What Is Adultery In A Relationship: Causes And Consequences

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What Is Adultery In A Relationship: Causes And Consequences
What Is Adultery In A Relationship: Causes And Consequences

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What is treason
What is treason

Relationships do not always develop as in a beautiful fairy tale about love. Circumstances interfere with the idyll, people force them to break promises to a partner. No matter how long the relationship develops, betrayal is always perceived painfully. What is infidelity in a relationship and what it carries - about this in the article below.

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  • 2 Reasons for cheating
  • 3 Consequences
  • 4 Can you be philosophical about treason?

Unfortunately, adultery is a frequent occurrence. Fundamentally different reactions in men and women to violation of fidelity. Men are easier to cheat. Their plans often do not include parting with a woman, it is just a hobby, a way to have fun and raise self-esteem a little. The maximum that will be - a couple of months of remorse.

Women are arranged differently and their psychological attitude to adultery is different. A partner who broke promises to be only with her causes irreparable harm to mental health. This is a real blow to her. It doesn't matter how many times the partner has done this. Every time, hopes for a brighter future collapse.

In a woman's head, thoughts begin to arise about her inferiority as a partner, about the collapse of the relationship and the inability to fix everything. All these are emotions and experiences of each of the parties. What is the basis of the interpretation of treason as a phenomenon?

Basis for treason i

What is cheating and how to treat cheating? This is a violation of an agreement with a partner, flirting with other people, any behavior that considers another person as a potential applicant instead of a partner. In a broad sense, cheating is seen as physical contact with another person.

If light communication or flirting can still be attributed to a desire to raise your self-esteem, then the implementation of sexual intentions with another person is already considered treason. She is always expressed in setting her interests above relationships, pleasure becomes more important than relationships. Cheating disturbs peace and harmony, trust, honesty are no longer important.

Reasons for cheating2

Cheating becomes a turning point in the couple's relationship. After the wave of emotions has passed, the stage of critical reflection on the reasons for such behavior begins. It doesn't matter who cheated first, one of the first reasons is the loss of acuity. Nothing kills love like a boring relationship. Everything is going according to plan, measuredly, and then, like a bolt from the blue, eyes open to someone more attractive, young, interesting. At such moments, it is important to first clarify the relationship and honestly answer whether the feelings have passed or is it a temporary insanity from boredom and everyday life.

Relationship problems are the second common cause. From the outside, everything looks very strange: instead of calmly sitting down and discussing mutual claims, discontent accumulated over a long period of relations, two adults start looking for a replacement. It is good if one of the partners is ready to understand the second, wait until the emotions subside and listen specifically to the claims.

At this stage, a man may begin to relate to a woman in a different way and rethink his behavior. A woman, due to the peculiarities of psychology, does not act in this way. Cheating for her is a psychological act, attachment to a new partner is due to hatred or complete indifference to the former. So it's worth knowing how to stop hating your ex. More on this in our article on the link!

The third reason is unique to men. When a relationship begins, everything is bright and colorful, emotions go off scale, constant interest is supported by hormones. There will come a moment when the transition to the next stage begins. Nothing scares a psychologically immature man like responsibility. With grief and despair, he boldly throws himself into the arms of a new girl and everything starts anew. This can be regarded as one of the ways to psychologically increase one's own significance, asserting oneself as a macho and a male.

what is treason
what is treason

For women, the strategy is at least strange and incomprehensible, and guys in this find a real opportunity to start a relationship anew and do not become responsible and mature.

Consequences 3

Nothing goes unnoticed and naturally betrayal also has consequences. Before deciding whether to solve a relationship problem or avoid it in this way, you need to weigh the results of such liberties. What cheating leads to:

  • relationship with a partner breaks up;
  • marital relations are devalued;
  • parents lose touch with their children, who become victims of being dragged to one side or the other;
  • the feeling of importance for a partner, value is disturbed;
  • there is no more trust in the opposite sex;
  • psychological consequences can be expressed in prolonged depression, alcoholism.

Do not think that only people without moral principles cheat on partners. An unhealthy attitude in the family, the absorption of the behavior patterns of antisocial parents in childhood, constant suspicions, scandals, and jealousy gradually lead to betrayal. Relationships cannot develop in such an environment; both adults and children, if any, suffer. Strong emotions and resentment gradually accumulate and lead to a state of prolonged stress.

cheating in a relationship
cheating in a relationship

Can you be philosophical about cheating? 4

What is treason? It is the desire to possess another person physically. When a guy and a girl start building their little world, they don't think about possible infidelity. Why discuss something that will never happen? Sexual arousal at the sight of pretty girls and guys is inherent in nature. If a relationship begins, it is understood that no one else will be interested in an intimate sense.

It just seems simple to tune in to psychological rejection of other partners. Psychologists say that unconscious desires will still control the body. When the psychological attitude towards unwillingness to have sex with others begins, over time it may completely disappear. Conscious control takes a lot of energy. "What if you let your partner cheat?" Such a thought will scare anyone away.

Why not treat cheating a little easier and give your significant other a chance to cheat. Rigid frameworks and restrictions put a person in a hopeless position, and all nature begins to rebel at the first opportunity. If you say that you can change, do you want to take the chance? Previously, everything was mysterious and alluring, now accessible and not so desirable. A free attitude towards treason as a violation of an agreement will make it easier to look at the fact itself.

Whatever events become the reason for betrayal, no matter how philosophically both look at it, one should not forget that relations with a partner must have clear agreements. It should be like a game with clear rules that both know and consciously accept. It doesn't matter what feelings take over, it is important how to realize them. There is nothing easier than taking and getting away from problems in another person's bed. This is a great way for an infantile person, psychologically immature and young. Cheating is not only psychological, but also energetic damage.

attitude to betrayal
attitude to betrayal

It is much more interesting to know that a partner has a choice: to be near or to leave. Nothing holds, except the desire to be near. This will help you treat your partner as a value, and not as a boring toy that you can throw in your closet and find a new one.

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