Types Of Kisses And Their Meaning: Interesting Facts

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Types Of Kisses And Their Meaning: Interesting Facts
Types Of Kisses And Their Meaning: Interesting Facts

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As in different countries there is a line of what is permissible, so there is a thin thread between people - affection, when lovers want to get to know each other "better." In the cult of modernity, a variety of types of kissing on the lips are studied, from rubbing with the tips of the noses, to passionate kissing with the penetration of the tongue to the glands. You can exaggerate as much as you want, but learning kissing techniques requires many days of practice, a brave partner and desire on both sides.

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Common types of kissingi

The most common kisses are on the cheek, corners of the lips, "smack" without deepening, on the forehead, nose and other parts of the face. They mean "friendship", which will surely grow into something more, unless, of course, the couple really is a friendly union. Step over the stage of flirting and rise one step higher - a kiss on the neck or collarbone. True, for this you need to create an atmosphere. More often it is formed as a result of more or less strong relationships. This is followed by "love" kisses, and this is what each means:

A kiss of closed eyes means "I want to get to know you better." The couple is already dating, there is sympathy between young people. And here he is, the first limited rapprochement occurs, after which all kisses become simple and ordinary. They are followed by candid and passionate options

Kiss with a touch - a man takes a girl by the face, approaches and bends over her. Can hug, hug him. So it is all “nice to be with you”; when you want to always be there, to serve as support and support. There is no hint of sex or passion here, intimacy may have already been or should take place

Similar feelings and the urge to touch (to the face or neck) are experienced by adult men. Young people, for sure, many noticed that they do not know how to do this: they grab the girl by the neck, pull her towards them and dig their teeth into the gums, beating off the last vertebrae with squeezed fingers. Well, what kind of romance is there …

An angel's kiss is "a kiss on the forehead as a sign of concern." To exert influence by psychological methods, it is enough to imagine yourself as the father of the future bride. This is the so-called mastery of the object of passion. Men-owners do just that: they designate the territory, show the girl care and patronage, bring up in every possible way "for themselves." Everything can end in domestic tyranny, or a loving spouse and an exemplary marriage

Types of kissing on the lips
Types of kissing on the lips

What is a French kiss or a passionate kiss? This is the most overt since the couple exchange a million germs. Either they trust each other, or they are just trying to play with passion and feelings. With the penetration of the tongue (reservation of the territory), the man shows that this is his battlefield, and he will not give the girl to anyone

He has the right not to participate in the bouquet period, but the woman will definitely remain thinking about him. Young girls often "fly in the clouds" after such an experienced gesture of truth. Either a man takes responsibility for an act, or it means "I like you, I would have dragged you into bed."

Interestingly, it is with the French kiss that the thyroid gland is activated in women, which is responsible for the load of the emotional background. Failure leads to falling in love, and then - to excitement and readiness to part with immunity in the area of ​​the gates of heaven.

Interesting facts about kissing2

Almost all types of kissing on the lips are accompanied by the release of hormones of passion and happiness. But this is not the most interesting discovery. There are several facts in the world that scientists have cited to prove that the exchange of microbes, according to philemophobes, is not at all a reason to deny yourself the benefits of a pleasant activity. The current partners, who are above all the meanness that defile the significance of such an event between people, immediately succeed in combining two things.

What types of kissing on the lips are
What types of kissing on the lips are
  • The longest kiss lasted 58 hours 35 minutes and 58 seconds between the Tiranarats. This is a record entered in the Guinness Book.
  • The French kiss is a method of exchanging 80+ million bacteria. According to Microbiome magazine, couples who kiss more than 10 times every day are destined for healthy relationships. They have the same types of bacteria. So one can argue how harmful or useful it is to engage in such "hooliganism".
  • In the book by William Caine "The Art of Kissing" statistics are given: 54% of women love clean-shaven men. 33% are ready to kiss their lover's stubble, and the rest decided to give up such an activity in order to maintain smooth skin. Yes, it is not very pleasant to feel a burning sensation after passing through an abrasive brush.
  • John Boannon has proven that people remember their first kiss better than sex. The survey was conducted among 500 people. The results surprised everyone.
  • During the kiss, the circular muscles of the mouth are involved - there are 112 of them. In the process, mimicry "mirrors" the actions of an infant who drinks mother's milk. The Research Council of the University of The Hague concluded that the infant kisses the mother in this way and thanks for the food.
kiss with tongue
kiss with tongue

2/3 of people tilt their head to the right. In childhood, adolescents were often interested in where to tilt her so that her nose would not interfere. And neuropsychologist Onur Gynturkun, observing people for 16 years, came to this conclusion based on his research. It will probably take another 15 years to understand why

Also, couples decided to diversify some types of kissing on the lips in order to bring exoticism into their relationship. And that's what came of it.

Variety of the most reverent kisses3

To enhance the effect of passion, couples imitate a "surging wave" of kissing - an unexpected, sensual rush of desire to cling to the lips of a partner. Often portends spontaneous sex or foreplay, which also leads to bed.

There is a wet kiss - not because a lot of saliva is secreted, like a brutal predator, but because the lips of partners are slightly moistened with water or a drink. Slowly and surely, you can insert your tongue into your mouth so that it does not seem "unexpectedly slobbering." There is also a “kiss of the Snow Queen”, when a girl kisses her partner who has drunk a hot drink with cold lips. He and she feel heat (from cold too) each other, and this increases the feeling of ardor.

Variety of kisses on the lips
Variety of kisses on the lips

Sometimes married couples resort to role-playing games, kissing each other with sugar lips. You can run a piece of chocolate over them, sprinkle with sugar or add dessert. The result is a sweet and tasty fusion, and you can refresh yourself in the culinary game.

But the rain of kisses is not kissing all parts of the partner's body, but convulsive "eating" of the face with the lips. He was bored as if he had never eaten. I have not seen a woman for a long time and immediately bombards her with a flurry of gratitude. She also kisses the mother of her child, whom she lost in the crowd and found, reassured that he is alive and well.

There is an aggressive kiss when a part of the ear, lower lip or eyebrow is captured by the lips. The main thing is not to bite, so that later you do not have to apply ice to the swollen place where passion is indicated. If everything is done correctly, the man will get excited and get down to business. To cool his ardor will help the kiss of "Eskimos", when partners rub their noses. Ridiculous scratching will cause laughter and joy, so you need to carefully find moments for such intimate touch. So, by the way, Kate Middleton did when she met the guests of the capital in her kingdom. Probably no need to say where the comrades came from …

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