How To Find A Decent Man: Requirements For Candidates

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How To Find A Decent Man: Requirements For Candidates
How To Find A Decent Man: Requirements For Candidates

Video: How To Find A Decent Man: Requirements For Candidates

Video: How To Find A Decent Man: Requirements For Candidates
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find a decent man
find a decent man

Women's desires change according to their life experiences. You can see this fact from the rotation of questions: from how to find a handsome guy, to how to find a decent man. The very notion - worthy, can carry different meanings. But in general, there are some basic signs of the right men. It is useful for every beauty to notice these signs and know how to attract such a person to yourself.

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  • 2 In communication and flirting
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  • 4 Preparing for the Hunt for the Worthy
  • 5 Looking for and conquering

Common features

Decent people are not born. This is a set of character traits, life principles and skills that are developed by experience. They are influenced by factors such as upbringing, environment, and the desires of the man himself (which can change depending on the lessons that life throws up). In such people, similar attitudes and signs can be emphasized:

The habit of independently managing your life, finances, desires and plans. A guy who is able to decide for himself how to spend his leisure time, whether he needs this thing that the sales assistant so diligently imposes on him, and whether he should not find another job (if there are no prospects on the old one) has more rights to be called worthy

The opposite example would be a peer for whom plans for the weekend are made by friends, who is ready to buy this "wonderful hairdryer", even if he does not need it and other similar examples.

Desire to cope with all responsibilities and problems. Such men are ready to learn how to cook, if circumstances require it. They are not ashamed to spend a week in constant throwing around the city, if this will solve the difficulties that have arisen. This can include the ability to temporarily suppress pride to resolve various situations

worthy man
worthy man

At least minimal education and etiquette skills. Worthy people are able to oppose scandals by calmly expressing their claims, expressing their displeasure without "great and mighty" and insults. Even if the person is unpleasant to him, the man will still show politeness

Here you can add accuracy, attentiveness to the needs of loved ones and other points. Girls who want to know how to find a boyfriend should understand that virtue lies in actions. It is enough just to study male behavior and listen to yourself, if none of the episodes causes acute rejection, then the man is standing.

In trying to find the answer to your question, you do not need to go too deep into the past of a possible partner. We all make mistakes. Perhaps in the past, a dishonest person has firmly learned the lessons of life and is now a role model.

It is not difficult to guess that with such a set of characteristics, a man will take care of the needs of his beloved, look for interesting ways to spend time, help and take care. These parameters imply monogamy and respect for one's own choice.

how to find a decent man
how to find a decent man

In communication and flirting2

In dialogues, a quality person will share their achievements without boasting, and talk about curiosities with irony. The very attempt to stick out the chest in front of the interlocutor will be minimized. Decent men do not complain about their ex-wives and girls, calmly laying out facts about their past interlocutor.

If the interlocutor does not dump a ton of criticism on a girl, even if she told not the most pleasant sections of her biography, and respect for the interlocutor is read in any of his phrases, this will be another quality of a decent guy.


Absolutely every woman (like a man) has a certain set of requirements for a possible soul mate. Even if it is “do not change, do not deceive and do not humiliate”, or “do not throw socks around and lower the toilet lid”. Asking the question of how to find a worthy man, you should check yourself for readiness to meet your own requirements:

Does the beauty want a hard-working and wealthy young man? Not a problem, you just have to understand that she is able to put on the scales. No, we are not talking about similar earnings and a stunning figure. It is enough to have the skills to provide comfort when living together and conditions for rest after work

how to attract a decent man
how to attract a decent man
  • Do you want a man without bad habits? No question, especially if the girl herself does not touch alcohol or tobacco.
  • An honest and decent life partner? Yes, easily! You just need not to darken yourself.
  • Need a husband to love his mother-in-law? Then it is worth imbuing with warm feelings for the mother-in-law.

In accordance with your beliefs of decency, it will be much easier to find a worthy life partner. Despite the fact that we are talking about finding a soul mate, this rule will be useful when trying to re-educate a husband - before demanding, you need to set an example.

Preparing for the Hunt for the Worthy4

Knowing what signs the future chosen one should have, one can think about looking for him. But first, you need to prepare a little:

  • Accuracy - such a quality as dignity implies some experience in the male representative. And experienced men pay more attention not to the presence of cosmetics and size, but to such things as grooming of hair and nails, cleanliness of clothes, posture of a woman.
  • Smart men are very fond of attentive women. Precisely attentive, not picky. It is worth practicing your skills to notice small details, it will come in handy both in conversation and in life together.
girls for decent men
girls for decent men
  • Track your speech. The words parasites and a limited supply of synonyms will not be the best arsenal when meeting.
  • Read a little about etiquette. This is not a mandatory item, but it will not be superfluous.
  • Remember that there are no ugly women. See your merits, understand that you are worthy of the most wonderful husband.
  • Modesty. The guy will gladly give gifts, and take his lady to interesting places, you do not need to ask him about it. But if this is not observed, then the problem is in the man himself.

You don't need to make self-improvement an absolute. The desire to become better should not be the meaning of life, for the sake of which you can sacrifice attention to another person.

We seek and conquer5

Where to look for worthy people? In the same place as the rest. Decent people can be found on public transport or in a shop. You don't need to visit any special places for this. Calm demeanor, confident gaze (in which there are no signs of intelligence), polite answers to questions. For a start, you just need to look closely at passers-by and colleagues at work, it won't take long for a girl to distinguish the most decent representatives of the strong half of humanity.

who do worthy men choose
who do worthy men choose

But this happened, an intelligent and respectful man was found, what's next?

  • Standard non-verbal signs of affection (touching your neck, trying to straighten your hair and clothes).
  • A look and a smile, flirting, a sincere desire for male attention.
  • Do not try to pass yourself off as another person, show all sides of your character.

The girl only needs to indicate her desire to start closer communication. If she suits a man, he will do the rest himself (if he is a worthy representative). You can't try to keep the man you like next to you. The chosen one should be comfortable and good next to the girl. In this case, he himself will not want to go anywhere. And for the sake of this comfort, a man is ready to overcome many difficulties and accept non-critical shortcomings.