Is The Break Or Is The Relationship Over? True Signs

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Is The Break Or Is The Relationship Over? True Signs
Is The Break Or Is The Relationship Over? True Signs

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The first few months of the relationship are the best, and then it is different for everyone. So how do you understand to continue or the relationship is over and what will you face?

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No more superi

Most recently they were the most awesome, but now they are not? He throws socks around, and you paint your nails for 1.5 days before leaving the house? Congratulations, the acquaintance, which is famous for the time of wearing candy-bouquets, dancing under the Moon, has ended and the everyday life has begun. The freaks also stepped in a skiff. It is a pity that the hormones, in which both were seething, had expired. And the question to be answered is: "Oh, do I see this body next to me when it usually is?" Answer - honestly and independently, without cheating from the "neighbor".

A few words about pause

A pause in a relationship begins at the beginning of a nascent connection, when people are oversaturated - a typical "waste", as after alcohol. There is no need to be afraid of this time. After being together almost 24/7, you need to be alone.

When should you continue? 2

Acquaintance must be continued if people will maintain the normal state of those who bind them. This is not as difficult as it might seem.


Can you tell everything and be very frank? Even if it's scary or painful? The nature of the conversation is important. - should be cozy, comfortable and, if possible, - funny. And seriously.

No gratuitous criticism

There is no unreasonable pickiness, and if there are any quarrels, then reconciliation occurs quickly enough. Get used to or accept flaws. In especially difficult cases, seek a compromise. Also, do not allow yourself to swear in front of strangers.

Break in relationship
Break in relationship

Readiness for deeds and self-sacrifice

Not everything in life is smooth, so sometimes you need to be ready to act in the interests of another person, except for what is dangling around your neck. Moreover, it will not benefit you. There are things to be done. And, if ready, - to act without words and praise.


Are there calls or messages during breakups? Are bound to be. It is possible infrequently. But, - regularly. On the appointed day and time.

Common interests

Movie watching, visiting exhibitions or the gym, cross stitching. Sleeping, for example, is interest. Let's say - on the weekend. 16 hours a day, like a cat and a cat. As an exception, depending on the circumstances, it is possible in different beds. The main thing is together, previously, by phoning or writing off.


Attracts? Beckons? Pulls? So - yours. Check your bikini line and grab some wax, so that you can rub something to a shine … Change the alarm melody to a louder one too - a quiet one in the morning may not wake you up. To finally drive away the rest of sleep, before a quick breakfast, a contrast shower will help, and drunk coffee or energy drinks will allow you not to walk like a zombie in the workplace.

How to know when a relationship is over
How to know when a relationship is over


Love is not passion. The feeling of love is much deeper and more multifaceted. The manifestation of care, tenderness, courage, dedication, patience, loyalty, the ability to forgive. Feeling of warmth, comfort, joy, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, calmness and protection.

Passion is just attraction. Compared to love, it is flawed.

When is the relationship over? 3

If something is present from this list, the connection must be cut off as soon as possible, before they become a habit. It will only bring suffering to both or one.

No longer happy to see you

If meetings remind you of a trip to work and you want to go home - go.

Discuss personal with other people

It is called personal because it concerns only two people. In some cases, for example, in search of advice, you can sparingly tell your best friend or girlfriend some situation … But - without fanaticism, but - neatly and delicately. Otherwise, it is a signal that the relationship is over.

Indifference has appeared

It is absolutely all the same what happens in everyone's life. Doesn't care about work, study, or everyday life. There is no desire to call, write, or meet. Any requests, for example, to take things, if things are not expensive, are ignored or are met with refusal.

End of relationship
End of relationship


There is no hesitation to make a scandal. Every little thing infuriates in a person you once liked. You can arrange a clarification of disagreements in front of strangers.


It so happened that when a person is experiencing a difficult situation in which he is, he often resorts to the help of alcohol or drugs, hoping that from their use it will become easier for him.


This is how some deal with anger and other negative emotions.

I don't want to give and invest in relationships

Nothing to give, nothing to invest and take from there - also seems superfluous.

Have become disgusting to each other

You cannot coexist peacefully on the same territory. There is no tactile contact, no sex.

There was a desire to meet another person

There was a desire to try to change a partner, as a person feels free.

Taking a break in a relationship
Taking a break in a relationship

Conclusion 4

When the period of falling in love has passed, each couple must independently decide whether they will develop further or break up.

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