3 Reasons For Unrequited Love For A Girl: Why She Doesn't Reciprocate

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3 Reasons For Unrequited Love For A Girl: Why She Doesn't Reciprocate
3 Reasons For Unrequited Love For A Girl: Why She Doesn't Reciprocate

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Unrequited love
Unrequited love

Yes, friend, everyone knows how hard it is to experience unrequited love for a boyfriend or girlfriend. The realization that the person you love so much does not feel anything for you is destructive. Words cannot convey these feelings. However, it does happen. And quite often.

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  • 1 She loves another man
  • 2 She is bored with you
  • 3 she put on the crown

Unrequited love is terrible. And if you still find yourself in such a situation, we sincerely sympathize with you. It is a pity that the human body was not originally programmed with a magic button, by pressing which one could instantly turn off or turn on certain feelings.

Do you remember the lines of the well-known verse of A.S. Pushkin: "We love those who do not love us … We destroy those who love us …"? Yes, unbelievable, but true. At all times, humanity has suffered from unrequited love. But it’s not worth it, perhaps, to sour ahead of time and put the so-called "cross" on the girl you like. Let's consider the 5 main reasons for unrequited love, the owners of which, during the analysis, we will help to suggest a way out of the current situation, as well as find the most suitable solution.

So let's go. What to do, if:

She loves another man

It's a shame, annoying, okay. Everything happens. It just so happened that the girl you need has another man in your head. Let's not dig into why this happened. Fact is fact. Yes, she loves him, so what? From love, as well as from illness, no one is immune. Maybe you will sit down next to me and suffer for the company too?

Of course, a difficult case. We'll have to sweat a little. First, try to learn a little about her subject of suffering. No, not in order to decorate his face, but in order to understand as much as possible what type of men she likes. Find out what he did, how he treated her, where he works, etc.

Unshared love
Unshared love

Also keep in mind that the girl must have a registered page on the social network. Don't forget about her talkative friends. With the help of the above, you can easily compare yourself with him. This is the only way you will be able to understand whether you are reaching for him or not. Or maybe it will turn out to be quite the opposite: that he, by and large, does not even fit a candle to you. Based on the information received, you will determine the further tactics of action.

If you know enough about the man she is in love with, then first try to cheat a little and try to behave like him. No, friend, you don't need to duplicate his style of dress, manner of speaking and the like. Don't take everything so literally! Surely you are friends with your head in order to independently understand and choose which of his behavior is acceptable for you and what is not.

She's bored with you2

Yes, it happens. She is all so funny and mischievous, a mass entertainer, and in her eyes you look like a complete nerd who cannot connect two words. But you, in spite of everything, still got attached to her with all your heart and soul. You look at her and silently love her with your eyes, but, again, you cannot say anything, since you do not shine with eloquence. Sound familiar?

Unshared love of a woman
Unshared love of a woman

Do not try to panic and run to the bookstore for literature that teaches how to communicate with girls, or, worse, rush to enroll in toastmaster courses. You are who you are. And let him accept you like that. Well, it is not given to you to become Petrosyan, so now what? Run for soap and rope or what?

Remember one thing: you should not adjust to someone, become someone, or change to your detriment. You are already a fully formed personality, and only complete fools can break yourself from the inside. If possible, find out from her friends about her previous men. Perhaps all her exes, as they say, “drove over the ears beautifully,” but did nothing? If so, then we can congratulate you. Very soon it will come to your subject of adoration that the main thing in a man is not words, but his perfect deeds.

Of course, of course, you need to hit on her a little, and also try to think over a couple of interesting topics for communication before your meeting. If things are not to hell with verbosity, then find those who will speak for you. No, in no case, you do not need to take with you a "capture group" consisting of your friends or her girlfriends, who will tryndet all the time about everything and nothing (well, you and her, like two deer, will walk alongside, and silently blink).

Ways to forget a guy
Ways to forget a guy

Better invite her to the theater, cinema, exhibition or excursion. Or go to the zoo or ice rink together, where you will have fun, and the topic of conversation will appear by itself. That is, attend any event where you need to listen more than talk.

In general, you understand: fewer words - more action. If everything is in order with the head of your chosen one, then after talking with you, she will understand that loud, but empty words are nothing compared to silent, but such important actions.

She put on the crown3

Yes, that's a shame, friend, one hundred percent. She's all so rash, but who are you? A representative of the proletariat in her eyes? “What do you mean,” the comrades will say, “she won't even look in your direction! After all, she's a tsatsa! " Unfortunately, it so happened that someone once hammered into her "bright" head that she is a queen. And since then, serve it all on a silver platter. But you fell for her, although you understand that in front of you is a rare bitch.

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself a question: are you ready at the beginning of your attempts to conquer it, to endure all sorts of ridicule, reproaches and discontent? If so, read on.

How to forget him
How to forget him

The next thing you have to do is the eternal comparisons of you with someone else who was either better than you or did more for her (it is clear that all of the above is solely in her opinion). It may be that she will not say all this out loud, but the face of your subject of adoration will speak for itself. Be prepared for the fact that by giving this girl, for example, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you will not get the admiration from her that you could observe by giving the same bouquet to a girl who is not from high society.

Believe me, dealing with such ladies is quite difficult. Their requests are not childish. That is, at the beginning of a relationship, you have a hundred pounds to indulge all her whims. And only when you notice the predisposition of this girl to yourself - can you try, as they say, "to bring her down from heaven." Yes, this is not easy and even, one might say, thorny. But if you think that she is worthy of it, then boldly act and analyze.

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