How Can You Start A Relationship On The Internet? Life Hacks And Unknown Facts

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How Can You Start A Relationship On The Internet? Life Hacks And Unknown Facts
How Can You Start A Relationship On The Internet? Life Hacks And Unknown Facts

Video: How Can You Start A Relationship On The Internet? Life Hacks And Unknown Facts

Video: How Can You Start A Relationship On The Internet? Life Hacks And Unknown Facts
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Woman looking for a man to meet
Woman looking for a man to meet

Not everything and not everyone suits in family life, but in general in life, so people often look for relationships on the side for one or two times. Some go to the resort and have fun there in order to come home and lead again the measured life of a single mother, a wife with three children, or continue to live with her husband with a bouquet of his shortcomings.

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  • 2 Different sites, different dating conditions
  • 3 Dating Site Tricks and Unknown Facts
  • 4 The world has changed - emancipation has done its job

A woman is looking for a man to meet primarily at the resort. The romance of remoteness from home adds adrenaline and self-confidence, everything is conducive to free relationships - all men are not married, women are not married, just a pioneer squad, just a little older.

We quickly figured out the pairs and enjoy nature, weather and each other. Idyll! 2 days before the end of the term, they again returned to their sad state of loneliness in order to "miss" home, family and arrive in their native land with burning eyes. Sometimes they go beyond what is permitted to amuse the people, arrange fake weddings.

And what, it's nice to feel like a bride and groom again, to put on a veil from a curtain, to have a feast with shouts of "bitter". Only now the treacherous staff will certainly call home to the "groom" and "bride" and their acting, real halves will arrive at the camp in a day. And now there are scandals, screams, showdowns, divorce and maiden name.

It would seem that a comic performance, staged out of boredom in a prim Soviet sanatorium, ended in a sharp turn in fate. Maybe for the better, because something did not suit, further life for both will be more fun. This was the case in pre-Internet times.

The Internet has come, the real world has disappeared from view

The Internet came into our life and took a leading role in it. He gives answers to any questions, solves thousands of problems. You just hear: "Ask Google" or "Google to help you."

Now it's not a problem on a dating site for adults or in VK to find the person you need for rare meetings, for regular dates, or even for one night. A woman is looking for a man to meet, as she does not seek to start a family, take on obligations and take care of someone else besides herself.

You need to remember about safety precautions, there are a lot of crooks, perverts and not very adequate people on the sites. You should not run at the first call, it is not clear where and it is not known what awaits you there.

You need to find out as much as possible about the applicant, check the photos by searching and to your surprise, you can see that the US Secretary of Defense is "wooing" you, the photo was taken from the Internet. If there is no page on social networks, it is also suspicious, although skilled ladies' men may not start them so as not to give themselves away to the family.

Ask the questions you are interested in and, if the interlocutor avoids answering, you should think about whether you need a notorious subject for communication, if he is not a swindler at all, just shy.

Woman looking for a man to meet
Woman looking for a man to meet

Make the first meeting in a crowded place where you can easily leave.

Be sure to let your friends know where you are going and with whom. You can also hint to him that you are undercover.

Listen to your intuition and at the first suspicion, cancel the meeting.

Men are quite careless about intimate health, it is pointless to ask them for a certificate, all the same, they are not insured against anything.

Even with the Internet at hand, finding the right person is not easy, you need to spend a lot of time.

Different sites, different dating conditions2

Down Dating

The application allows you to register and wait for the interested person to install the application for himself and only then you can see each other.


Smart technology scans the neighborhood and finds photos of those who are looking for a partner nearby through the same service. Unattractive ones can be flicked off the screen to the left, but those you like can be weeded out to the right. The couple can chat or make a date right away.

Woman looking for a man on the net
Woman looking for a man on the net


Created for meetings of the same interest. You ask in the search "we'll sit with a cocktail" and make an appointment next to a cafe, restaurant, bar. When there is a willing person, Yumixo gives you the opportunity to chat.

WouldLove 2

It works on the same principle as Down, you choose who you like from your friends and wait for him to choose you. But it should be noted that WouldLove 2 is made for romantic dates.


The application does not connect you with acquaintances and friends, despite the fact that the registration is done through Facebook. The danger of meeting a friend from a common company is reduced to zero. Very similar to Tinder in its mechanism of action.


This is not a new service, but it is not deservedly forgotten about it. After registration, it is possible to search for partners in your area immediately with photos and a meeting point. Registration is free by your personal mail.


For serious dating. You can enter through social networks, registration is free. It is advisable to pass a psychological test, then they will show the necessary and suitable questionnaires for dating. There are many young women on the site.

Woman looking for a man on the site
Woman looking for a man on the site

Min doo

Social network such as Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. You can write to private messages, view the profiles of participants, and chat in a group. The general chat with announcements is located at the top, this is where you submit your announcements. Registration is not difficult.


Registration is paid here. The clientele is adult and does not like to change partners, whom they found, he goes with them. The service is focused on Russia and the CIS.

Those who go to dating apps have their own goals: someone is looking for a permanent partner, someone is looking for dating for sex without obligations, and there are also just bored people who are looking for communication. There are many visitors, and confidence in the Internet is growing.

Immediately you need to decide on the goal on the site, constant communication, a one-time option, joint travel. This will make your search easier.

You can only attract attention with a good photo, but it is better not to put children. It is better to choose pictures from life, and not professional ones, taken in a studio, it is not desirable to demonstrate the body. Also, do not correct the nose, chest and something else in Photoshop, deception is not welcome.

There may be different people on the resource and sometimes they write not what you want, for this there is a black list if the person does not understand.

girl looking for a guy on the site
girl looking for a guy on the site

Think about your safety, think for a couple of weeks, check everything about this person, he is the one he pretends to be or is deceiving. You cannot meet with deceivers. It is advisable to talk on Skype before the meeting and personally see how much it matches the photo that he exposes. Be sure to tell your close friend where you meet and with whom. Choose public places among people.

Make a list of interests, then it will be easier to find a match for yourself. The possibility of more careful selection should not be neglected. To do this, carefully fill out the proposed form.

Dating Site Tricks & Unknown Facts3

  • You probably didn't know that online dating sites generate $ 1.8 billion a year.
  • Every year, sites are gaining popularity, thereby increasing the chances of finding a satellite at times. On the largest US site,, one third of those registered reach the goal. Another third enjoy short-term romances, the rest, disappointed, leave with nothing.
  • Almost half of users are over 25 and have children. A man with a child will better understand a single mother than a single one; 90% of women with children want such a husband for themselves.
  • A photo provides an opportunity to gather attention 2 times more than people who did not post their photos. If a man indicated his income, then he has an advantage of 1.5 times over those who did not indicate income.
girl looking for a guy on the internet
girl looking for a guy on the internet
  • Dating sites are sometimes hacked and your husband or wife, as well as close acquaintances can see your correspondence. If you are worried about it, it is best not to register.
  • To meet a maniac, a real danger for a girl, the guy is afraid to meet a girlfriend with curvaceous forms.
  • According to statistics, up to 40 million Russians were interested in and entered dating applications. Half of them are between 18 and 35 years old. Another 25% are between the ages of 36 and 44. This suggests that mostly young people meet there.
  • Half of the established relationship does not reach the real.
  • The top three dating sites have 18 million dates a year. This is inspiring.
  • Three percent of marriages in America are based on online dating, or 40 weddings a day.
  • Fresh breath is considered to be the most important when meeting - 43%; stylish clothing mattered for 17%; 15% pay attention to perfume and cologne; 14 percent are skin-friendly and 10 percent are attracted to beautiful hair.
  • Forty percent of men feel uncomfortable on their first date.
girl looking for a guy to meet
girl looking for a guy to meet
  • School, university, cafes and shopping centers are the most suitable places to meet, people are easier to make contact. The worst thing to meet is in a restaurant and in a movie.
  • "Stupid" glasses, not a pleasant smell, acne strongly repel a woman when meeting.
  • Only 7 percent of a woman attaches importance to a man's conversation, mostly she judges him by his appearance and how he behaves.
  • A man loses confidence next to a beautiful woman and is afraid to approach, although he shows enough signs of attention.
  • Men try to avoid women who flirt a lot, chat incessantly and panic all the time.
  • The partner's negativity is repulsive, and a happy smile attracts.
  • Girls are more willing to meet guys if they have a mention of romance, heart and love in their profile.
  • The number of grammatical errors in the profile negatively affects the response of partners.
  • More men are registered on dating sites than women.
  • Seventy percent of people on the Internet believe in love at first sight.
  • Men try to lie about their real height, women cheat about their weight.
  • More than half of dating ends in real life meetings.
girl looking for a guy to meet on the net
girl looking for a guy to meet on the net

You have to be careful and discreet when trying to seriously meet online, but most people are decent.

The world has changed - emancipation has done its job4

Millions of women are engaged in this fascinating business. They advertise on dating sites, set up VK pages with the status "in active search", and post fascinating photos. And not at all in order to find yourself a permanent life partner for further marriage. The institution of the family has changed a lot.

If in past centuries a family was needed for mutual survival, especially a woman depended on a man, now a woman has the opportunity to fully support herself and not depend on a man.

The concept of guest marriage is gaining more and more popularity. A man and a woman still need a relationship, but they do not want to live under one roof and run a joint household.

With a developed food industry and service sector, both a man and a woman may well manage on their own in everyday life. And meet only for pleasant communication and sexual satisfaction. Sex, in fact, is today uniting. Sexual relationships give both of them harmony in life, complement each other energetically.

girl looking for a guy to meet on the internet
girl looking for a guy to meet on the internet

There is an assumption that sex is for health. You won't die without it either, but with it the couple blooms, the hormones necessary for balance in the body are produced. Accommodation in different apartments and meetings several times a week is gradually gaining popularity.

Sometimes circumstances force people to take such a step due to frequent business trips or forced life in different cities.

The family simply ceases to be a “unit of survival” - there is no economic need to live together. By and large, they do not need each other and value personal space too much. The balance of meetings and partings regulates guest marriage and has several advantages.

The couple does not slide down to domestic showdowns, scattered socks, finding out who washes the dishes. Partners are not annoyed by ingrained habits. Everything is fine until the children are born. Raising a child is better together.

Couples whose children have already grown up can quite afford a guest marriage.

Sometimes a woman prefers not to dwell on one man and after a while looks for new meetings, renewed sensations. Searches take some time on dating sites, but there is a great chance of getting into an unpleasant situation about various diseases.

Apparently, this mainly leads to the decision to remain with a permanent partner, albeit in different territories. Men are more often looking for one-off meetings today, since they are more polygamous than women.

Rare meetings turn into a holiday and no reproaches arise. They do not have time to get bored with each other, there is no need to adjust their professional activities to someone else.

Woman looking for a man on the Internet
Woman looking for a man on the Internet

Even in youth, marriage with cohabitation is possible, the couple is formed as a single organism, after forty years everyone already has their own habits and it is extremely difficult to break them.

Many argue that a guest marriage, over time, still goes to unification into one family. This is how the world works.

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