TOP - 12 Tips On How To Make Your Husband Successful And How To Help Him

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TOP - 12 Tips On How To Make Your Husband Successful And How To Help Him
TOP - 12 Tips On How To Make Your Husband Successful And How To Help Him
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goal for success
goal for success

Scientists from many countries are sounding the alarm. Changing gender roles leads to changes that researchers call threatening. Fortunately, it has recently become a trend to talk about the return of traditional roles to men and women. What is it about?

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  • 1 1. Reproaches and quarrels
  • 2 2. Obsession and violation of personal boundaries
  • 3 3. Be a mentor
  • 4 4. Throw yourself into the embrasure
  • 5 5. Acknowledgments
  • 6 6. If you failed
  • 7 7. Talk about your needs
  • 8 8. Self-sufficiency
  • 9 9. Once again about self-sufficiency
  • 10 10. "To be the wife of a general, you need to marry a lieutenant and travel around the towns."
  • 11 11. Sex
  • 12 12. A woman is the beginning of everything

One of the main female traditions is helping to become a man. When a wife proudly talks about her companion, a successful husband.

What can a woman do to help her husband become successful? And what shouldn't she do?

1. Reproaches and quarrels1

My husband comes home from work, tired and upset. The wife greeted him with reproaches: “Again I couldn't take the trash, I didn't work with the child, what kind of father are you after that? Trouble? I don't want to hear anything! You were a loser, and you will remain one.

Will such a man be successful? Never! Such words painfully resonate in the soul of a man, even if he hears it not for the first time. Sooner or later, he begins to believe in these words. And he becomes the one who was appointed - a loser.

If he does not want to believe, he begins to resist. Scientists claim that a huge amount of energy is wasted in quarrels and disputes. It simply does not remain for achievements and successes.

What is the right thing to do?

Psychologists have long noticed that a man who comes home from work needs 20 minutes of complete rest. In order to rebuild, move away from the burden of everyday life. The wife meets with a smile, kisses and leaves. He takes care of himself for a while, then he dines. Such an end to the working day will overwhelm the man with gratitude and calmness.

2. Obsession and violation of personal boundaries2

As soon as the husband crossed the threshold, the faithful begins to happily tweet about how her day went - what shops she went to, what she bought for the house, for the family. And what disgusting colleagues at work, how they do not respect her! And I don’t want to talk about the boss.

How to make a man successful
How to make a man successful

I am tempted to say - poor husband. He will not have time to think about any success.

How is it correct?

When a man in silence and peace ate dinner, relaxed, calmed down, he is ready to communicate. But here, too, there is no need to pour out a tub of events of the past day on him. It's better to chat about this with your girlfriends. And it is better to listen to the spouse. The time when a man is relaxed and calm is the best for a frank conversation. He will share his problems and victories, ask for advice.

3. Be a mentor3

Yes, he will ask for advice. It is set up like this now. The wife puts her hands on her hips (even if mentally) and begins to teach how to live. And this is how he should do, and this is how, otherwise he should not do it at all. For his own good! She already knows exactly what is needed for his benefit.

If smart, he nods and pretends to listen. And if patience is not enough, the ground for a scandal is created.

How is it correct?

There is no need to advise how to proceed. Not now, not at any other time. It is better to help consider the situation from different sides. He will make the necessary decision himself. Only one who feels respect and trust from a woman can be successful. She must trust any of his decisions, even thinks that it is wrong. You can express your doubt, but not criticize or indicate. It is even worse if the wife instructed and the husband obeyed. Only children can be obedient, not men, all the more successful.

He can heed the advice, but only if he trusts and respects his wife.

4. Throw yourself into the embrasure4

Difficult family or business situation. The husband tells his wife about this and adds, "I don't know what to do." She, all grief with enthusiasm, replies: "Dear, everything will be fine, I will help you!" And rushes to the rescue, like a comic book hero, destroying all obstacles in its path. And, maybe, even helps, settles.

How to help a guy become successful
How to help a guy become successful

The problem has been solved, but how does a man feel? A superman capable of much? Not at all! Weak and addicted. These are not the hallmarks of success.

How is it correct?

If he spoke about the difficulties, you need to support him not with a shield that can hide from all troubles, but with faith. The fact that he can cope with any obstacle. And the words: “I believe in you, you can do it” he needs more than anything else.

A woman is weaker than a man. And, therefore, he must be a hero and protect himself and her from the vicissitudes of fate. Not the other way around.

5. Gratitude5

But then he solved all the questions. Happy and contented, he comes to her and talks about his victory. She shrugs her shoulder: "Yes, I know that you are a lion, and you will always help me." Even flattery won't help here. Seeing that they were indifferent to his hard-won victory, to the fact that he saved the situation, the husband will not be overwhelmed with inspiration for subsequent exploits. And if this is repeated, he will perform feats for the sake of another.

How is it correct?

Thank! Sincerely, hotly, with kisses, and possibly sex!

Not overdoing it, however, is also important. If you tell me what Ilya Muromets is like for every bucket of garbage you take out, nothing good will come of it. Common sense to help!

6. If you failed6

OK! He is a lion, throwing his chest at all obstacles. And yet he did not overcome one. The wife cries bitterly and reproaches her husband for not being able, not helping. Be careful with this. What if he has an overdeveloped sense of responsibility. So it can be brought to suicide. And then bite your elbows, don't bite - it won't help.

How is it correct?

There is no person who has never stumbled. If you kick him, he will fall even lower. Not worth it. It is better to support, to say that despite the fact that it did not work out, everything will definitely be fine, ups and downs are normal.

Help a man become successful
Help a man become successful

7. Talk about your needs7

Let the wife fear her husband! He supports him in everything, does not say unnecessary things, thinks wisely, listens to all his stories about business and career. And he makes serious decisions about moving, changing the interior, the fate of the children. Himself, only myself. And everything would be fine, but she doesn't like the new place and interior. She is sad, accumulates discontent, but does not bother her husband. But discontent, it is like a time bomb, will surely explode. Everyone will be affected.

How is it correct?

A successful man wants to see next to him not a weak-willed, agreeable creature, but an equally successful woman. Gently and unobtrusively, not in the form of claims, but in the form of a story about her life, she tells him about everything that she needs, that will please. Expressing your desires and sometimes requests is part of a healthy relationship.

And especially about gifts. Again, a proven fact: a man who does not invest in his wife cannot be successful. There are many explanations for this, but the fact remains. This must be conveyed to him. And then a successful husband is the near future.

8. Self-sufficiency8

Hearing from one of her friends that a woman should be weak, she begins to cry about every occasion. Complaining, not making any decisions without a husband, showing your weakness where necessary and not necessary. The man first actively helps and rescues. Then the activity decreases, comes to naught. In the end, there is only one emotion left - irritation, and one desire - to escape.

How is it correct?

Of course, weakness needs to be demonstrated, but only in issues in which you really cannot cope on your own. A self-sufficient man likes to see an independent woman next to him who can solve personal problems. In serious matters, he will gladly lend his shoulder. And the rest of the time you want to meet positive and sincere smile.

How can a guy be successful
How can a guy be successful

9. Once again about self-sufficiency9

A man who came home from work, rested and retired from thinking about business, was not so tired that he immediately fell into bed. He wants to communicate with his wife. And so we discussed all the working issues, and the household too. So, what is next? What to talk about? If the wife cannot keep up the conversation on abstract topics, the husband is bored. And he will definitely look for communication on the side.

How is it correct?

If a man is successful or strives to be successful, it will be difficult for him to see a young lady nearby, who only cares about looks and types of rest. Nobody argues, a well-groomed look is important. And to devote enough time to this is commendable. And yet this cannot be limited.

This does not mean at all that a woman should understand to the subtleties what her husband is doing. But she must have something of her own, she needs to develop as a person. Moreover, this is never a problem. Trainings on personal growth are a dime a dozen. Of course, as they say, not in the subject, choosing a quality training is not easy. But any experience, even a negative one, is still beneficial. The main thing is striving and desire.

10. "To be the wife of a general, you need to marry a lieutenant and travel around towns" 10

A phrase from a famous Soviet film. Yes, women used to be able to wait. Now it is very strong, just to horror, you need to have everything here and now. And if you wait, honey? What are we talking about ?! Life is short, you must have time for everything!

If a woman proceeds from this premise, then she begins to demand, to pull, to hurry. This creates a nervous and unhealthy atmosphere. And certainly not the one that gives birth to a successful husband.

Successful guy's guide
Successful guy's guide

How is it correct?

This is not only an everyday observation, but quite scientific facts: the more successful a man is, the more favorable the atmosphere in the family. If not, then the chances of being so are reduced, and if he reaches heights, then small and with incredible difficulty.

The girl must still remember that nothing is given on a silver platter. All benefits are deserved. And sometimes in order to get a lot, you have to wait. And if this skill is not there, then there is no gain.

It looks like the video "How I stand in line".

11. Sex11

Men only need one thing - many young ladies believe. Well, first of all, not one thing, men also love to eat and whatnot. But they really need sex. And here the stick sometimes goes too far. Like, you need a bed - work it out. A gift or service. There is a kind of rational grain in this, in this position a man at first feels like a hunter. But this does not last long. Then associations with corrupt women appear. Not the best, right?

How is it correct?

A certain intrigue, a situation when a man catches up, achieves - this always maintains sexual interest. But money should not be involved in this. And sex will not work as a reward for a service either. It's another matter when something done by a man creates such a spiritual uplift that one just wants to jump into the arms of a loved one. But this is sincerity, real emotions. A man responds to this with pleasure and rapture. And again and again he wants to bring joy to a loved one.

How to make your husband successful
How to make your husband successful

12. Woman is the beginning of everything12

As it turned out, not every woman can be the wife of a successful man.

There are three types of women:

  • woman victim. He only gives, does not know how to receive. But she loves to complain, which cultivates a subconscious feeling of guilt in her husband, which forces him to punish himself. There is no energy for creation. If there is a victim, there will be a rapist. The husband becomes a tyrant, but he does not threaten to be successful;
  • predator. She does not know how to give, only take, she is deeply unsure of herself. Money comes first. This is what keeps the man. Husbands become cheaters, but not successful. At first, he can make some effort, but without receiving gratitude, it comes to naught;
  • Women who know how to give and receive. Those who live in harmony with themselves. Take - know exactly what you need and how much. To accept - not to impose yourself on another, to be as much as you need. And be able to be grateful. This applies not only to financial, but also intangible components of relations.

Yet a woman's ability to accept money in a man's success is important. This indicator comes from the parental family. To what amounts she is used to, that level will accompany her in life, unless, of course, she works it out. Nowadays, everyone can learn how to improve themselves so that the level of acceptance of money increases. The main thing is desire and aspiration.

How to help a guy succeed
How to help a guy succeed

There is a phrase on the Internet: a wife to her husband: “Even if the whole world is against you, I will quietly stand behind my shoulder and give ammunition.” Every man dreams of such a wife. And every woman can become like that, and then a successful husband - so it will be possible to say with confidence about who is walking next.

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