Why Do This? What Exactly Does Not Attract Women To Men

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Why Do This? What Exactly Does Not Attract Women To Men
Why Do This? What Exactly Does Not Attract Women To Men

Video: Why Do This? What Exactly Does Not Attract Women To Men

Video: Why Do This? What Exactly Does Not Attract Women To Men
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What exactly does not attract women
What exactly does not attract women

Some men are very successful among women, while others cannot attract a girl they like. It happens that she still paid attention, but then began to treat it colder or completely ignore. Why? Apparently, something did not suit her in the man. Of course, every lady has her own preferences and dislikes, but most have a common list of traits that they definitely don't like. Let us examine the reasons why a woman does not want a man.

The content of the article

  • 1 Chauvinism and sexism
  • 2 Vile humor, vulgarity, rudeness
  • 3 Bad manners and sloppiness
  • 4 Appearance
  • 5 Narcissism, self-confidence, selfishness
  • 6 Shyness, infantilism
  • 7 Inability to listen, ignorance
  • 8 Conversations about ex-partners

Chauvinism and Sexismi

It would seem that in such an enlightened era of globalization, when the obsolete traditions of the Middle Ages disappear along with the borders, such a place should not exist. This is ideal, but in reality, men are still subject to sexist stereotypes. But this is not so bad, the worst begins when chauvinism begins to manifest itself.

An innocent, at first glance, joke that a woman's place is at the stove can cause a woman to dislike a man. Even if he didn't say it, he just laughed. Again, humor isn't the worst thing, as long as it doesn't go overboard. Some men show chauvinistic sentiments directly, starting to literally humiliate a woman.

And not everyone does it with malicious intent. There are those who want to seem more brutal, demonstrate that he is a "real man" and attract her attention. But the effect is exactly the opposite. Such behavior can also cause aggression on the part of a woman. She will no longer want to date someone with such retrograde views.

Dirty humor, vulgarity, rudeness2

In fact, they can be considered the consequences of sexism and old male habits. Medieval knights were not at all as gallant as they are usually thought to be. They swore, often obscenely, joked, rowdy and generally did not behave in the best possible way. In those harsh times, this was considered normal, but now it is condemned, especially by women who have received the right to vote.

A man again may just want to show his coolness, how much more alpha male he is than others. Girls like bad guys. Such ladies were, are and will be, probably. The fact is that women, of course, fall for the bad guys, but in fact they love completely different men. Gentle, sensual, speaking beautiful words and giving compliments. Some guys confuse the latter with a vulgar statement about the fair sex.

What kind of behavior a man repels
What kind of behavior a man repels

In addition, now, when complaints of sexual harassment have increased, and the anti-harassment movement is active as never before, you need to be more careful with vulgarity and rudeness.

Bad manners and carelessness3

Gallantry and manners are what every woman likes. But their absence is not, especially during a meal. In general, table behavior can say a lot about a person. If he eats sloppily, smears himself with sauce, chomps, spits up, then in life, most likely, he is a slob. Besides, looking at this is simply unpleasant. There are those who go even further. Women are definitely not impressed when a man spits or, in general, does not hesitate to scratch intimate places. This is definitely not worth doing.


There are two opposite cases here.

He has a sloppy appearance, wrinkled clothes, overgrown with prickly stubble, does not wash his hair, dirt under his nails, etc. You don't need to look like Apollo, with impeccable hair, but you shouldn't forget about basic hygiene rules. Not all men pay enough attention to brushing their teeth yet. It is not pleasant to talk to someone who smells bad from the mouth, and kissing is not worth talking about

He pays too much attention to appearance. Of course, you need to take care of yourself, but not turn it into a cult of your own name. It will seem strange to a woman if a man spends more time in front of a mirror than herself. There is still a stereotype that attributes this behavior to men of non-traditional sexual orientation. For her, it is like a signal "there is nothing to catch."

Narcissism in a man is not attractive
Narcissism in a man is not attractive

The real reasons why a guy behaves like a girl and how to be in such a situation, read the article at the link.

Narcissism, self-confidence, selfishness5

Self-confidence is good, it is what attracts women, elevates a man in their eyes. This cannot be said about excessive self-confidence. Nobody likes narcissistic people other than themselves. Even if they are educated, intelligent, interesting interlocutors, it is simply unpleasant to communicate with him. Such a man will emphasize his superiority, often imaginary.

Taking pride in your accomplishments is okay, as well as talking about them. But it's one thing to boast once, and another to boast constantly, remembering the achievement for a long time, at every opportunity.

A separate category is men who know everything and are always right. Usually, such men are not tolerant of other people's opinions, or they simply do not accept it, considering only their point of view to be correct. It is unacceptable for them that someone might not agree with them. They do not listen to anyone, not even the woman they love. The simplest example is when he gets lost, but does not ask for directions. Or knows exactly how to fix the tap, eventually flooding the apartment. Of course, a man can really be very educated, have golden hands, but sticking out this, in fact, he shows his worst qualities.

My man is a narcissist
My man is a narcissist

How pleasant would a woman be to communicate with such a man? And how long will it last? The fair sex wants their opinion to be appreciated and reckoned with. Especially now, in the era of feminism.

Shyness, infantilism6

Modesty is important, but that doesn't mean being afraid of everything and everyone. Yes, shyness can be cute, but a woman will most likely not be comfortable communicating with someone who constantly stutters, does not know what to say, is redder and wringing his hands. She herself will not know how to behave, what to say. As a result, it will not work to establish contact, and without it, relationships are impossible.

A guy who cannot connect two words or who makes decisions with difficulty is difficult to perceive as a defender. After all, women want to feel behind him like a stone wall, to know that he will not give his beloved an offense.

Those who have not yet said goodbye to childhood are attracted only by women of age or with a maternal instinct. Only they will not perceive such a boy as a man. Girls are repulsed if a guy behaves like a child: he offends for any reason, is capricious, constantly demands something, in particular attention.

What does not attract a man
What does not attract a man

Inability to listen, ignorance7

"The less we love a woman, the easier she likes us." True. You can attract female attention with light gambling and coldness. But the longer the disinterest is shown, the greater the chance that the action will have the opposite effect. That is, instead of attracting the girl, he will push her away. She decides that the truth is not interesting to a man and needs him, which means that she will have to look for happiness with another.

Women love to be listened to, not just pretending or, even worse, indifferent. But it is also bad when a man speaks too much without letting his companion put in a word. She wants to be in the spotlight, to tell about herself, about what is happening in her life.

Talking about ex-partners8

A man shouldn't mention exes in any way. It doesn't matter if a man complains about the girl he met negatively, or he says only good things about her, his lady won't like it. Why? In the first case, if he scolds those who were once dear to him, then he will then speak in the same way about the current passion. Of course, she will not want to have a relationship with such a person. In the second, the woman may decide that the boyfriend still has feelings for the ex, this will definitely not add reputation points to the man. Also, they really dislike being compared to other women.

Narcissism in a man
Narcissism in a man

What do they like? When they are loved, desired, listened to, made happy. For this, it is not necessary to be an ideal man, there are hardly such ones, but it is better not to show the above qualities.

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