Hairy Female Legs: Why Girls And Men Shave Their Legs

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Hairy Female Legs: Why Girls And Men Shave Their Legs
Hairy Female Legs: Why Girls And Men Shave Their Legs
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A beautiful and well-groomed appearance is nowadays considered a sign of a person who respects himself and takes care of his health. And hairy legs don't fit on the list of what most people find attractive. All over the world, many girls (and even guys) ask the question: "Is there really a need to get rid of hair on their legs?"

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  • 2 Reasons for shaving legs for women
  • 3 Why don't girls shave their legs?
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  • 5 Why do men shave their legs nowadays?

Despite the fact that in some countries (for example, in Russia) the average person considers such anxious caring for their body unnecessary, more and more people decide to get rid of hair. Why has it become fashionable and is the removal of leg hair really pays for itself?

Shaving legs for women

Of course, with girls everything is more or less clear. For many of them, shaving their legs is a common cosmetic procedure, because body hair is traditionally considered unattractive throughout the world. Moreover, humanity has almost never experienced an acute need for this. You can only remember the ancient times when people dealt with hair parasites, mites and lice by removing hair from the body. This was the case in ancient Egypt, Greece and some other states located in the hot latitudes of the planet. Over time, hair removal from the legs has become a sign of female beauty. Both rich and poor women tried to support him.

But fashion for one reason or another is constantly changing. It is reliably known that during the heyday of Christianity, girls were strictly forbidden to remove hair from their bodies, even for hygienic purposes. At first, it was not so serious, but when these views took root, girls who practiced this "shameful" thing were severely punished. This was due to the fact that religion promoted the superiority of inner beauty over outer. Over time, any cosmetics, any beauty treatments became prohibited, because they created an "artificial" appearance, and this was an outrage over the appearance that God created.

Shaving the legs came back into fashion around the last century, when nylon stockings became especially popular. But it so happened that only rich ladies could afford to wear them. Those who lacked funds had to make do with what they had. Very popular were "liquid" stockings - foundation on the legs, imitating the texture of nylon. Women of any class could afford it, because this method was relatively cheap. But in order to wear "liquid" stockings, one had to have absolutely smooth legs. This type of women's jewelry gained even more popularity in the post-war period, when there was a shortage of nylon in the industry. As you know, parachutes and other canvases necessary at the front were made from this material.

Reasons for shaving legs for women2

As you know, nowadays it is fashionable not to have body hair. It is the smooth and well-groomed skin that is the international standard of beauty, which any lady who respects herself tries to comply with. Not only women, but also guys believe that it is unacceptable for the fair sex to have hairy armpits or hairy legs.

hairy legs
hairy legs

For hygienic reasons, girls get rid of their body and leg hair more often than you might think. This is due to the fact that during the warm season people often sweat and this stimulates the development of dangerous and foul-smelling bacteria in the human hair. And on the legs as well.

Some of the girls shave their hairy legs in order not to associate themselves with animals. Yes, in their perception, the hair on the body is wool. Since it has already served its role in human evolution, there are no worthy reasons to preserve this rudimentary feature.

And, of course, there are ladies who shave their hairy legs just for themselves. They like to feel clean, well-groomed, their skin is smooth and soft. For such persons, body hair is just an unpleasant cosmetic defect that they remove to maintain an excellent appearance.

In some cases, you can observe a particularly strong influence of fashion and public opinion on girls who are very sensitive to these things. For example, some girls admitted that they only shave their legs because all the women around them do it. Accordingly, in order not to be black sheep and not to differ from everyone else, they also carried out this procedure. Although in some cases they would prefer not to do this, because many women with progressive views do not see the need for this.

Why don't girls shave their legs? 3

There is a whole category of these "progressive" girls who believe that shaving women's legs is a relic of a patriarchal society. Allegedly, historically, the virgins removed hair from their bodies so that their future suitors could enjoy the purity and innocence of their bodies. And so now, in protest and freedom from male influence, such women deliberately refuse to remove hair from the body, believing that it is wonderful.

hairy legs
hairy legs

In addition, many girls would like to shave their legs, but note the laboriousness of this process. As it turned out, not everyone simply has time for this. Indeed, in order to keep the skin smooth and well-groomed, you need to carry out hair removal procedures literally every other day. Plus it is not beneficial from the economic point of view. Epilation requires expensive consumables in the form of machine blades, caramel paste or wax strips. Or an expensive device. And, of course, many women say that it just hurts and therefore they are not ready to do it on an ongoing basis.

There is a special group of girls who are aware of the need to shave their hair, but for one reason or another do not do it all the time. But still they remove vegetation from their feet before any important event occurs in their life. There are a lot of such girls. They also prefer not to shave their legs in winter, as "no one will see the hair on them anyway." But before you go on a date, to the cinema, to a performance or a gala reception, where you will definitely need to wear clothes that show their legs, such ladies are able to bring beauty for hours.

Male view of the situation with hair on the legs4

Of course, in Russia this is not particularly noticeable, but still, the fashion for an elegant and somewhat feminine male appearance is spreading more and more widely. As a result, the presence of body hair does not fit into these ideas about modern male beauty. But it's not just fashion standards that push men to shave their leg hair. There are many more reasons why they do it. Although men have been practicing hair care for one reason or another since antiquity.

hairy legs
hairy legs

It is reliably known that in ancient states, men shaved their hair all over their body. But this trend was observed only in southern states like Greece, Egypt, Rome and Syria. Men, like women, removed their hair in order to escape infections and parasites living in the scalp. This was a common practice for people at the time. Only northerners could afford to wear a warm protective cover of thick hair on their bodies. For the inhabitants of the northern states, this was practically one of the main tools for survival in severe cold.

It is also known that many men did not pull down their long hair on their heads, cut off their beards, shaved their legs and body hair for military reasons. Even in ancient times, commanders realized that for a simple soldier, the presence of vegetation on the body is a disadvantage in battle. The enemy could use the enemy's long hair and beard in order to grab them in battle and finish off the bushy mod. And the presence of body hair was an obstacle when treating wounds received in battles or during hard training.

Shaving hair by men all over the body, on the legs and in the intimate areas gained particular popularity during the period of the conquests of Alexander the Great. The soldiers were on campaigns for a long time, they saw neither baths, nor baths, nor baths. Even in the river I managed to wash myself only a couple of times during the month of the long journey. Therefore, hair removal was dictated by practical reasons. Unpleasant smell, development of skin diseases and banal rubbing of sensitive skin was very undesirable for the soldier.

girl shaves her legs
girl shaves her legs

Olympic athletes and gladiators of that time are of particular interest. Traditionally, fighters who fight to the death in arenas have also removed their hair from all over their bodies, leaving only a short hedgehog on their heads, for practical reasons. But an obligatory attribute of any fighter was his pronounced musculature, which they demonstrated to many hundreds of spectators. And so that nothing would interfere with the contemplation of this impressive and courageous beauty, they removed their hair from all over their bodies.

Athletes, on the other hand, removed their hair so that it did not interfere with them during training and performances. Runners, swimmers, wrestlers and many others removed their hair because they felt a special lightness after that. It was believed that without body hair, it was much easier for them to move, although this was an illusion. The lack of protective hairline meant that sensitive skin was exposed to powerful air currents almost directly, and from this felt refreshing cold during intense movements.

Why do men shave their legs nowadays? 5

Modern men rely heavily on the experience of their ancestors. For example, military personnel remove hair from the head so that long strands do not interfere with the view and allow them to wear protective hats with relative comfort. Or athletes - athletes, cyclists, swimmers - remove body hair so that in the event of injury, wound treatment is easier and less painful. It is believed that the absence of hair on the legs and arms improves the aerodynamic properties of the athlete. But the percentage of this increase is so small that it does not significantly affect anything.

girl shaves her legs
girl shaves her legs

Also, in sports and fitness rooms, you can increasingly find men who remove body hair for cosmetic and hygienic reasons. If there is no vegetation, then there will be no unpleasant smell of sweat, there will be no chafing of sensitive areas of the skin. And it is much more pleasant to demonstrate muscles, having smooth and well-groomed skin. Although not everyone shares this view. Such people believe that it is the wild and primitive hairiness that is the main sign of masculinity.

There are quite a few men who have a rather unusual outlook on shaving their legs. They believe that the complete absence of hair will be unacceptable for them, but too long "thickets" will also not give them brutality and beauty. Therefore, they do not completely remove hair, but shorten it with the help of certain devices. In this way, they kill several birds with one stone - and remain courageous and become well-groomed. In addition, even shortened hair allows the skin to breathe better and the unpleasant smell of sweat is almost gone.

Hairy legs are a major obstacle for men looking to tattoo their bodies. For many reasons, the vegetation on the body will interfere with the process of applying the image, therefore the masters strongly recommend that clients get rid of body hair before the procedure. In addition, for the tattoos to be visible even after they are applied, men have to take care of their skin and make sure that the image is not obscured by the lush and dense vegetation.

girl shaves her legs
girl shaves her legs

All in all, there are plenty of reasons for men and women today to shave their legs. And there are just enough reasons not to. Nowadays, with the help of cosmetics, you can eliminate or mask the unpleasant odor of sweat without drastically removing hair from the entire body and legs as well. So this procedure in our century has acquired a purely cosmetic and aesthetic character. Of course, if the presence of body and leg hair is unacceptable for a person's occupation, they should be removed. But in all other cases, this is only a matter of the taste of the person himself and of the people whose opinion he values.

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