7 Best Ways To Know A Girl's Personality Before Marriage

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7 Best Ways To Know A Girl's Personality Before Marriage
7 Best Ways To Know A Girl's Personality Before Marriage

Video: 7 Best Ways To Know A Girl's Personality Before Marriage

Video: 7 Best Ways To Know A Girl's Personality Before Marriage
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Red lips
Red lips

Distinguishing an angel from a demon is not easy. In life, both good and bad girls in the first couples are very pretty, pleasant, gentle, caring and affectionate with their young people. They radiate light and love.

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  • 1 Goals and priorities
  • 2 Family values
  • 3 Friends and her entourage
  • 4 Intellectual component
  • 5 Responsibility
  • 6 Stress response
  • 7 Unpredictability

Women release their claws and devil horns after several months, if not years, living together. During this time, many couples manage to officially register their relationship and give birth to offspring. When a man has nowhere to run away, children, debts, work and tenfold responsibility hold him, the woman begins to take off her masks. How can a man prevent an unhappy life with a pseudo-angel? Watch her and talk.

Goals and Prioritiesi

Why does a woman live? What goals does he set in life? Is it successful to get married and devote yourself to motherhood? And besides pleasing other people's lives, are there any own goals and desires? Dedicating yourself to children is not bad. But children are not the ultimate goal of a woman's life. Children are a pleasure that two mature adults allow themselves.

Becoming a good mother is a natural desire of a woman and a respectable merit, if already realized. But besides this, the girl should have personal hobbies and interests. Master any business, learn languages, travel, write a book. She should be interested in books, music, painting. She must have favorite writers, artists, poets, or other personalities that inspire her.

She must have favorite books that she is ready to reread an infinite number of times. She should also have unloved books, where she does not agree with the author, where she has her own rationale and vision of the picture displayed in the book. A woman should grow up culturally and professionally. Then a man can be sure that he will not be bored with such a lady for many decades, there will be something to talk about and argue about. Such a girl will surprise him every time in a new way, without planning it herself.

Young people may have different views on life, as is very often the case. In this case, the couple makes concessions and seeks compromises. And this is good. This means that young people will strive for more together, unite their dreams and goals and create new ones.

Family values 2

The partner's family values will be indicated by her relationship with her family. How do they communicate, whether they call up, whether they gather for the holidays with the whole family. Do they help each other. A close and trusting relationship with her mother speaks of her happy childhood, that parents were engaged in their daughter, were interested in and took part in her life. This means that she will be able to pass on the experience of correct education to her children. Provide your offspring with a strong and friendly family.

When a woman respects her father, does not neglect his advice, she herself eagerly asks for them, she will also respect her man, the father of her children. Also instill in the heirs love and respect for the dad.

masked girl
masked girl

It is very important for a man to get to know and communicate with the girl's family, especially if he is counting on a common future with her. He learns about family traditions, relationships between household members. After all, the girl takes over most of this into her family.

Friends and her entourage3

Friendship is also very important. How she behaves with them. Whether he is in a hurry to help, whether he is imbued with sympathy, as he talks about them with his young man. A large horde of so-called friends speaks, rather, of friendly relations between people. Real friendships arise between 2-3 people. This is always a very narrow circle.

When a woman wants to introduce a man to her friends, it means that she is in warm, trusting friendships. And he takes his boyfriend seriously.

A man should also pay attention to the girl's relationship with the people around her - neighbors, colleagues, even simple cleaners. A woman should be kind, smiling, she does not neglect and does not hesitate to use the words "please", "thank you", "sorry". At the same time, she proudly holds her head in front of her superiors and officials. A boorish and arrogant attitude towards subordinates, people lower in rank and status, speaks of her nasty character. And sycophant and sugary smiles to the boss and more influential people speak of her hypocrisy and petty nature.

angel girl
angel girl

Intellectual component4

Beauty is beauty, and a girl's mind should be complete with other virtues. A woman is not only an incubator for bearing offspring, and a free part-time housekeeper. She is a person, and a person must have her own opinion, interests, goals and hobbies. To acquire all of this, you need brains. An intelligent woman is an interesting woman. Not everyone has sex with her. Both emotional and spiritual closeness are important to people. And how to establish that very mental and sensual understanding, if there is nothing to talk about. If a woman cannot support an elementary conversation, put forward her arguments, defend them, then what to live with her about?

Responsibility 5

Attitude to life plays an important role in the formation of character. Responsibility and self-sufficiency are important criteria for a mature, formed personality. An adult woman regulates her life herself and is responsible for all the consequences. Throwing over responsibility, searching for third guilty persons betrays an immature, infantile girl. A woman who is not ready to answer for herself on her own, apart from additional problems and headaches, will not bring anything into a man's life.

girl in curlers
girl in curlers

Stress response6

In a stressful situation, people cannot hold mock masks. In the event of an unforeseen circumstance, a person becomes himself, reacts to the situation subconsciously, depending on the level of education and personal qualities. So a self-confident, self-sufficient person will behave with restraint, as calmly and calmly as possible. Light fright, fear, panic, anger are inherent in all. The main difference between a mature, adequate person is that he quickly copes with surging emotions, takes them to the background, activating reason and logic.

Women are known to be less reserved than men. That is why some panic is forgivable for them. But still, a woman should not be hysterical, vent her anger at others and arrange a showy circus in public. She can throw out emotions at home, on the shoulder of a loved one, cry out, speak out, complain. And the next day he will put himself in order and with a proudly raised head will go out to meet the natural problems of life.

unpredictable girl
unpredictable girl

Unpredictability 7

An unpredictable, reckless person is very interesting and fun. Such a woman will not let anyone get bored. As well as will not give rest. For a holiday romance, this is certainly attractive. Or for the candy-bouquet period of a relationship that has just begun. But does a woman know how to think about the future? Planning work, actions? Does she think about where, with whom and why she will be in a year, five or ten years? Does she know how to restrain her inner vamp woman, or mindlessly dives into the pool with her head? Planning and discipline are important qualities for a woman. Otherwise, she will continue to jump from one relationship to another, starting anew each time, never having met her happy future.

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