Contraceptive Tampons - Contraception Without Hormones

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Contraceptive Tampons - Contraception Without Hormones
Contraceptive Tampons - Contraception Without Hormones

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Contraceptive tampons
Contraceptive tampons

Contraceptive tampons are one of the "old" methods of contraception for women. Let's take a look at reference books for women. In the 70s, it was proposed that a walnut-sized piece be cut out of a rubber sponge and soaked in something like a weak vinegar solution. It was suggested to insert it deeper into the vagina and pull it out after intercourse. Additionally, a spray cream. For convenience, tie the thread to the object. The most unpleasant thing for contemporaries: the tampon was offered to be washed and used again. It's good that nowadays you only need to buy a package of contraceptive tampons in a pharmacy.

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How does a contraceptive tampon work?

The manufacturers assure that the item is not felt inside, is comfortable and reliable. The Pearl Index is, however, hushed up. Various sources claim that the effectiveness of the item is 80 percent or more.

A tampon is similar to a regular hygiene product. Its dimensions are 2.5 cm by 5 cm, there is no gradation in the size range. The agent must be injected inside before intercourse, you can use the applicator. A tampon is both a barrier agent that mechanically prevents sperm from penetrating into the cervix, and at the same time a spermicide.

It is impregnated with a special agent that kills sperm and thereby protects against unwanted pregnancy.

Most brands need to be inserted with your fingers; there are no applicators.

Pros of tampons for contraception2

The subject is suitable for those who do not have sex all the time. Sounds strange? In reality, it is convenient to use them no more than a couple of times a week. According to the manufacturers, the item is good because:

  • protects against certain diseases:
  • not felt inside;
  • suitable after abortion, miscarriage and during breastfeeding;
  • does not violate the hormonal background of a woman;
What are contraceptive tampons?
What are contraceptive tampons?
  • does not affect the microflora of the vagina;
  • sold without a prescription;
  • relatively inexpensive;
  • does not foam like some oral contraceptives;
  • has no taste or smell

Everyone who has ever used a spermicidal cream or candle will remember this feeling - there is too much lubricant, it flows out, and even has an unpleasant “chemical” aroma. It is better for the partner to be aware of what is happening, otherwise he has a persistent feeling that he is whipping up cake cream, and even with a strange smell. In general, spermicidal creams and suppositories do not promote romance. Tampons are better in this regard. They absorb excess secretions and do not cause severe discomfort. In addition, they are not protected either mechanically or with a spermicide. The reliability factor of the product is much higher.


Attention: the item does not protect against HIV and AIDS, as well as against thrush, mycoplasmosis and syphilis.

Contraceptive tampons
Contraceptive tampons

Not everyone likes to be manipulated before sex. It would seem romance, foreplay, everything. But no. No spontaneity. It is necessary to “take time off” into the bath room, and introduce a tampon. The procedure is simple, but during it you cannot wash yourself with soap, otherwise all the magic of the spermicide will disappear, but the risk of getting pregnant will appear. For spontaneous sex, such as in a club or outdoors, tampons are not the best choice. But they can be introduced about 3-4 hours before the act, which makes life easier for lovers of sex outside the home.

Testers differed on the fact that the subject was not felt inside. In reviews on independent resources, you can find references to inconvenience. The fact is that the tampon absorbs all the secretions and increases in volume. If sex with a tampon is long, discomfort may arise.

Also, you can't immediately get rid of the tampon once it's over. You need to wait 3 to 6 hours so as not to disrupt the action of the spermicide. All this leads to a simple problem - the contraceptive will slowly “creep out”. This sensation is familiar to everyone who has used ordinary hygiene items. Its producers could not avoid it.

If the act is violent, the tampon may slip, but most girls don't really feel it inside. Unlucky for those who can have vaginal orgasms.

what are contraceptive tampons
what are contraceptive tampons

To them, the object can quite noticeably press on the walls of the vagina.


Not recommended for inflammatory processes of the genitals, colpitis, vaginitis and thrush. It cannot be considered a 100% contraceptive, does not always work well due to improper use.

How to use5

The contraceptive effect depends on the correctness of the actions. You need to wash yourself with clean water, wash your hands, open the package, moisten the object with water, and insert your fingers “all the way” into the vagina.

The contraceptive tampon should rest against the cervix and should not be left “halfway”. After sex, you should wait 3-6 hours and remove the tampon.

Not recommended:

  • swim, visit the pool and sauna;

    wash with soap;

  • use additional lubricants in large quantities
Contraceptive tampons what are they
Contraceptive tampons what are they

After removing the tampon, you can simply throw it into the urn, no additional manipulations are required.


This contraceptive is well suited for those who cannot take pills for some reason, and a patch, injection or condom will not work. It helps not to depend on a partner, and provides protection. A tampon is more convenient than a spermicidal cream or suppository, but does not wash away with water and use with soap. Suitable for both young girls and premenopausal women.

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