Meet A Smart Girl: How To Meet A Guy's Requests

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Meet A Smart Girl: How To Meet A Guy's Requests
Meet A Smart Girl: How To Meet A Guy's Requests

Video: Meet A Smart Girl: How To Meet A Guy's Requests

Video: Meet A Smart Girl: How To Meet A Guy's Requests
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Meet a smart girl
Meet a smart girl

The myths about women's intellectual inconsistency have long been exhausted. The modern lady can boast of education, erudition, erudition and broad outlook. The desire to meet a smart girl is increasingly appearing in groups and on dating sites.

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  • 1 Where to start?
  • 2 How not to pick up too much?
  • 3 How to appear smart for a man?
  • 4 "What do you value in a girl more: intelligence or beauty?"

Where to start? I

Unfortunately, higher education in our country has little effect on education. To be able to speak competently and beautifully, to express themselves orally and in writing is especially important. On the first date, a guy who wanted to meet a smart girl will reject someone who can't even formulate a thought.

Correspondence in social networks, use of parasitic words, repulsive expressions and foul language are assessed. A man will never think that a woman is smart. Which uses in its lexicon:

  • pinjak;
  • evoshny;
  • evony;
  • theirs, etc.

If a girl wants to get to know each other for sex, then this is unprincipled, albeit illiterate. But if she wants a relationship with a normal man, then she must at least create the appearance of education. Before sending messages, check them through the online service. Do not use words and expressions that are difficult to pronounce, as well as those whose meaning is not clear to her.

It will be useful to study the page of a potential chosen one for his interests in order to search for information on the Internet. During the first date, the lady will be able to keep the conversation going and not look like a stupid doll.

Vitaly, 34 years old

“I always write that I will meet a smart girl, and immediately weeds out ladies who are obsessed with TV shows and glossy magazines. But there are instances that come out on a date and say utter nonsense. The worst thing is that they are confident in their education and in the correctness of what they are carrying. It's not funny, it's already scary"

Meet a smart girl
Meet a smart girl

How not to pick up too much? 2

If before that the girl found only Cosmo and the magazine House 2 interesting, then the excessive flow of information can spoil the impression of knowledge. It's not worth grabbing at everything. Any information should be presented in a structured and gradual manner.

Self-education will help to establish communication with those who indicate the item in the ad - I will get acquainted with a smart girl. But do not grab onto everything. The lady must decide which sciences are closer to her, technical or humanitarian. After that, start with the basic things that are taught from school.

Further knowledge can be expanded, but not through dry cramming, but empirically. So, a lover of architecture and culture can broaden their horizons:

  • traveling to countries and cities;
  • visiting museums and memorial sites;
  • viewing educational channels on youtube;
  • studying literature with an abundance of illustrations and photographs.
How to meet a smart girl
How to meet a smart girl

Crosswords, quizzes, intellectual games will help you remember and structure the information studied. No one has ever gotten in the way of educational courses. At the institutes, lectures are often held on various topics, from the art of Ancient Greece to the physics of near-earth space.

How to appear smart for a man? 3

The desire of men to meet an intelligent girl is fully justified. Few people are an interesting beauty who does not know basic things. Be it the capitals of countries, basic knowledge in different fields. You can put yourself in order, put on makeup and pick up the perfect perfume, but you won't be able to “perfume” yourself. You can't hang your erudition like a pendant around your neck.

British scientists conducted the experiment twice. The survey involved twelve thousand men aged 18 to 50 years. In 2000, they answered a number of questions, among which the most important was:

"What do you value in a girl more: intelligence or beauty?" 4

90% chose beauty. The numbers were so high that the program had to double check the results to rule out the possibility of error. Among the respondents were representatives of different ages, social status and income levels.

Meeting a smart girl
Meeting a smart girl

In 2017, the experiment was repeated, choosing the same number of men, the same list of questions. 72% of males preferred an intelligent girl rather than a beautiful one. But in the column of explanation, it was often indicated about grooming and not excessive intelligence.

An educated girl in the eyes of a guy never interrupts during a conversation, speaks out only after the partner finishes his thought. Listens with interest, demonstrates understanding of the topic of conversation. Laughs in response to his jokes or smiles, without vulgarity.

The scientists decided to interpret the experiment only a year later, explaining this with closed studies. They concluded that men are interested in smart women who are able to maintain a conversation and conduct a continuous conversation in one area for more than an hour, skillfully using information.

They do not require supernatural knowledge, only an interest in self-education. At the same time, only 2% of respondents preferred a stupid girl, provided that external data perfectly corresponded to their ideas.

The guy meets a smart girl
The guy meets a smart girl

Getting to know a smart girl is a normal desire for every man. Proving foaming at the mouth is a sign of a weak mind and a lack of worthy arguments. A fighting argument will alienate the guy from the opponent. Wrong can always be conveyed by arguments. The lady does not boast of supernatural knowledge in any area, because a difficult question can put her in a stupid and uncomfortable position.