Dating Serious Men Or Where Are You, My Happiness?

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Dating Serious Men Or Where Are You, My Happiness?
Dating Serious Men Or Where Are You, My Happiness?

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Dating with serious men
Dating with serious men

In order to build high-quality, long-lasting relationships, women are looking for dating serious men. A serious man in the concept of the weaker sex is a courageous, responsible, not walking guy who has a stable job, his own home and is looking for a companion for life, and not love adventures for a short time.

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  • 2 Grooms banned
  • 3 A dating site with serious guys
  • 4 The facts are there
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  • 6 Suitable wardrobe
  • 7 Family status
  • 8 May I introduce myself?
  • 9 Serious Tips for Women
  • 10 Taboo to talk
  • 11 So serious!

Finding a serious guy is not as easy as it seems. Everywhere you look to the poor woman: now an alcoholic, now a drug addict, now married, now a womanizer. And, there are still young alfonso, who are looking for a victim, among desperate ladies, so that for their caresses and warm young hugs, women feed them, put shoes on, and dress them.

But you can find a worthy partner, and experienced hunters, or happy young ladies in marriage, will say with confidence: "They exist!" Nice men, ready for serious relationships, marriage, children, joys and difficulties of living together.

Where are you, my happiness? I

When a single woman is looking for happiness and a suitable candidate for love and marriage, she first of all looks around the space around herself. A worthy partner and quite a serious man can be a colleague at work, a neighbor on the staircase, a godfather of a best friend. It is worth taking a closer look at every single guy, when you look at whom you understand that the lady is not "fufra - mufra"

So where is the likelihood of serious dating with men?

Grooms banned2

To outline the boundaries for a successful meeting with serious men, one should clearly understand which category of people does not fit this definition at all.

  • Three times divorced fraer. If a sociable and interesting man, pouring compliments and promising looks, offers a meeting or communication, and behind his back the fifth wife is collecting a suitcase - you cannot call him serious. Most likely, he is a collection of the most diverse "male" virtues: selfishness, authoritarianism, quarrelsomeness, and the like. A serious person will not change ladies' hearts like gloves.
  • A lover of bad habits. No matter how philosophically Mitya from the next house argued about life, no matter how beautifully he sang to the guitar, but if a bottle peeps out of his pocket, and from beautiful lips, along with Kant's quotes, the aroma of a three-day fume flies out - it is better not to mess with him. Apparently, he doesn't take himself seriously, as well as to others.
about dating serious men
about dating serious men
  • "Unhappy" bungler. An interesting employee in an ironed suit who smells of cologne and tales of "bitter marriage" while condemning his spouse and flirting with work partners in every possible way is the pathetic image of a typical loser. If he was unable to improve relations with another woman in marriage, most likely, he will not be able to in the next.
  • Mature owner of a foreign car. The presence of significant material resources does not indicate the seriousness of a man. At least not always. He can hold a high office, own decent finances, wear a jacket and tie every day, but at the same time he is a creepy ladies' man, for whom the appearance of a decent suit is the only presence of seriousness.
  • A fan of football, fishing, the gym, lying on the TV. Even if he treats his favorite hobby with all seriousness, he is quite selfish and narcissistic. Next to such a representative of the stronger sex, a woman will feel unnecessary and forgotten. In principle, she will be an important figure in his life if, during his "hobby", she will serve balls, throw worms onto a fishing rod and measure the biceps of the darling with a measuring tape.

Serious Guys Dating Site3

Dating with serious men
Dating with serious men

To find dating with serious men, women resort to the help of social networks and dating sites with men. It should be noted that the Internet is teeming with a wide variety of dating sites. Among them, a huge number of leaders are precisely those where it is absolutely impossible to find an adequate candidate, let alone a serious one.

However, the chance to find a serious peasant for a long acquaintance is quite high.

Most serious men, immersed in work and other important matters, do not find the time and opportunity to get acquainted in real life. In this case, they resort to the services of dating sites or social networks.

The huge abundance of males on the Internet confuses women seeking love and happiness. How can a woman find that one and only one among so many? Yes, also serious.

The facts are there4

Some facts will tell you who is in front of a beautiful female gaze: a serious man or an unworthy candidate. The lady needs to pay close attention to the candidate in order to find out what kind of bird of flight he is. Acquaintance for a serious relationship on the site begins with studying the profile.

dating serious guys
dating serious guys

A profile photo is the first sign. The picture should depict the inner essence of a person. Of course, this does not mean that the photo of a serious man will be an exact copy of the portrait of Joseph Vissarionovich. A man should look natural, simple and pleasant. No distorted faces, plexus fingers, in the form of a "modern fig", silly hairstyle, earrings, piercings and other superfluous rubbish.

Here I am! 5

A serious man will sign his real name. None: "Lonely Wolves", "Free Wind", or an incomprehensible English-language designation. A photo of a balding man with the words "Lenchik Moskovsky", "Garik Rostovsky" looks stupid. Only: Fedor Petrov or Pyotr Fedorov, no other options are needed.

Suitable wardrobe6

The candidate's clothing is an important detail. Pictures showing a half-naked man in a stretched T-shirt and striped families will immediately negate the seriousness of this man. He must be in the appropriate wardrobe.

about dating serious guys
about dating serious guys

If in a suit - then under the shoes, not moccasins with slippers. There should be a lot of photos. If there are none, the woman may ask to replenish the "photo album". The pictures will tell about the versatile interests of a man, his world around him and his daily life.

Family status7

Dating serious men means finding a woman candidate for family life. When a man hides his marital status, expect surprises. And most likely not pleasant. Serious guys clearly and with an arrangement write down the purpose of their stay on this site.

Usually, if a man wants to get to know each other seriously, he indicates in the column “purpose of acquaintance”: serious relationship, marriage. Such "nominations as:" communication and correspondence "speak of the frivolity of the stronger sex. A serious man will not waste time on "communication and correspondence", he needs to work and do other important things.

May I introduce myself? 8

A serious contender for the hand and heart, politely introduce himself, greet and offer to get to know each other better. He will not start a dialogue with ridiculous flirting, such as: "Your mother does not need a son-in-law!", "Wow, what a beauty!", "What size of breasts ???".

find a serious man
find a serious man

He won't ask for intimate photos or proudly send pictures of his own genitals. The conversation will develop gradually and interestingly.

He will take an interest in everything that is important for a long-term acquaintance and serious relationship: having a job, children. He will be interested in the female worldview, her spiritual world. A serious man will be delighted, but restrained, to comment on women's pictures. He will not brag about status, exaggerate income or exalt himself in every way.

Having your own home is no less significant. It doesn't matter that he has a house or an apartment, the main thing is that the man should live separately from his parents, relatives, in his “home”, and not expecting hopefully the one that will provide him with a roof over his head.

Serious Tips for Women9

To meet serious men, women need to learn some rules. Serious men will not pay attention to a lady, no matter how beautiful she is, if:

her photo on the main avatar depicts a pretty lady in underwear or other erotic clothes

where to meet a serious man
where to meet a serious man
  • she grimaces in her posture or facial expression;
  • the woman in the photo looks haggard, tired, unkempt (no one will choose this);
  • On her profile there are stupid statuses, strange statements, "snotty" phrases.

Communication with the lady plays an important role. Girls and women often make mistakes that turn off potential grooms:

  • flirt too much;
  • do not respond to messages for a long time or send boring monosyllabic answers;
  • use swear words, obscene words in sentences;
  • ask a lot of unnecessary questions, especially in the material sphere;
  • complain about a "poor existence", rain outside the window, a drunken neighbor;
  • describe a lot and in detail the relationship and parting with the former gentleman;
  • throw them letters, as if they met the last hope;
  • send erotic pictures (many women commit such acts);
where you can meet a serious man
where you can meet a serious man

looking not so much for a husband as for a candidate to sponsor sexual encounters

Taboo to talk10

When meeting serious men, a woman needs to be natural, but not overly relaxed. She should be a dignified lady, but not an arrogant lady. Her gaze should express interest. Shooting constantly with eyes, stupidly giggling or spewing incredible laughter, visibly shy or pretending to be a queen is the lot of single young ladies, or future wives, other, not serious guys.

You should not touch on topics in connection with which a man will have a negative reaction:

  • controversial discussions about politics or religion (parenting);
  • long and plaintive stories about health and its lack, nagging loneliness, former relationships;
  • interrupt or prompt during a conversation;
  • talk about unknown things in which he does not understand;
  • talking with your mouth full or with a mobile phone at your ear;
how can you meet a serious man
how can you meet a serious man
  • begging for "champagne" or candy;
  • not start conversations about living together, an upcoming wedding and planning for two kids;
  • there is no need to insist or even offer to introduce the gentleman to relatives and friends;
  • mutter under your breath or shout phrases sharply.

Serious so! 11

Dating with serious men is necessary for those women who dream of marriage. If a girl pursues the goal of flirting, easy acquaintance and "quick sex" - a serious man is not for her.

Serious guys are looking for a serious woman, but not boring. You should not be constantly silent, maintain an artificial strict appearance or childish spontaneity. Both are considered excesses. A positive attitude, and small interesting stories told by her or him will undoubtedly defuse the atmosphere, help to relax and bring a feeling of lightness and mutual sympathy into the meeting.

A woman needs to be identified in advance for what purposes and why, she agreed to maintain acquaintances with him.

how to find a serious man
how to find a serious man

It should be remembered that serious men are individuals who not only reason, but also act in their lives according to certain parameters. These representatives of the stronger sex love and want children, home comfort, a beautiful and clever woman - a wife.

They will not rush to develop relations, they will not climb, at the first opportunity, under the skirts of the fairer sex. Serious men are polite personalities. On a first date, a guy like this won't do these things:

  • offer of a joint night;
  • harassment of any kind (the maximum is an inverted palm kiss);
  • will not allow greed or tactlessness, both to a new acquaintance and to other people around him;
  • rudeness, rudeness, acute situations;
  • drinks alcohol in moderation;
  • does not make silly or vulgar jokes;
  • does not remember in the presence of the lady, the former relationship, and even more so, "the snake - the wife";
how to meet a serious man
how to meet a serious man
  • does not devote the interlocutor to personal details;
  • adheres to the promised word: he said "will call", it means "will call."

Dating serious men is a great way to start a family for a single woman. There are decent guys in modern life, the main thing is to take a closer look at everyone with whom the woman communicates: listen, hear, analyze.

And a pleasant acquaintance will surely spill over into a serious relationship, with feelings of mutual love and respect, and subsequently end in a successful marriage.

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