6 Negative Personality Traits Of Men Who Don't Like Girls

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6 Negative Personality Traits Of Men Who Don't Like Girls
6 Negative Personality Traits Of Men Who Don't Like Girls
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The famous children's writer Grigory Oster jokingly argued that since children always do the opposite, parents should give them harmful advice so that they do everything right in spite of them. He even released a collection of poems, which is called - "Harmful advice".

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  • 1 Arrogance
  • 2 Aggressiveness
  • 3 Jealousy
  • 4 Self-doubt
  • 5 Indifference
  • 6 Stupidity

But our readers are adults who are able to take responsibility for their deeds and actions, and not do everything to spite someone. Therefore, we will not give you harmful advice, but only write a list of negative character traits of a man that interfere with building happy healthy relationships with women. And by tradition, this list will be compiled for us by the women themselves!


Having heard that a man is in charge of the house simply because he is a man, the not yet established “head of the family” may start to turn up his nose without any reason. Constant claims to power, arrogant "know your place, woman", narcissism - seeing this, any self-respecting woman will run away immediately.

This situation is especially aggravated by the fact that the possessor of the cosmic conceit rarely has the same cosmic successes and achievements. In the list of negative character traits of a man, arrogance will deservedly occupy one of the first places.

How to treat: respect for the woman and a critical attitude towards yourself. It is possible to build full-fledged relations only on the basis of equal partnership. This does not mean that you need to humiliate yourself in front of a woman (they do not like such people either), but adequate self-esteem and recognition of a woman as an equal participant in your relationship is vital for any happy couple.


Rudeness, anger, insults and even assault are faithful companions of marginal families, and sure signs of the imminent destruction of relationships. An adequate modern woman will never believe in the monstrous myth “beats means loves”. A man showing aggression against a woman will always look like a failure, compensating for his shortcomings on the weak and defenseless. In a relationship with such women do not stay long.

How to heal: Find another way to vent aggression. Punching bag, contact sports, violent computer games, after all. Defeat your woman in Mortal Kombat and feel like a winner in life if it doesn't make you laugh. If it does, then congratulations, you are on the way to recovery!

Bad character traits
Bad character traits


Just another form of self-doubt. In most happy couples, this feeling does not even arise, because partners trust each other and do not look for reasons to doubt their beloved simply because she spoke to another man. Some couples believe that a healthy dose of jealousy will not harm, but on the contrary, will make the relationship interesting, but even they will agree that if a man is jealous of a woman for every pillar, this is not good.

How to treat: if every man seems to you a competitor who can take your beloved away at the snap of your fingers, then there is one of two things. Or they all seem to you more successful, smarter, more interesting and more fun than you, and then it's time for you to work on your self-esteem. Or you do not trust the girl with whom you are trying to build a relationship at all, and then you need to find out if there is a reason for this distrust. Perhaps you just came up with this reason out of the most common fear of losing such a wonderful girl? Realizing this fear is already halfway to solving the problem.


A trait that does not necessarily coincide with the previous point, but repels women even more. It is one thing to be in doubt because of individual decisions, especially difficult ones, this is common to all people.

Bad male traits
Bad male traits

And quite another - a chronic and neglected form of self-doubt, turning into a complete inability to make decisions, lack of initiative and passivity, a whole bunch of negative traits of a man's character. With such a man, a woman cannot feel like she is behind a stone wall, but this feeling is important for all women. Even for those who deny it.

How to heal: As in other cases, awareness of the problem is half the way to solving it. Feeling weak? There will always be someone who is even weaker. Help him, move the grandmother across the road, remove the kitten from the tree, make a basketball hoop for the children in the yard.

Start celebrating your accomplishments, even the smallest ones. There are no people in the world who can't do anything at all, you just need to learn to notice it. As soon as you see how you get something small - try more! And stop being afraid of offending everyone, rest assured, this is definitely not about you, but about those whom we have already disassembled and put on the shelves above.


If you are indifferent to the girl's problems, then you are indifferent to her. And don't deny it. No matter how silly and ridiculous women's problems may seem to you, they are important to your significant other, and your indifference hurts her and turns her against you. Or maybe you don't really give a damn, you just don't know how to behave?

Bad qualities of a man
Bad qualities of a man

How to treat: start listening to the girl, communicate with her, be interested in her problems, desires, fears. No, this does not mean at all that you need to arrange for her daily interrogation with addiction, she will escape from such an attitude very quickly. But the ability to at least partially put yourself in her place is very important for building mutual understanding and trust. Girls know how to listen and sympathize better than men, so your beloved herself will become the best teacher in this matter for you.


Oh, it will be a disaster if your girlfriend surpasses you intellectually so much that it will be impossible to build a bridge between your worlds. Statistics show that intelligence is the most important quality of a man in the opinion of the absolute majority of women. And if your chosen one does not find it in you, the result will almost certainly be disastrous.

How to treat: there are two ways, simple and complex. The simple one is that for every fool there is someone even more foolish, which means that you can find yourself a fool and find happiness. The difficult path involves expanding boundaries, self-education and self-development.

Fortunately, in an age of free flow of information and an accessible Internet, this is not such a difficult task. But you will have to spend a lot of effort to achieve a result in this. However, as experience shows, each person has that area of ​​knowledge to which he is especially predisposed. You also have it, and you will definitely find it if you want.

Bad guy qualities
Bad guy qualities

Of course, the negative traits of a man's character are not limited to this list. But giving a long lecture on what is good and what is bad, especially for adults, is a thankless task. We limited ourselves to only those traits that women themselves most often call negative.

Constant work on oneself and the desire to make oneself better includes many other aspects of life that we have not mentioned in this article. Let's just say that independence is definitely not included in the list of hated character traits, which means that you can figure out everything else without our help. Be happy!

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