Admirators And Transgender People: Why Do They Love Each Other?

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Admirators And Transgender People: Why Do They Love Each Other?
Admirators And Transgender People: Why Do They Love Each Other?

Video: Admirators And Transgender People: Why Do They Love Each Other?

Video: Admirators And Transgender People: Why Do They Love Each Other?
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An admirer is a person who is attracted to transgender people. He may dream of dating a transgender or transsexual, and even create a permanent relationship with him. It is not correct to assume that the administrator is a frequenter of webcams and chats, where they arrange trance shows. In the spoken language of our country, this word is rarely used. But in English, it means a partner of any gender and gender who is dating, or wants to date a transgender person.

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  • 1 Gender and gender: what is the difference
  • 2 Admiral girls: it happens
  • 3 Male Admirer
  • 4 Are there relationships with trances in nature?
  • 5 Love or Fetish?

Gender and gender: what is the differencei

By gender, they mean what a person has in his passport. Boys and girls are identified solely by their appearance. If a child identifies with the other sex, it is customary to ignore this. Psychologists say that at a certain age, a child has a tendency to consider himself a person not of his gender, and then this goes away by itself.

So if it has not "passed" and the boy continues to consider himself a girl, or vice versa, they talk about gender, that is, about the self-identification of a person as a man or a woman. Transgender people are people who consider themselves to be of the opposite sex.

All over the world it is treated with hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery. From here there are the following stages:

  • Transgender - realizes himself as a man or a woman, being in the body of the opposite sex;
  • Ladyboy, shemale - a guy who is exactly in the middle of the transformation, has already done plastic surgery of the face and chest, takes hormones to become softer, but has not yet remade the genitals;
  • A transsexual is a person who has completely changed both gender and documents

Important: Any person who is attracted to trances is considered an admiral, except for the one who sees them as a sex toy.

We will tell you frankly why transvestites are so popular in Thailand in the article at the link.

The admirer loves transgender people
The admirer loves transgender people

Female Admirators: It Happens2

If you get acquainted with popular culture, you would think that only men are admirators. But this is not so, women also love trances, and, not necessarily, the original men. Many are attracted to masculine women who are at the stage of gender reassignment. On the Internet, you can read that this is a hidden asexuality and fear of men, because a girl who has changed her sex will never achieve “full functionality”.

Yes, she will undergo plastic surgery, and she will take testosterone, from which the Adam's apple will grow, and her voice will dull. But if she does not continue HRT, the female body will "take its toll." In addition, “ex-women” do not have a physiological erection. Usually, the condition is achieved by implanting a mini-pump. Orgasm is not available to such people. Women admirators are criticized, some people consider them incomplete, living in fear of their female destiny, and avoiding fertility.

More often, there is a woman admirer who loves men at one stage or another of transformation. How does this happen, because a girl by nature has to reach for a strong man's shoulder?

woman admirer
woman admirer

Everyone comes to this in different ways:

  • Craving for sexual experimentation. Maybe satiety in sex and the constant search for a new partner lead the girl to the admiralty. She tried sex with men and women, so why not try trannies ?;
  • Craving for the maternal, feminine principle. You can find information that such women were simply disliked by their mothers in childhood, so they tend to start a relationship with a girl. Moreover, in sex, they prefer men. Therefore, they are comfortable with soft, feminine men. If one meets, and even turns out to be a trance, the girl becomes an administrator;
  • Relationship with a man who has realized the need for gender reassignment. It also happens that a permanent partner, a loved one, wants to change the gender. Then the woman accepts it or leaves. If she accepts, she is referred to as admirators too;
  • Craving to dominate a man who finds maximum acceptance from a soft and feminine partner
male admirer
male admirer

Important: the administrators are “their own” in the crowd of transgender people, they are well treated and accepted. Whereas to just lovers of sex with trances or trance shows are "not very". We'll tell you more about who transgender people are in our next article.

Male Admirer3

A male admiral may be closer to the world of trances than you think. Sometimes the craving for a relationship with trances masks a rejection of one's own gender. A man, as it were, identifies himself with a partner, and he wants to become a woman. This is the most difficult psychological case. Tranny is quite soft and feminine, with such a partner it is difficult for them. And a person who is looking for harmony in a relationship here may find himself in a situation where the relationship simply does not develop, due to the fact that both partners behave in the same way.

But more often than not, they become administrators differently:

Suppressed bisexuality. In our society, the love of a man and a man is strongly discouraged. Those who discover in themselves a craving for their own sex from childhood live under pressure, and learn to hide this craving. They meet with trances because they would like to be with men, but the feminine principle attracts them too

Who are transgender people
Who are transgender people

Craving for sexual experimentation. Satedness with a regular and homosexual partner leads a man to trans. Some really find their love in such a relationship, and remain for a long time in the world of admirators

Are there relationships with trances in nature? 4

This is the most difficult question. How do we learn about trances? Unless, from the news, everyone knows the story of Andrei Pezic, for example. Many people confuse trans and androgynous, and the situation becomes even more confusing. In "wildlife" trances are a very vulnerable part of the population. Sex reassignment surgery is not a cheap thing. Often, to do it, you have to save money for years and work on several jobs.

But many choose an easier way - they work in sex services, or on webcam services. Prostitution, striptease, webcams, and erotic photo shoots in tranny circles are not unusual.

Many people hang out in the shemale stage for years just to gain popularity in the sex industry and make more money. Yes, the age of such a model is short-lived, but they are paid much more money than in the usual case and in a simple job.

Relationships with trans
Relationships with trans

In our country, the attitude towards trans people, to put it mildly, is not very good. They can only find work in a club environment, or in creativity, or some very low-paid and not with people. This determines the desire to emigrate or work on webcam services.

Admirators in such a situation are the keepers of trances. Many relationships are built on the principle of "lover and paid lover", where a woman is a trance. This is treated in very different ways, but many administrators take on the maintenance of several trans girls.

Love or fetish? 5

The relationship between a trans and an admiral can be sincere, and even be true love. In fact, they love the soul, not the body. But there is also a situation where they are purely a sexual fetish.

Transgender who are they
Transgender who are they

Then the one who is prone to a fetish is simply aroused only by trances, and by any. He watches adult films, does not leave Thailand and is looking for thematic dating. He or she meets trannies without being tired, spends a lot of time with them, and only has sex with trannies. May even provide financial support, or completely contain. But this can hardly be called love, because such a person meets several at once and can change them arbitrarily.

Many people condemn administrators and trances. But here you need to understand that, like any relationship, these can be both sincere and tied to the same sincere love for money.

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