly. And the exchange of short messages does not help us to get to know the person properly.

You end up sitting and wondering if I should smarten up and go on a date? Will we be able to do something or is it better to stay at home and order pizza?

Let's save valuable time and find out in advance if this person is right for you or not. And the right questions will help us in this. And the answers we get to them.


What's your weirdest talent?

Don't be too serious! Dating should be fun. We all have quirks that make us unique. If the other person decides to open up to you, it will bring you closer. You can tell about yourself. Surely you have some kind of stupid talent that is of no practical use. Your finest hour has come.

What is your favorite movie, book, TV show? How do you like them?

The question is not original. But a classic is a classic. People love to discuss what they like, inspire, and charge with joy. Conversations like this will help break the ice between you. In addition, you may find that your tastes are similar or even identical.

What does your typical day off look like?

This question (or rather, the answer to it) will allow you to find out more about your Internet acquaintance. Who is he really - a lover of parties, where alcohol flows like a river, or a recluse who prefers books and TV shows? There is no perfect answer to this question. Everything here is individual. Someone will be interested in discussing bars and whiskey sorts, some books, and some Finnish short films. The main thing is that you two are comfortable.

Guy with tinsel
Guy with tinsel

What is your passion?

It is priceless to watch someone talk about a case they are on fire with. Facial expression changes. The eyes light up. Such a frantic energy begins to emanate from a person that everyone around is charged with it. Even if you discuss it in text, you will feel like your partner has perked up.

What are your interests?

"How is this question different from the previous one?" - you ask. There is a difference, dear friends, and it is huge. You can have one Passion (with a capital letter) and a dozen lesser passions. So be sure to check with your online friend what he enjoys, what his hobbies are, etc.

Where does your family live? Do you often see them?

Family is the main value for most people. Is your interlocutor included in this very majority? Again, there is no correct answer to this question. The main thing is that the views and beliefs of your partner do not contradict your own.

How do you like to spend time on vacation?

A lazy pastime on the beach under the scorching rays of the sun or hiking in the mountains? Keep in mind that if your romance begins to develop rapidly, sooner or later the question of a joint vacation will arise. It is best to know in advance how your (possibly) future partner envisions the ideal vacation. It is also a very interesting topic of conversation.

Why are you here?

Why did he install this application on his smartphone or register on this site? Straightforward conversation on this topic will allow you to find out what goals the interlocutor is pursuing - one-night stand or a serious relationship. Or he just flatters his vanity with likes, and your communication will be limited to correspondence.

A guy with a girl in a cafe
A guy with a girl in a cafe

What attracted you to my profile?

This question is indirectly related to the previous one. Now we are trying to figure out what he or she wants to get specifically from you. Reread the other person's answer carefully. Did he really think about your question or does he just want to get away with the answer, getting off with banal phrases?

What are you ashamed of?

Meeting a person who knows how to laugh at himself is a real success. If your partner decides to tell you a funny story about himself, you will kill two birds with one stone - enjoy an interesting story and appreciate his sense of humor.

Ideally, the story should make both of you laugh.

The achievement you are most proud of?

There is nothing wrong with bragging. Let the other person talk about their achievements. Your dossier on him will become even more impressive. And if you turn out to be a good listener and sincerely rejoice at someone else's success, you will definitely be put on the list of "The nicest people in the world."

Diving or swimming with sharks?

Random, sudden and unusual questions knock the ground out from under your feet. We do not prepare for them, we do not have time to come up with an answer to them, so we have to answer sincerely. Share life stories, talk openly about your fears, joke! If you are an adrenaline junkie, you can take your online friend for a test drive. What if he turns out to be as desperate as you?

Then you can immediately order wedding rings.

Or go bungee jumping together. Or go on a safari to Africa. Or go to extreme driving courses.

A guy with a girl in a convertible
A guy with a girl in a convertible

Or throw up all this stupid fun, buy a bucket of ice cream and eat it together in bed.

In general, you will figure it out for yourself.

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