How To Save A Pretty Girl From A Boring Boyfriend?

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How To Save A Pretty Girl From A Boring Boyfriend?
How To Save A Pretty Girl From A Boring Boyfriend?

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take a pretty girl away
take a pretty girl away

Party, holiday co-op or regular get-together at the club. The crowd is dancing around merrily, couples kissing, alcohol and laughter flow like a river. A charming girl is standing in the corner of the hall. She was attacked by some boring guy. He gestures with his limbs, like a bird in flight, tells fables, laughs loudly and does not notice that a beautiful woman is smiling tightly and begs for mercy with his eyes.

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Across the room, a handsome young man is watching her. He longs to communicate with the girl, save her from the obsessive gentleman, but does not know what action to take. Well, consistency, tact and courage are the main assistants in the noble act of saving the beauty.

Offensive i

First of all, you need to approach the couple and radiate complete friendliness. In no case should you pose a threat to a man who is trying to lasso a lady. Their conversation should be wedged smoothly and organically. You can laugh at the joke of the "humorist", greet the two interlocutors.

You need to pay attention to the girl's behavior. Perhaps she is comfortable with a compulsive suitor and the presence of a third person is a mistake. The following non-verbal signs indicate that the woman does not like the attack of the annoying beau:

  • The arms are crossed over the chest.
  • The girl constantly turns her head around.
  • The young lady yawns and laughs tightly, looks at her watch, endlessly looks at the phone.

The beauty in every way hints at depressing communication. The guy who is the savior should dispel the atmosphere, bring some life to life, neutralize the "enemy". But you need to act very carefully. You can start a general conversation about an interesting topic. At the same time, it is important to observe the girl's reaction, so as not to cause despair and a desire to escape with her actions.

Practiced techniques2

The behavior of a man should be strikingly different from the obsessive suitor. No need to crush the young lady with a set of flat (and very funny) jokes. In a conversation, it is better to stick to topics that interest her. Having struck up a pleasant conversation with the girl, you should gradually limit communication with the "sticky".

The guy should turn to the woman so as not to see the "rival" and pay attention to the interlocutor in the dialogue. Aggressive attacks from a boring boyfriend should be gently avoided. Behave calmly and with dignity. Not the best option for "saving the princess" would be a fight between two unlucky gentlemen. So that pleasant communication does not develop into a conflict, it is not allowed to behave arrogantly, mockingly and insolently with a competitor.

Defeating an opponent is possible with a wise approach to the girl. If a competitor loads a young lady with boring conversations, philosophical speculations and historical facts, then a successful joke will dispel the pressure and boredom and turn the attention of the bored young lady to a new character. And exactly the opposite.

Perhaps the young lady is not inclined to joke and is in a sad mood, and the unlucky joker, instead of smiling, causes her an attack of annoyance and irritation. In this case, it is worth showing her that the man is ready to listen, let her express herself, that he is interested in the opinion and thoughts of the girl. The fairer sex appreciates sincerity and attention.

For more information on how to beat off a girl from another, we read in our article further on the link.

Winner's Trophy3

The last step will be "stealing the girl." It is necessary to come up with a good reason to take the lovely lady with you. It could be an invitation to a slow dance, or a hike for a fresh cocktail. You can invite the young lady to breathe in the fresh air, taste delicious ice cream, and admire the starry sky. If a girl is interested in a new guy, then she will gladly respond to his words.

take a pretty girl away from a boring boyfriend
take a pretty girl away from a boring boyfriend

A nerdy boyfriend can meet an opponent's attack with indignation and protest. Savvy and patience will help you find the right words to cool the ardor of the hapless gentleman. If there are no ideas in your head, then you just need to quickly and decisively leave his company, arm in arm with a young woman. The guy will understand that he missed his chance to have an affair and will leave the couple alone.

In order not to become like a boyfriend - a loser, whom with a light heart they are ready to ignore and send home, you cannot perform such actions:

  • Flirting with one girl, cast an interested glance at each passing "skirt". All attention should be directed to the “chosen one”.
  • Load with unnecessary information about yourself. Guys love to boast of personal information to an unfamiliar person, talk about their adventures and exploits. It is worth discussing her personality with a stranger. Ask tactful and unobtrusive questions, listen carefully to the answers. The girl will see interest in her. Do not go too far and copy the behavior of a strict investigator.
  • Guessing a lady's mood is not an easy task, but it is an important key to success with the opposite sex. If the young lady's appearance is thoughtful and a little upset, do not fool around and laugh out loud trying to evoke a response. Having made a couple of attempts to cheer up the beauty, it is worth changing tactics. A simple conversation in a quiet place may be exactly what she lacks.
How to get a pretty girl away from a boring boyfriend
How to get a pretty girl away from a boring boyfriend

Well-groomed appearance, pleasant communication, sincerity and attention to the girl will help to win and captivate any young lady who will cause sympathy and interest.

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