Khyurrem Sultan - Complete Biography And History Of Roksolana

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Khyurrem Sultan - Complete Biography And History Of Roksolana
Khyurrem Sultan - Complete Biography And History Of Roksolana

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Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska
Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska

Khyurrem Haseki-Sultan in Europe was called Roksolana. This is a truly legendary woman, because little is known for certain about her real life, but many legends have been created.

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  • 1 How did Nastya become a concubine?
  • 2 Palace intrigues
  • 3 Confrontation with Mahidevran
  • 4 Love grows stronger
  • 5 Legally married
  • 6 Hürrem as a statesman
  • 7 What was remembered by Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska
  • 8 History of Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska in art

There is no documentary evidence of the authenticity of the events in the life of Khyurrem-Roksolana. The only thing historians and writers rely on is the correspondence between Suleiman the Magnificent and Khyurrem Sultan. In addition, information is drawn from the written memoirs of the ambassadors of some countries who visited the Ottoman Empire. It is not easy to distinguish between truth and fiction, facts and gossip here.

Most likely, she became Roksolana thanks to the name of the territory in which she lived as a child. Roksolania in those days was called a part of Transcarpathia.

Foreign ambassadors visiting Osmania have repeatedly mentioned that Roksolana is Russian by nationality.

The ambassador of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, describing the slave trade in ancient Turkey, wrote, "and the most beloved wife of the Ottoman ruler was taken out of our lands in childhood."

The ambassador of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth referred to the words of the Turks that Roksolana was born into the family of an Orthodox priest.

How did Nastya become a concubine? I

So, the red-haired and snub-nosed girl Nastya Lisovskaya lived quietly in her father's house. But once evil people with short sabers rode to their settlement on horseback and captured Nastya. On the seashore, in the area of ​​the present city of Feodosia, the Crimean Tatars sold her into slavery to the Turks.

Nastya was still a teenager and her innocence raised her price, so they treated her better than other prisoners: they fed her, washed them on time, and did not make her work a lot. So that the product does not lose quality.

One of Suleiman's friends decided to please him - to give him a living toy. Having appeared on the slave market, he chose Nastya.

If you believe the evil tongues of that time, the girl did not differ in beauty, but there was a zest in her. And how else, because in Turkey the overwhelming majority of women were brunettes, a snub nose was also not found on every corner.

The new concubine was so young that she was not immediately allowed into Suleiman's bedroom. He had not yet become a sultan, was under the strong influence of his mother: she even chose concubines for him herself for the night.

Palace intrigues2

Nastya, meanwhile, was growing up, looking closely at the local order. Saddened and realizing that there would be no return to the old life, the girl accepted the situation as it developed and began to learn to live in new conditions.

Khurem Sultan
Khurem Sultan

She was assigned to nurse the child of Suleiman and his main favorite, Mahidevran. The girl did not waste her free time: she studied languages, and not only Turkish, but also foreign ones, read books, was interested in the laws of the empire. The eunuchs also knew their business, taught how to give a man the highest bliss.

Nastya turned out to be a talented student, because how can one explain the fact that from the first night together, Suleiman the Magnificent remained crazy about a Russian girl. Now he was already a sultan, and he chose the concubines himself. In the overwhelming majority, his choice fell on Nastya.

Confrontation with Mahidevran3

Makhidevran hated her rival, and enmity arose between them. More than once it came to banal fights. The ambassador from Venice, Novogero, witnessed such a quarrel. Makhidevran insulted Nastya and scratched her face, tore her dress. After a short time, the beaten girl was called into the Sultan's bedroom, but she did not dare to appear in Suleiman's eyes in a torn state.

However, the sultan summoned Nastya to him. Then Mahidevran invited and asked what had happened. The former favorite replied that the beloved woman of the Sultan, she and others must obey her, and the Russian still received little. Suleiman was angry and drove out the rebellious.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska or Roksolana
Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska or Roksolana

Mother Sultana also did not welcome her son's affection for a slave. The chief vizier Ibrahim Pasha also spoke out against this love.

Love grows stronger4

But love from overcoming obstacles only became stronger. Suleiman gave the Russian concubine freedom, and she converted to Islam. The Sultan himself chose her name, which at that time was a great honor. Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska - so he called his beloved, which in translation means "bringing joy", according to another version - "blooming, fresh." The couple had a boy, then a girl.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska had a strong power over Suleiman the Magnificent. From the total mass of concubines, she stood out not only in appearance. She was not afraid to express her thoughts aloud, she had charisma, rare self-control. She also had a cheerful disposition.

In 1534, Suleiman's mother died. Ibrahim Pasha was executed soon after. Mahidevran at that time lived in the province.

who is Roksolana
who is Roksolana

Legally married5

Nastya would not have become Roksolana if she had not taken advantage of the happy situation. The incredible happened - the sultan married a slave. There was no official law prohibiting such marriages, but the Ottoman tradition did not allow this. No matter how the courtiers gritted their teeth, the fact remained: Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska became their sultana.

“The wedding was distinguished by a great celebration, the tables were full of food. The streets are as bright as day at night, people are having fun everywhere. Houses are decorated with flowers, swings are everywhere. The tournaments were held by Muslim and Christian knights. Musicians made people laugh, "- this is how the English traveler George Young described the wedding.

The spiteful critics claimed that the new mistress was a sorceress, and she bewitched Suleiman. To some extent, they were right - he could not do without her for a long time.

Hürrem as a statesman6

The sultana had a well-developed mind, was educated enough for a woman of that time. She had an outstanding diplomatic gift.

Roksolana wife of Sultan Suleiman
Roksolana wife of Sultan Suleiman

Suleiman understood this, trusted her completely and often followed her advice. Leaving somewhere, he left the leadership of the country to his wife. Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska was in correspondence with the rulers of Venice, Poland, Persia, and with many famous people of that time. Provided patronage to artists, scientists, experts in religion.

Of course, she used her influence over the ruler for her own personal purposes. How else can she and her offspring survive in a foreign country, in conditions of tough competition and total surveillance?

The Sultan allowed her to receive foreign ambassadors. This confirms that Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska was well versed in international politics. During diplomatic receptions, she had the right not to cover her face.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska turned out to be the main fashionista in the palace, having introduced dresses and capes of a special, free cut into use. She was known as a connoisseur and lover of jewelry; some of them were made for her by Suleiman the Magnificent himself. Many decorations, knowing her weakness, were brought as gifts by ambassadors and other distinguished guests.

It is clear that such an influential person had plenty of enemies. They envied her, hated her, but feared her.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska did a lot of charity work. She created a charitable foundation, to which she gave her name. She built the Aksaray district in the capital of Osmania: schools - spiritual and ordinary, a mosque, a hospital.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska the wife of Sultan Suleiman
Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska the wife of Sultan Suleiman

In addition, several public canteens and baths were built in other parts of the city and in Mecca itself. The sultana did not forget to distribute generous donations to the poor people.

What did you remember Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska7

Never before were concubines even considered as contenders for the place of the sultan's wife. How strong was the love of Suleiman the Magnificent, if he neglected public opinion and married a slave

The concubine was allowed to give birth to only one son. After the birth of the boy, she was no longer allowed into the Sultan's bedroom. She was entitled to the status of a sultana, but it was purely formal. Together with the child, the concubine was deported to a remote part of the state, where she was engaged in raising a son of an important family. Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska gave her husband 5 boys and one girl, and two children before marriage with Suleiman. The law was not written for her

What is a Sultan without a harem? He was with Suleiman. According to his position, he was supposed to have numerous sexual contacts. Children had to be born as many as possible. In the 16th century, childhood infections raged with might and main, and the danger of being left without an heir was more than possible

history Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska
history Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska in all ways prevented Suleiman from having sexual intercourse with other women. If she noticed that her husband was beginning to look at some woman with a certain interest, she immediately took measures to remove a possible rival. And this is in a Muslim country where from time immemorial polygamy has been accepted!

One day, two young beautiful slaves appeared in the palace. It was a gift for Suleiman and for the mother-sultana. The mother gave her slave to her son. Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska did not like such gifts. The mother was forced to apologize and take the slave back, and the sultan donated his to someone. He did not want to upset his beloved wife - the presence of even one concubine spoiled her mood. The harem had to be abolished as unnecessary, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska replaced it with herself.

According to the laws of that time, the heir who had reached the age of majority had to go to the province to learn the basics of government. The mother had to accompany her son and live with him

Khyurrem Sultan sent her sons to the province alone. She always lived in Istanbul, staying close to her beloved husband. Despite the indignation and indignation of society.

facts about Roksolana
facts about Roksolana

It was Suleiman who introduced the title of Haseki. It was intended for the wives and beloved concubines of the rulers. Suleiman had no options - he had one hasseki

The position of the khaseki provided a woman with a large monetary allowance, and after the death of the sultan, the treasury had to pay it. The finest jewels and furs, the entire staff of servants, the chambers next to the Valide chambers - these were the benefits the Haseki received. Only the Valide was higher than the Haseki - this was the title of the mother sultana.

Such a long and strong connection was not encouraged, it was considered an obstacle to the proper administration of the empire. Despite this, Suleiman the Magnificent all his life did not consider it shameful to demonstrate his love and devotion to his wife, which his contemporaries called excessive.

The correspondence between the spouses has survived to this day: there is so much longing, love and adoration in each letter! A lot of letters were written, because a lot of partings happened in their lives. Suleiman the Magnificent conducted at least a dozen military campaigns in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Since then, the sultans began to rule together with their husbands, to take part in the decision of important state affairs. This era was called the "female sultanate".

how Roxolana replaced the harem
how Roxolana replaced the harem

According to historians, Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska contributed to the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. And it doesn't matter that the empire collapsed after several centuries. Hürrem's guilt is seen in the fact that she became the progenitor of the "female sultanate", which was not a stronghold of the state. This may be true, but this is one of many reasons, not the only one.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska died at the age of 53. The causes of death are not clear: either illness or poisoning.

Suleiman loved his Hasekiah after her death. He built an octahedral domed mausoleum, which became her tomb. Nearby is the mausoleum of Suleiman the Magnificent himself. He survived his beloved Hürrem by 8 years.

Three sons of Suleiman and Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska died while their mother was still alive. The remaining two fought for the throne, and one of them became the successor of Suleiman the Magnificent. It was Hürrem's beloved son, the same red-haired and fair-skinned, like her. History remembers him under the name Selim II.

Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska in art8

The unusual fate of a simple Russian girl is reflected in many literary works, as well as in films.

how Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska replaced the harem
how Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska replaced the harem

There are many facts convincing readers and viewers that Alexandra Anastasia Lisowska was bloodthirsty and insidious, did not disdain any means to achieve her goals. There are no confirmations of such facts, just as there are no refutations, so we have to leave such stories on the conscience of writers and screenwriters.

Was Nastya-Khyurrem happy? Did she yearn for her homeland? Did the family know about her unusual fate? How did you manage to conquer the strongest of the strong and stand next to him? There are many questions, but no answers.

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