Where To Look For A Partner For A Relationship? Consider All Places

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Where To Look For A Partner For A Relationship? Consider All Places
Where To Look For A Partner For A Relationship? Consider All Places

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Dating for a serious relationship
Dating for a serious relationship

His name is Pavel, Dima or David, he is very handsome and completely in the taste of a girl. Or Dasha, Liza, Sveta. Anyone's dream. The only problem is that a person does not know how to find this soul mate. Where is she hiding? Where to find acquaintances for a serious relationship is a question asked by both men and women.

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  • 1 So where to find a partner?
  • 2 General tips
  • 3 Being overly busy and not having time to date
  • 4 Dislike leaving the house
  • 5 Still unresolved issues from previous relationships
  • 6 Lack of desire to share yourself with another person

This seems surprising given the abundance of cultural events, family activities, sports activities and Internet services. But people still often have such difficulties.

So where to find a partner? I

They may be a cute passer-by from the street, a blond man who happens to be met in the subway or bookstore. The ideal person can be found anywhere, at any moment. For this reason, you need to visit these locations carefully.

Psychologists have collected the pros and cons of places where you can find dating for a serious relationship. As a result, there were 10 places along with the assessment and summing up.

In the bar

Location: cozy bar. The person in search sits at the counter or on a comfortable sofa.

The advantages of the place: the atmosphere is pleasant, lively or calm, and the lighting is subdued. After drinking, you can easily enter into a conversation or start dancing. And you can always go to a quieter place, and the dim light will hide flaws, create an intimate atmosphere.

Tip: Better to target eye contact. You can try to put a beer in front of an interesting person to begin with.

In the cafe

Location: sit in a nice cafe with a terrace. It is not so important that the person is alone, he reads newspapers, corresponds with a friend or just enjoys coffee - it is important for him not to forget to look around!

Pros: You can see a potential candidate in daylight, you can carefully consider him. The atmosphere in the cafe is non-binding.

find a partner for a serious relationship
find a partner for a serious relationship

Tip: if there is a focus on flirting, it is better to go to a cafe on weekends, when most have free time, and people can perform long rituals of drinking coffee for a long time. On weekdays, during your lunch break, there is little chance of being able to talk to someone calmly.

Through friends

Location: Friends' apartment, where people meet to celebrate any event together.

Benefits: No matter what the event is, this is a treasure trove of chances to meet friends of friends. Plus, meeting new people is always great. The likelihood of meeting someone with whom you have a common circle of interests is very high.

Disadvantages: Heaps of friends will watch closely when trying to establish an acquaintance for a serious relationship. And none of the actors will feel comfortable with this.

Tip: when a friend of friends catches your eye, you just need to ask them about him, for example, what he does. Better to find out right away.

Dating for a serious relationship
Dating for a serious relationship

Cinema, theater, museum

Location: museum, cinema, theater. It is a great spot for tracking and observation.

Advantage: the duration of the performance or film, which allows you to view the entire hall. And communication can happen only after the session / performance. There is so much time planning for the approach to a person.

Tip: There is little chance of meeting someone in a romantic comedy. It is better to choose men's films for women and vice versa - for men. For action films or thrillers, mostly male audience gathers.

Another plus: when choosing a movie, you can immediately understand whether a cute person prefers horror movies or another genre.

Walking the dog

Location: park, lawn, sidewalk, street in the city.

Advantages: the bosom of nature is the best place for a pleasant conversation.

how to meet for a serious relationship
how to meet for a serious relationship

Tip: Dog tricks are very helpful in communicating. This is not a joke - a dog, regardless of whether it is a stranger or his own, can work miracles. It will be better if it is bright or impressively graceful, stands out with something. Then people stop along the way to enjoy interacting with her.


Location: shopping center.

Benefits: Fortunately, shopping is relaxing, so there is time to catch the glances of the great guys or send them yourself.

Tip: Attention! Guys who meet in women's stores usually accompany their partners. However, this does not mean that you cannot go to a computer store or telephone store.


Location: internet. You don't have to go straight to dating sites or singles resources. Social media also offers tremendous opportunities.

find an acquaintance for a serious relationship
find an acquaintance for a serious relationship

Advantage: here you can meet someone from old acquaintances, personalities who have hobbies close to the person.

Tip: on the Internet, you can find many people who have common interests with the one who went on the search. And it is worth looking for a partner according to this principle. Fans of anything - there is nothing that cannot be found on the net. A treasure trove of new chances!

In the supermarket

Location: in the middle of the shelves. What? Everyone goes out in search of food, even the gods.

Benefits: It takes courage to make contact with someone. Maybe there is no place for intimacy, private conversation. At the same time, his choice is able to give comprehensive information about a person. What is his lifestyle, principles and even budget.

Tip: Pay attention to what he puts in the basket. If diapers, mountains of fruit and family packaging of cereals, then, of course, you can direct your gaze in the other direction.

In the fitness club

where to meet for a serious relationship
where to meet for a serious relationship

Location: A fitness club where people get better, make an effort to make themselves better.

Advantage: You can easily find common interests - exercise, diet.

Disadvantages: the way people look during workouts - sweaty and with disheveled hair, of course, the girl will not feel at her best.

Tip: you need to carefully choose the institution. For example, there are fitness clubs exclusively for the female sex, which is not suitable for dating.


Location: club. People here are quite open.

Benefit: A relaxed atmosphere helps to suppress stiffness. Loud music, good atmosphere and noise erase awkward silence.

Advice: you should think about who you want to meet and, based on this, choose an institution.

General Tips2

search for dating for serious relationship
search for dating for serious relationship

An interesting phenomenon that usually occurs in people who once decided to be lonely is the fact that a partner appears suddenly in their life. The explanation is obvious: the decision to be oneself makes a person more independent and self-confident, and this is what is attractive to others.

Anyone who realized in time that the search for a new partner had become his obsession should take several steps:

  • Finding a different purpose in life than finding a partner. Having other tasks, hobbies, or activities that are important can help you focus on more than just finding your soul mate.
  • Create opportunities for meeting a potential partner, but do nothing through force. Not forcing yourself to think that finding someone is important.

To understand that it would be nice if there was an opportunity to share your life with someone, but nothing bad will happen if the person is left alone.

Find professional help to solve your case. If a person is very upset about his loneliness, wants to change it - he will not always be able to cope with it himself.

You will need to learn to accept yourself. This is the hardest part to implement because it won't be too obvious from the start. How can self-acceptance help you find a partner?

about dating for a serious relationship
about dating for a serious relationship

It's simple: bold, confident people who can say yes, radiate their charisma, they are attractive. People who keep their personal qualities in good shape know how to delight. If someone cannot accept himself and does not believe in his capabilities, he expresses it unconsciously, and this can frighten off.

You need to work on the ability to say "yes" and "no", to change your life in order to be content and active with it, to focus the attention of others on yourself.

Do as much as possible for yourself:

  • Treat yourself like your good friend.
  • Be considerate of yourself and develop courage.
  • To enjoy the realization of small and large things - to learn something new or find a job, if there is dissatisfaction with the current one.
  • Do something for your health.
  • Enjoy yourself and live your life without a partner.
what is dating for a serious relationship
what is dating for a serious relationship

However, something can interfere with a person in his search for acquaintances for a serious relationship. Sometimes a lonely person has the feeling that everyone is out on dates, but not him. Why is this happening? Why is it so hard for someone to find someone to go on a date with him or at least like him? It is difficult to admit, but most often his behavior is to blame, but rather some of his bad habits.

What is he doing wrong? There is something he always does or says that rejects potential people interested in dating him. There are some mistakes that he makes in interactions with other people, with people attractive to him, with friends. Perhaps they are in the following habits.

Being overly busy and not having time for dating3

It is difficult to find time to get to know each other when a person works in different places or has other obligations. However, this should not be an obstacle to dating, even when there is not much time. Let's face it, with strong enough motivation, anyone can find 1-2 hours a week for a date.

meet for a serious relationship
meet for a serious relationship

You need to ask yourself a question, if not now, then when will the time be? Think about it and define your priorities. Think about at what stage he wants to be in his personal life in a year, 3, 5 years. And how is the current lack of time now affecting the chances of realizing this vision?

It should also be remembered that the modern “world” tends to glorify the idea of ​​permanent employment. Many people believe that being constantly busy means being productive, being a person of success.

Do not like to leave the house4

Maybe the person looking for dating is an introvert. Perhaps he lives in such a beautiful house that it is a pity to leave it. Or maybe he just really appreciates the comfort and privacy of his four walls. Fine!

It is good to feel safe and comfortable in his home, but if he isolates himself in his "fortress", how will he meet other people - perhaps potential partners? How does someone know that they are open to relationships if they are at home all the time?

Leaving home doesn't have to be a tedious duty. You can take a girlfriend or boyfriend with you and meet in a place that will be comfortable. You don't have to go out every day. Going out, however, is worth it regularly. Keeping in mind that the more often this is done, the statistically greater is the chance of meeting someone.

dating for a serious relationship
dating for a serious relationship

Issues from previous relationships are still not resolved5

This can be an important reason why a person doesn't go out on dates. It is known that some problems can continue to drag on for years before being resolved. Others can be resolved within days or weeks. Sometimes you shouldn't rush to start looking for a new partner.

The truth, however, is that past relationships shouldn't be a convenient excuse not to move forward. You need to be ready and open to solve your problems, say goodbye to your ex-partners. All this in order to be able to enter into a new relationship.

Lack of desire to share yourself with another person6

Time for oneself and a sense of freedom are very important. It is not necessary, however, to completely abandon them for a relationship. Of course, there should always be some activities that a person would prefer to do on their own, without company. However, we must admit that many of the activities that bring pleasure even more than if they were engaged in good company.

about dating for a serious relationship
about dating for a serious relationship

Therefore, one must be ready to open up to the presence of a man in his environment. Accept the idea that some things can be much more enjoyable when done in company. You can start your acquaintance with just such a joint activity. An added bonus is the ability to transform these one-off meetings into something regular.

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