How To Tell If A Man Is Married: 10 Obvious Signs

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How To Tell If A Man Is Married: 10 Obvious Signs
How To Tell If A Man Is Married: 10 Obvious Signs

Video: How To Tell If A Man Is Married: 10 Obvious Signs

Video: How To Tell If A Man Is Married: 10 Obvious Signs
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How to understand that a man is married
How to understand that a man is married

Any woman on the planet primarily wants to love and be loved. We spend a lot of time looking for that very man. Since childhood, we have been trying to build in our minds exactly the picture that will correspond to all the desires of living together with a loved one. However, it happens that a man cheats in order to get sex, affection, understanding from a beautiful lady. Today we will talk about how to understand that the man of your dreams is married.

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  • 2 Visual signs of a married man
  • 3 Behavioral features
  • 4 Strange meeting places
  • 5 Afraid of sharing photos

This happens all the time. A man meets a girl, falls in love and starts a family. Any relationship needs to be sustained and nourished. This is a complex daily process that is neglected by many. As a result, we have hundreds of thousands of ruined families.

Not every person is ready to get away from family well-being, comfort and stability. Do not think that only men are prone to cheating. Many women also use side affairs to raise their level of self-esteem, feel the long-forgotten emotions of love and passion, and diversify their lives.

According to the results of sociological surveys, it was found that 25 percent of the tested men and 15 percent of women are unfaithful to their soul mates, being in an official marriage union. The statistics are quite subjective, since many people are not ready to admit to such meanness. It is generally accepted that every third married man has at least once had sexual contact on the side.

Interestingly, cheating is actually rarely related to the current state of affairs in the family. Most likely, the traitor will change even if everything is calm at home and the relationship with his wife does not bring him negative emotions.

Reasons for adultery on the part of a man

Every person who cheats on his other half has a million excuses for a mean act. In fact, you can’t say anything to keep a warm, stable place to live.

To be honest, infidelity is largely not due to scandals. In the first place in the list of significant impulses is the desire to learn new things. For a man, sex is not as intimate as it is for women. They often say that this is more of a natural process based on primal instincts.

First of all, a man who is in a relationship or marriage with a single girl seeks to receive confirmation and recognition of his skills in bed from other representatives of the fair sex. They love with their eyes, this is a known fact. No wonder that millions of women are jealous of simple communication and correspondence with other ladies. The man loves flirting, because he has been a hunter from time immemorial.

In marriage, the wife is equated with time to the won trophy. It becomes not so interesting with her, because she now devotes a huge part of her time to children or household issues. It was different before. You looked at the stars together, dreamed and made plans. Sex was more varied, there was something to surprise each other.

how to understand that he is married
how to understand that he is married

In general, a man is looking for a mistress who is simply different from his wife. The point is very often not that your love has passed, he just wants something new. Perhaps a married woman will like a girl for one night less in bed, but he has already received those emotions from the hunt that he lacked in marriage.

The reasons for cheating can also lie in an unstable and unhealthy situation in your relationship. If the wife is constantly nagging her husband, squabbles and tantrums occur, then he simply leaves to rest. For some, cheating on a spouse is equivalent to going out to smoke on the balcony. He just lets off steam in the arms of another girl and returns home calm.

If the relationship has crossed all boundaries, conflicts occur regularly, then this indicates that you have not been able to keep your love. In this case, a married man no longer even warms up the hope of restoring harmonious family relations. He simply uses his wife as a housewife and nanny for his offspring.

Here the role of a woman should be paramount. A man does not disrupt his campaigns to the left, which means that he does not appreciate and does not love his wife. In order not to be humiliated, not to find a lot of complexes - leave. Better yet, figure it out right away when a married man only uses you for one or two nights. We will talk about this further on the link.

Visual signs of a married man2

How to determine whether a man is married or single? A single man can be quite different from a married one, even in superficial visual signs. Let's talk about the most obvious ones in a little more detail.

how to identify married
how to identify married

Ring on the ring finger of the right hand

Some men don't even bother to take off their wedding ring. If a girl notices him, then in response to her natural question she hears the standard answer - divorced, I do not take pictures out of habit.

We advise you to immediately look closely at this finger on the man's hand. Most married men take off the ring before a date. But the trail remains visible for several hours.

Stamp in the passport

The surest way to find out about the marital status of a boyfriend is to look into his passport. This is certainly not the most accurate indicator that a man is free. Nowadays, a lot of couples do not officially register their relationship. Plus, the passport can be new, and the stamp from the previous one is simply not put on it.

Off phone

Look closely at your new friend's smartphone. There are times when, during a romantic meeting, a man turns him off not only in order to protect your dialogue from work calls.

In principle, married men do not like to turn off the phone, since the calling wife may end up asking a bunch of provocative questions. The standard scheme is to put the phone on silent mode. Check your phone screen. Maybe you will notice an incoming call or a message from "beloved", "wife", "baby". In this case, we recommend that you immediately interrupt the date, since you can hear a lot of excuses.

how to understand that a man is married
how to understand that a man is married


This sign is, of course, the most controversial. Singles can and love to look after themselves. However, if your companion looks very well-groomed, and his habits tell you about obvious slovenliness and carelessness, then with a 90% probability he is taken care of by a loving girl who is currently at work or is engaged in ironing her beloved husband's shirts.

Behavioral features3

Appearance may not always betray a married man. Basically, they try to minimize risks and are attentive to the visual component of their image of a bachelor. If you haven't noticed any of the above signs, then it's too early to relax.

Communication at certain hours

If a guy calls and texts you always at the same time, then most likely the rest of the day he is next to his constant companion. Of course, he will say that he works a lot, pursues his hobbies or reads newspapers. In fact, married men are very afraid that their wife will suspect them of infidelity. Therefore, they try to communicate during lunch breaks, being in the bathroom in the evening and the like.

Calls barred

How to avoid falling into a love triangle
How to avoid falling into a love triangle

He himself can call you when it is convenient for him. He does not pick up the phone from your number, and then when they meet, he explains that he does not like sudden phone calls, long conversations, and in general you are such an interesting person that you want to see you in person, look into your eyes and catch the energy.

This is all complete nonsense. A man wants to be available to his beloved woman always. It is important for him that in moments of anxiety, sadness or life problems, she dialed his number. And what woman will entrust her life to a man, if he is constantly out of the access zone, you have to wait for an answer from him for hours or even days.

Doesn't talk about himself

If you ask a new acquaintance about his place of work, then this will be an absolutely normal question. Each person devotes a lot of his time to professional activities. This is a really important part of life, which largely shapes the personality and influences life principles.

Moreover, for a man, his work is a reason for pride. Being in a career for a male is much more important than for a girl. So, if, when asked about his occupation, he begins to go into abstract reasoning and takes the conversation away from personal issues, the likelihood that he is not free in his personal life becomes colossal.

Okay, work, maybe he is a secret agent or a secret millionaire who is afraid that he will meet a mercenary woman. Another point is personal hobbies, on which we all spend a decent part of our life. If he says that he goes to a fitness club, but the name begins to hide as the biggest secret, this is a wake-up call.

how to identify a married man
how to identify a married man

There can be a great many such moments. Married men can regularly laugh it off in response, ask them not to pry into his personal affairs, just ignore questions. If you notice such oddities and a complete lack of desire to spread about his personal life, then he is clearly not free.

He's not on social media

Now it is extremely rare to meet a person, even of a respectable age, who does not have a single social network. When asked how to find a new acquaintance on Instagram and Vkontakte, do you get a denial of having an active profile? Strange, but at least Facebook or Odnoklassniki should be of interest to him.

If he says that social networks are evil, and he met you, for example, in Tinder or Badu, then this is definitely a lie. It's just that his page is most likely filled with photos with his beloved wife, relatives and common family friends as friends. You are simply not allowed into that part of life that is a stable reality.

The same can be said if he is immediately added to your friends from a page where friends either do not exist at all, or they are hidden from prying eyes. A page designed solely to divert your attention is easy to see through. In response to all the questions, hear that he does not like social networks, recently created a new profile and did not manage to add anything to it.

It's even more interesting if the name on his account doesn't match the real one. The young man clearly wants to hide something from his new acquaintance, so he shows her his fake backup account in case of emergency.

don't fall into a love triangle
don't fall into a love triangle

Strange meeting places4

Pay attention to where you are being asked out on dates. For the first meeting, chose a modest cafe on the outskirts of the city? Well, perhaps his heart commanded so, he wanted to talk to an interesting person in peace and quiet.

Places like this have become a permanent meeting place. He does not invite you to his home and looks for meetings either on your territory, or rents rooms in a hotel. Any suggestion you make to take a walk in the central park, go to a shopping center or sit in the evening on the main embankment of the city is rejected. He refers to a dislike for crowded places.

He doesn't like the noise of passing cars. Loud music in a famous club or restaurant is not at all his taste. Here are the standard explanations that a man is hiding your relationship and is afraid to meet his acquaintances. That is why he chooses such incomprehensible secluded places to meet with you.

Afraid of joint photos5

If you manage to get out to a crowded place together, he will not take pictures together for any persuasion. You know, often in restaurants or other establishments, professional photographers walk around the hall, taking pictures of parties and then uploading them to the Internet. In general, at the moment when the photographer is nearby, your companion hides his face behind the menu, goes to the toilet, or he urgently needs to leave on business.

how to determine if a man is married
how to determine if a man is married

All these are sure signs that outside of your union he has a constant companion or wife. From these extraordinary moments, you can easily understand that the man is married.

There are many women who, in search of their own happiness, are ready to go into a relationship with a married man. They do not even ask the question: "How to understand that a man is married." In their attitude and behavior, a positive response from the partner about marriage will not change anything.

Also, thousands of girls are ready to become lovers and are not ashamed of their status. Here, everyone decides for herself whether she is ready for such an alliance. However, remember that you may end up in the shoes of an unhappy and devoted wife.

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