How Should A Man Behave In A Relationship? Psychology And Rules Of Conduct

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How Should A Man Behave In A Relationship? Psychology And Rules Of Conduct
How Should A Man Behave In A Relationship? Psychology And Rules Of Conduct

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How a man should behave in a relationship
How a man should behave in a relationship

Every woman thinks about how a man should behave in a relationship. Having the correct understanding of the roles and behavior of a guy helps to form healthy, happy marriages. When a man treats his partner with dignity, she also reciprocates and a strong strong bond develops between them.

The content of the article

  • 1 Rules of conduct for men in relationships
  • 2 Respect
  • 3 Behavior
  • 4 Confident and strong
  • 5 The man keeps his word
  • 6 A man must consider the woman's purpose
  • 7 The man is the mainstay of the family
  • 8 A man cannot yell at a woman
  • 9 Attitude towards wife
  • 10 How a man can learn to treat a woman correctly

Rules of conduct for men in relationships

Compliance with the norms of decency, compliance with the desires and needs of a woman are characteristic of a worthy partner that all girls are looking for.

Respect 2

Often men perceive a woman only as a sexual object and look at her with lust. If you listen to what people are talking about in purely male groups, there will be no place for values ​​in life, but there will be plenty of talk about available girls and variations on this topic: there will be plenty of jokes, fables and stories.

A man needs to learn to control his feelings and raise them above his instincts. Therefore, a serious young man should have a relationship with one woman, to whom he gives his time, attention and feelings. And discussing other options is unacceptable.

A man should not only not allow himself to offend a woman, speak rude words, but also protect her from the condemnation of relatives, acquaintances and other people. Some women even allow assault in relationships. This behavior leads to the fact that the man is decomposed even more, since he allows such actions in relation to a woman.

She needs to become smarter not only for herself, but for the sake of the man himself. Her life purpose is to show him that it is wrong to behave this way, for this she must restrict access to herself.

Also, do not let the situation go by itself when the beloved man used to achieve his goals. What to do in such a situation, read further on the link.

Behavior 3

A man should be polite so that it would be pleasant to appear with him in society, and not have to constantly reproach him for his behavior, rudeness or inappropriate appearance.

What a guy should be
What a guy should be

Confident and strong4

These qualities are inherent in a real man, such as nature created him, because the main energy of a man is in his strength, which he can show to a woman. He shows confidence in his decisions, he is strong in his actions. To become physically strong, the best solution would be to go in for sports, go to the gym. Not everyone is given the innate talent of a hunter.

Man keeps his word5

If a man is balabol and does not answer for his promises. A woman with him cannot relax and trust him, she will be in constant tension. Therefore, there should be no lies.

The guy should take his words seriously, it lies in any of his promises. For example, a man proposed to a girl, but is in no hurry to implement it. I wanted to get married, so I must contribute to this event.

A man must consider the woman's goal 6

The task and dream of any representative of the fairer sex is to continue relationships with a family with children. If a man believes that he does not need this, then you should not give false hopes to the girl and immediately outline your priorities. If a guy is not going to marry a girl, then it is categorically impossible to live together and continue the relationship for more than 3 years, and after 30 years the probationary period is 1 year.

What should be a guy with a girl
What should be a guy with a girl

Since he has no right to take a woman's chance to be happy. Having learned about the pregnancy of a girl, a man should not, even if he does not want a child, offer her an abortion. In order to avoid this situation, it is better, of course, to protect yourself and take responsibility for your actions.

The man is the support of the family_8212

He should be in charge of the family and make decisions. In a relationship, a woman wants to feel like she can always count on her boyfriend. A man must support her in all circumstances.

And if they are tied by common children, even if he has a mistress and he will divorce, support the woman (especially until the child is 3 years old). The financial well-being of the family is an important part of a man's concern. He himself will be satisfied if he can support his woman. And to delight and pamper with gifts is a great contribution to a relationship.

But how to understand whether a man loves or uses a girl only for temporary relationships, we will tell in the next article.

A man cannot yell at a woman 7

This is the behavior of an unworthy man. It is wrong to adopt the manner of female behavior, if there are two women in the family according to gender roles, then the relationship has no prospects. He should be romantic, attentive, caring and show signs of attention to his woman. Show your love

How a man should behave
How a man should behave

It is very important for every woman to feel loved. When a girl knows that a man loves her, she feels beautiful and confident. Women's self-esteem in most cases is based on the attitude of her man. She becomes inspired.

If a man wants to achieve something from his partner, for example, so that she does some household chores or any other service, he needs to convince her that he loves her. It is important that he supports her and listens to her.

Family relations psychologist Satya Das claims that every day you need to devote at least an hour in order to listen to your woman. Because she just needs to talk. It is necessary to show signs of attention, to care for a woman at any stage of your relationship.

Male behavior
Male behavior

Relationship to wife8

How should a man behave in a relationship with his wife? Marriage is the logical outcome of the relationship between a man and a woman. And when the husband sees in her not only an object of sexual pleasure, a person who is tasked with servicing the house, everyday problems, raising children and solving all issues of improvement, the girl is not in danger of happiness.

A wife is also a person that you need to take care of, support, provide, forgive her shortcomings. A man should allow his woman to be weak and capricious. However, you need to keep the line so that she does not perceive the man as a mattress.

A man can sometimes be strict, but every act must be done on the basis of love.

behavior of men with women
behavior of men with women

How a man can learn to treat a woman correctly9

The model of people's behavior is laid in childhood by the family and society. Most often, the child absorbs information in the process of growth, he behaves according to this model, which he saw in front of him in his father or in other surrounding men. It is rare when a child, on the contrary, strives to be different from his parents. In adulthood, a man can independently change his attitude at will through the following actions:

  • Develop spiritually. And this means to see in every person, first of all, a soul, for example, in older women to see the image of their mother, in younger women - a daughter. And treat people accordingly. These are just souls that have met along the path of life.
  • Pay attention to self-development, study the laws of the universe. A man who works on his own characteristics, on his character and self-esteem, is able to understand what makes a man better and subsequently behave towards a woman better.
  • Find your purpose in activity. Each person should do what he likes. A deed that inspires, energizes. Then, in a relationship with a woman, he will also be positive and will direct his beloved on the right path.
The wolf of Wall Street
The wolf of Wall Street
  • Live a healthy life. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon all temptations, but alcohol or drug abuse has never brought a zest to a romantic relationship.
  • Be able to make money. This means that a man should be generous to himself and to the woman. If a man can provide a decent life, then he becomes better in his own eyes and of course in the eyes of his partner.

Now you know how a man in love behaves in a relationship. Alexandre Dumas said: "A woman becomes a full-fledged person only when someone loves her." If a guy really loves a girl, he will try to make her happy.

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