All Sorts Of Feminine Things For Men. Interesting And Incomprehensible

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All Sorts Of Feminine Things For Men. Interesting And Incomprehensible
All Sorts Of Feminine Things For Men. Interesting And Incomprehensible
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Women things
Women things

The fair sex with might and main are studying the art of seduction of men. And each lady has her own secrets and her own "feminine things". We know what tricks women in our area use - someone learns to cook borscht, someone goes to oral sex courses, and still others do it everywhere. What about other parts of the world?

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  • 1 Ladies' French Tricks
  • 2 Women's Italian things
  • 3 Women's Japanese things
  • 4 Cinematography

We present to you a guide to male seduction, collected from all over the world.

Women's French things

How often do we look at French women and wonder - how they manage to look seductive, but at the same time at ease, as if not putting in effort? Jamie Cat Callan is American, but her early years passed side by side with a French granny. Jamie came to the conclusion that French women really have something that American women lack. Deciding to get to the bottom of the truth, she went to France in order to observe the inhabitants there and find out their secrets.

She outlined her observations in ten important lessons:

  • Lesson one: Give up dating. Sounds unusual. But Jamie explains: Stop the dating marathon. Go out with friends more often - you can meet a worthy man in the circle of friends or mutual acquaintances.
  • Lesson two: throw a party. Invite old friends and new acquaintances to your home. Showcase your culinary talents and communication skills.
manipulator girl
manipulator girl
  • Lesson three: walk more often. Take a walk, breathe fresh air. First, it's a great exercise and a good way to keep fit. Secondly, French women love walking also because it is a way to show themselves - a kind of impromptu podium. And besides, when you walk with your man, he will see that other males are throwing interested glances in your direction. He will understand that he is not the only man on your list of fans - healthy competition will keep him in good shape.
  • Lesson four: offline. Stop surfing the Internet. French women meet men in museums, bars and at parties. Be charming and seductive, learn to strike up a conversation with anyone.
  • Lesson five: always be beautiful, even at work. A sexless gray suit? In no case. Choose something more seductive. Of course, not forgetting about the fine line between sexuality and vulgarity.
  • Sixth lesson: naturalness and knowledge of measure. Have you decided to show your figure to the world? Select one body part and expose only that part.
woman manipulator
woman manipulator
  • Lesson Seven: Try to maintain good relationships with your ex. Who knows, maybe a party with his friends will bring you a very useful and pleasant acquaintance.
  • Lesson eight: don't have a hundred rubles, but have a hundred friends. It is very important to have a circle of friends with whom you can go to museums, bars and parties.
  • Lesson nine: intelligence. Even if you are not seven inches in the forehead, you can cheat a little - sit elegantly in a cafe with a book, put on glasses. French women know that intelligence is very sexy.
  • Lesson 10: You have the right to be in a bad mood. You're an emotional girl! Life seems much easier and more fun when you are not constantly trying to "keep your face".
woman manipulates
woman manipulates

Women's Italian things2

  • Italians pay a lot of attention to clothing. Burning and hot, they don't tend to be invisible. They also love catchy decorations - a girl should be really stylish in order to hang herself with jewelry and not look like a Christmas tree.
  • Not only Russians, but also Italians are known for their love for the widespread wearing of high-heeled shoes. While the American women cut through in sneakers and hoodies, our compatriots and Roman goddesses confidently walk the streets, towering over them in high-heeled shoes. The legs are lengthened, the buttocks are tightened, and the girl herself feels like a movie star. Of course, if the beauty knows how to walk in heels, otherwise she looks like a female praying mantis, looking for a male, whose head she will bite off after mating.
  • Italians love expensive jewelry. They seem to show men that they do not intend to exchange for trinkets, and their attention is dear.
  • Forms. In a country swallowing tons of pizza and pasta, the word diet seems out of place. A slender but appetizing figure, skillfully accentuated by sexy feminine clothes - how can you look away from such a woman? Mamma mia!
girl manipulates
girl manipulates
  • Lingerie should be luxurious. Is always. It's time to throw away the cozy home panties and put on the lace set that has been waiting for its time.
  • You should never skimp on shoes and handbags. Both should emphasize the individuality of a woman and be of excellent quality.
  • No need to blindly follow fashion trends - learn to combine fashionable novelties and create your own unique style.
  • Italians enjoy their sexuality, but they know when to stop - a leopard-print mini-dress that barely covers the ass and from a neckline to the navel is not sexy.
  • Italian women love to take care of themselves. Treat your grooming procedures not as “working” on yourself, but as an act of loving yourself.
playful girl
playful girl
  • A real Italian woman can afford to emphasize both eyes and lips and will look luxurious and seductive at the same time. Learn the art of makeup. Many girls have a couple of lipsticks in a cosmetic bag, which seem too bright and provocative to them - they get it once a year, apply it to the lips, take a selfie and go back to the far corner. Do not be afraid to be bright and draw attention to yourself.
  • Hairstyle should not be too sleek and perfect. A soft curl that stands out from the styling looks seductive and emphasizes the girl's violent character.
  • Healthy appetite and love of food. A girl sluggishly picking at a plate with a fork is not sexy. Have you seen the photo shoot of Monica Bellucci eating a plate of spaghetti and ketchup with her hands? Fiery woman. Not only appetite stimulates.
  • Don't be afraid to give vent to your feelings. Laugh, get angry, cry and swear - Italians do not hide their emotions. Why keep everything to yourself?
vamp woman
vamp woman

Women's Japanese Things 3

  • Japanese geisha create an atmosphere for their man in which he can relax and forget about everyday worries for a while.
  • In Japan, they say that a wife is a woman for the house, a prostitute is a woman for sex, and a geisha is a woman for a soul. If you can combine these three hypostases in yourself, the man will be yours forever.
  • Before meeting with a client, a geisha collects information about him - about his work, views on art or politics, interests, etc. You need to be able to maintain a conversation, support a man, but be able to express your own opinion. Geisha is able to cheer, calm down and cheer up a man.
  • Geisha is a subtle psychologist. She knows when a man needs an interlocutor, and when it is better to remain silent.
  • A geisha does not need to be naked in order to arouse sexual desire in a man. She conquers him with her intelligence, grace and femininity. Geisha have never been prostitutes - this is one of the most common myths. But they had the right to choose a lover of their choice. The path to the heart of a geisha was long and thorny, but the men spared neither money nor time to conquer the unapproachable beauty.
why is she manipulating
why is she manipulating
  • Both geisha and priestesses of love have paid due attention to the training of intimate muscles since time immemorial. Girls, if you have long wanted to do intimate exercises, but put this business on the back burner, consider that this is a sign from above! The ancients believed that if the vaginal muscles are not in tone, the female energy leaks out and the woman loses her sex appeal.
  • Learn to listen. Not only women dream of attentive companions, men also want to be heard. Geisha do not interrupt the man and do not "pull the blanket over themselves." They speak with dignity, so that men themselves are ready to listen to them - and pay a lot of money for this, by the way.
  • No ultimatums, tears and ugly hysterics - geisha know that you can get anything from a man using female wisdom. Don't force a man to do anything for you. Make him want to do you a favor.
  • Every geisha has a talent - be it the ability to play musical instruments, artistic skills or the ability to move beautifully. Men like talented, well-rounded women. Stop wasting time lying lazily on the bed with your phone in hand. Sign up for a dance, hone your culinary skills - develop, fill with vitality.
  • Geisha know how to play not only musical instruments. The most important and powerful instrument for influencing men is the voice. Gentle, sexy female voice. Smooth, moderately emotional speech. Stop supplying your speech with selective obscenities, watch your intonation and voice volume.
how to attract a guy
how to attract a guy
  • If a man got access to the body of a geisha, it was simply impossible to forget the pleasure he had received. Learn to feel your body, master the art of love and - again! - pay attention to intimate muscle training. The result will delight both you and your man.
  • Spiritual harmony, naturalness, femininity and a halo of mystery - master these qualities, and men will flock to you like moths on fire.


A femme fatale, a woman of obsession, driving mad and pushing men to crazy actions …

We present to your attention a selection of films, the main characters of which are the best example of how one woman can drive a dozen or two men crazy.

sly girl
sly girl

Basic Instinct, 1992

Classics of world cinema. Some of us watched this tape while still in school. Acquaintance with this masterpiece took place, of course, in secret from the parents. It remains to sympathize with all heterosexual men of the twentieth century - God only knows how they managed to maintain their composure on the famous stage with the participation of Sharon Stone.

Femme Fatale, 2002

The name speaks for itself - you will not see a gray mouse on the screen that men do not notice. Don't even hope. You will see a gorgeous and blatantly sexy blonde who inflames the bodies and minds of her enemies and lovers.

Malena, 2000

If you still don't understand why there is so much noise around Monica Bellucci, be sure to see this picture. There is not an ounce of unisex in her heroine - she is a woman of flesh and blood, the embodiment of sexuality and male desire. The tape of the talented Giuseppe Tornatore clearly shows us why the notorious "don't be born beautiful, but be born happy" is (sometimes) true.

insidious girl
insidious girl

Hobby / The Crush, 1993

Young Alicia Silverstone in the role of a vicious and liberated girl beyond her years. The favorite theme of "Lolita" in world cinema is a young girl playing on the feelings of a young man. A vicious attraction, a dangerous connection - where can we go without drama?

Sex, Lies, Madness / Dream Lover, 1993

The beautiful Madchen Amik, familiar to fans of the cult "Twin Peaks", appears in a new role - she is still beautiful and sexy. But is the beauty really so simple as it seems at first glance? The tape is about how a woman can literally drive a man crazy. And about the danger of angelically beautiful and devilishly sexy girls.

Vicky Cristina Barselona, ​​2008

Temperamental, sexy and totally unpredictable. Maria Elena performed by Penelope Cruz turned out to be as sultry as the heat of the summer streets of Barcelona. She doesn't need straight arrows or perfect styling to drive a man crazy. Perhaps she would just shoot him with a pistol.


Seduction / Original Sin, 2001

Incredibly beautiful and unforgivably sexy Angelina Jolie as the mysterious Julia. Lace dress and a cage with a canary in her hands. Sex on their wedding night? Never! Please wait until I am ready to be naked in front of you, beloved husband.

Is the beauty really so pure and pure as it seems at first glance?

She's too pretty to be a good girl.

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