Dating On Social Networks, Dating Sites And Apps. What Are The Dangers?

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Dating On Social Networks, Dating Sites And Apps. What Are The Dangers?
Dating On Social Networks, Dating Sites And Apps. What Are The Dangers?

Video: Dating On Social Networks, Dating Sites And Apps. What Are The Dangers?

Video: Dating On Social Networks, Dating Sites And Apps. What Are The Dangers?
Video: 4 Best Dating Apps For Shy Guys (UPDATED 2020) | My Top Picks! | Negeen Dargahi 2023, March
Dating in social networks
Dating in social networks

Dating in social networks is also a roulette. Some manage to have fun, others find the love of their life, and still others, having crossed themselves, permanently delete their account. Where to start, what to fear, how to increase your chances of success? The answers to these questions and the top of the most popular social networks and dating apps are in our article.

The content of the article

  • 1 Why is online dating so popular?
  • 2 Dangers
  • 3 In the best light
  • 4 Some statistics
  • 5 Where to go?
  • 6 Top Dating Apps
  • 7 Services for communication with foreigners
  • 8 Is the game worth the candle?

Why is online dating so popular? I

Sociable and active extroverts are perplexed - why waste time on dating on social networks, when it is easier and faster to meet your person in the company of mutual friends, in the circle of colleagues or in the gym (library, chess club, in general, among like-minded people).

In addition, this method is safe because friends can form a kind of patronage - tell what the person you like likes to do, how to win her heart, and so on. It all sounds healthy, of course. But in the modern world there are a lot of people who feel uncomfortable with strangers.

They are accustomed to being in the shade, feel uncomfortable in the center of attention, and just the sight of a representative of the opposite sex makes their palms sweat. For such people, the screen of a monitor or smartphone is a kind of shield. In addition, they are reassured by the fact that during correspondence a person does not see their blushing face and does not hear a tremor in their voice.

All that the interlocutor has is a short resume in the profile and a successful (hard-won) photograph. A huge advantage is the ability (in case of failure, an awkward joke or other embarrassment) to simply delete the correspondence and block the interlocutor.

In life, you would have to at least come up with an excuse and only then give a fight. By the way, out of excitement, you can spill something on yourself, drop (yourself or your dignity), in general, do something that, by and large, is not a disaster. But for a shy person, every mistake is another reason for insomnia and an excuse to dig himself.

The development of social networks has played a cruel joke with people. On the one hand, technologies have greatly simplified working moments - now the necessary documents can be sent not to the mail, but to private messages to a colleague who spends hours on end typing Vkontakte messages, and not financial reports. Social networks allow friends to discuss their problems, and upcoming parties, and absolutely meaningless things (does everyone have a group chat that was created for a good cause, but turned into a cloaca of funny pictures and off-topic chatter?).

Social networking
Social networking

Online communication brings people together and distance them from each other at the same time. Why meet with friends when you can send a message? Spending more and more time on the Internet, people lose the skill of real communication. Face to face lying and pretending is harder. You can read much more from your eyes and facial expressions than from stickers and emoticons. When chatting on social media, you can pretend that the message has not been read. When "it smells of fried", you can exit the dialogue, explaining later that the phone is dead. The Internet provides a lot of opportunities not only for communication, but also for lying.

But it is not only shy people and hardened introverts who are addicted to online dating. For many people, this is the only way to carve out time for their personal life. Some are completely devoted to their studies, others are stubbornly building a career, and still others have to combine everything at once. In such a mode, it is sometimes difficult to free up time even for a trip to the store or meeting with friends, let alone dating. Many people are also hindered by the fact that they simply do not contact with the opposite sex. At all.

Do not think, it was not their meaningful choice, and none of these guys are going to the monastery (unless in moments of despair). It just happened that life - at the university, the composition of the group or faculty is not replete with gender diversity, and the same situation develops at work. If a person has a small circle of friends, and he bypasses parties, the chances of meeting his other half are rapidly decreasing, you know.

This is where the majority clings to acquaintances in social networks, like a lifeline.


First, you might get heartbreak. But this can be done to you in offline mode (if you have not already done this). "To be afraid of wolves - do not go to the forest" - so, it seems, the folk wisdom says? It fits wonderfully into the realm of human relations. It is better to lose ten friends or be disappointed in love ten times than not to know these feelings at all.

Secondly, there are a lot of "jokers" on social networks. Under false names, with other people's photos and achievements, these nasty people fall in love with themselves, and then disappear. Why do they do it? Does it make them happier? Unknown. In other things, we meet vile people throughout our lives, and they have no right to force us to refuse to communicate with others. Remember the wolves and the forest? Another confirmation that this proverb is incredibly universal and true.

Thirdly, there is a great risk that the wrong person in whose photo you admired will come to a date after passionate correspondence. Not at all the same. The inner peace is certainly important, but wouldn't you be upset if instead of Angelina Jolie you receive a copy of your school teacher? It's good if this is the only thing your interlocutor lied about.

The next risk is that you will fall in love with the image created by your partner. And after a couple of dates, it turns out that this image was meticulously built and verified to the last comma, but has nothing to do with reality.

The good news is that this minus of online dating can easily turn into a plus. Many people are familiar with this situation - at the first communication you, to put it mildly, did not like the person. And then he took off his mask. And he turned out to be an interesting, good person who was afraid to show you his real self, until he could truly trust and internally liberate himself. In life and on the Web, we tend to play roles and embellish ourselves. But the beauty of life is that people close to us know who we really are. They know, and they stay with us no matter what.

The last and most important point to which special attention should be paid to girls. Mentally ill and dangerous people also know how to use the Internet. It is worth remembering this and making a first date in a crowded place, on neutral territory.

In the best light3

When making your profile on social networks, do not turn yourself into another person. You can add Photoshop to your photo, but you have to go on a date with your own face. Are a couple of compliments worth that awkward moment when you present yourself face to face with your counterpart? It may turn out that you both cheated a little and put other people's photos (a very common case), then you can at least laugh. But a more sad outcome is also possible - with your innocent lie, you destroy the trust of the interlocutor and communication will stop.

Find someone on social media
Find someone on social media

Your face should be clearly visible in the photo. Dog-face filters are fun, but we're not looking for zoophiles, right?

Choose a photo that was taken in a good mood - relaxed, smiling, and a calm, confident look. The photo should be attractive. And there you will connect your natural charm and amaze the interlocutor with knowledge in literature or world politics (don't overdo it, okay?).

If the photo looks defiant and literally rests its breasts in the eyes of the interlocutor - do not be surprised that the first date will be appointed in a motel, and not in Pushkin Park.

If you indicate your age, height or weight in your profile, write the truth. Having lied once, the deceiver has to support the legend and stand to the end. Some people manage to come up with a graduation date from school or college on the fly, trying to adjust the dates to a fictitious age. Math skills won't save you when the truth comes out.

Write at least a couple of lines about yourself - about your hobbies, what you are looking for in a relationship, and so on. You can approach this with humor. And carefully check spelling and punctuation - you can hardly win the heart of a graduate of the philological faculty with your love for Sergei Yesenin, if you make mistakes in elementary words.

Some statistics 4

Public opinion regarding dating sites and apps has changed significantly over the past ten years. Now online dating is perceived as something ordinary, normal and promising. And besides (and this cannot but rejoice), more and more people are deleting their account, going to the registry office, registering a marriage, and not to the nearest bar, drowning disappointment in alcohol

Find a girl on social networks
Find a girl on social networks
  • More and more users (both genders) are turning to dating apps and sites with serious intentions. Over the past couple of years, their number has reached over 84%.
  • Online dating is rapidly gaining the love of young people. A third of young Americans (18-29 years old) admit that they are active users of sites and applications.
  • In 2013, only 6% of people aged 55-65 were active users of social networks for dating. Now their number has doubled.
  • The number of people who agreed to meet with their interlocutors in reality has increased - before, such daredevils were about 40%. Now more than 66% of users start taking action.

Most people continue to arrange their personal lives offline. But the number of successful online dating is growing every year. After all, why not try something new? Whatever the outcome of dating - a wedding, a short-term relationship, or a painful breakup - it will be an invaluable experience.

By analyzing the behavior of your chosen one, your reaction to him, you will begin to better understand which people are attracted to you (and how to change this, if necessary). Many adherents of dating on social networks also claim that they were able to find good friends or even a good dentist - they also do not roll on the road.

Where to go? 5

In addition to specialized dating sites, you can find your happiness on such popular social networks as Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and even on Instagram. Dating apps are hugely popular.

Find love on social media
Find love on social media

Top Dating Apps6

  • Tinder is the most popular in its segment. Shows nearby users. Don't make the newbie mistake and remember that "swiping" (flipping) someone's profile to the left means that you are not interested in the person. At the same time, you show sympathy by swiping to the right. Remember this if you do not want messages from dubious individuals to start pouring in.
  • Grinder (Grinder) - the same application, but for non-traditional orientation. Don't get confused.
  • Badoo dating site is a very popular app among our compatriots
  • TopFace - from the same opera

Services for communication with foreigners7

  • Interfriendship has been helping to connect people from different parts of the planet for almost twenty years (the service was launched in 1999)
  • Bridesandlovers is a free service that creates new couples and couples around the clock
  • Meets - notable in that it serves as a kind of check of the solvency of men - male users must fork out if they want to use all the services of the site
  • Interpals is a relatively young, but very popular site for informal communication between foreigners and foreigners

The market for specialized applications and sites is quite extensive. As long as there is demand, there will be supply. Many people use online dating exclusively to find a foreign husband or wife. Often, even services designed for innocent communication in a foreign language with native speakers turn into a marriage agency. It's your right. But do not forget that even in another part of the world there are the same men and women. They can be of a different nationality or race.

Create a social media relationship
Create a social media relationship

Have a different skin color, eye shape, and their moral principles and views on intergender relations can be strikingly different from everything that your familiar environment offers you. But there are no ideal people. You must learn to accept other people as they are, or stop all communication with them. Once you accept this fact, it will become much easier for you to build relationships with people both on the Internet and in real life.

Is the game worth the candle? 8

No article will give you an answer to this question. We can prepare you for the game, tell you the rules, and give you a reassuring pat on the back. But whether you come out of it as a winner already depends on you, your opponent and luck.

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