Scammers, Lies And Married People? What Else Are Dating Sites Hiding?

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Scammers, Lies And Married People? What Else Are Dating Sites Hiding?
Scammers, Lies And Married People? What Else Are Dating Sites Hiding?

Video: Scammers, Lies And Married People? What Else Are Dating Sites Hiding?

Video: Scammers, Lies And Married People? What Else Are Dating Sites Hiding?
Video: Meet the scammers breaking hearts and stealing billions online | Four Corners 2023, March
guy with white mask
guy with white mask

Online dating is fraught with more than just the risk of meeting an unworthy match and breaking your heart. There are even more real dangers that can arise from meeting strangers online. And therefore, in the process of using applications and dating sites, it is important not to fall into illusions and look at things soberly.

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  • 1 Risk of rape
  • 2 Scammers and money scam
  • 3 Unreasonable expectations
  • 4 Married everywhere
  • 5 The Dangers of Sex on a First Date
  • 6 How to protect yourself in the virtual space

Online dating is, of course, very convenient. However, at the same time, it's worth remembering that by using apps, you are showing yourself and your data to millions of people. And you can never be sure how the first date with one of these millions will end. But, as they say, forewarned means forearmed. What dangers can lie in wait for users in dating apps? Let's try to figure it out.

Risk of rapei

According to statistics, about 10% of maniacs commit crimes by looking for victims through dating sites and applications. So if one of the users inspires you with doubts - in no case should you continue to communicate with him. The best option is to send a complaint to the administration. This will protect both you and other users.

Every year, Internet criminals around the world commit 16,000 kidnappings, hundreds of murders and thousands of rapes. These numbers are terrifying, and that is why you should never forget about your own safety.

You cannot make dates at home or on the territory of a new acquaintance. The first few meetings must take place in public places.

Do not forget about the need to warn your family and friends that you are going on a date.

A guy and a girl in a cafe
A guy and a girl in a cafe

Scammers and money scam 2

Statistics also show that about 10% of profiles on free dating sites are fake. Many people don't like paid services - after all, why give money for something that you can get just like that? However, in this case, a small amount paid for the opportunity to use a quality service may cost you safety and peace of mind. Scammers are usually in no hurry to invest in their accounts, and they live in large numbers on free services.

In a fake profile, the first thing that catches the eye is a photo - as a rule, this is one picture; or there are no photographs at all. Also, warning signs should be grammatical errors in the profile, lack of information about yourself, excessive flattery at the beginning of communication.

By the way, according to official statistics alone, in 2011, the worldwide turnover of online dating fraud amounted to more than $ 50 million. The most common fraudulent scheme is the story that the user is allegedly in another country and does not have the money to pay the way home and come to you. In no case should one be led to such provocations.

Unreasonable expectations3

Of course, with due vigilance, you can avoid troubles with deceivers. But no one is immune from another type of lie - the usual deception about user data. Research by Eharmony has shown that about half of US users fake their profiles on dating sites. Height, weight, age, income level - these are just some of the characteristics in which people tend to lie in order to look more attractive.

Girl holding her head
Girl holding her head

Married Everywhere4

Hand in hand with these statistics goes a lie about your current relationship status. Those are about 62%. Most of them are connected with long-term relationships. 11% are married.

So it’s always worth remembering that nothing is easier than taking off your wedding ring and putting it away somewhere in the closet. If you are not sure about the interlocutor, do not be afraid to ask the appropriate questions.

The dangers of sex on a first date5

One study yielded startling data. 33% of women have sex on their first date. Indeed, why put off until tomorrow what can be done today? But it would be fine it would end with just one sex. Worst of all, four out of five of these girls do not use condoms the first time they have sex.

Remember: security is important both online and offline.

How to protect yourself in a virtual space6

The listed statistics are disappointing. But don't let them spoil your life. Instead, it is worth taking this information into service. The following tips will help keep yourself safe.

Guy with phone
Guy with phone
  • Use of trusted sites and applications. First, it is useful to explore the available options, and not register on the first resource that comes across. According to Forbes, there are about 8,000 dating sites in the world. So there is plenty to choose from.
  • Study reviews from experts and other users. Do not take the word of the creators of the application or site themselves. It is much more effective to first learn information firsthand - just by reading reviews of real users. Or expert reviews. Usually people willingly share negative information on various forums and blogs. If there is too much of it, you should not waste time on this resource.
  • Examine the data about the interlocutor of interest. Let's say you met an interesting person, and now you would like to know a little more detailed information about her. Don't think that finding an account on a social network would be an invasion of privacy. With today's crime rate, a few bits of additional information won't hurt anyone. Check out his or her profile on various social networks - Twitter, Vkontakte, Instagram. Of course, you do not need to delve into the details of your personal life if you managed to find the data. Just make sure that this is a real person who will not show up on a date with an ax in his bosom - as the well-known hero of Dostoevsky's work did.
  • Do not disclose your personal information. If a user starts begging for money from you, or asks to send a bank card number - in no case should this data be given. Also, do not share other personal information - where do you work, when you go to the gym, what school your children go to. At least until you more or less trust this person.
The girl crossed her arms
The girl crossed her arms

Block suspicious interlocutors and report them to the support service. Almost every dating site has a feature to block users who make abusive language. As a rule, it is located on the page of the person's profile itself. Also, every self-respecting application has a round-the-clock support service. After receiving a complaint, the moderators check the suspicious user and, if necessary, block him

So, online dating definitely has its pros and cons. However, if you think about it, sometimes dating in bars or clubs is just as dangerous. So the main thing is to always keep your eyes open, and use common sense when suspicions arise. And the listed tips will help you do this, protecting yourself.

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