How To Recognize Cheating: Where Men And Women Get Pierced

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How To Recognize Cheating: Where Men And Women Get Pierced
How To Recognize Cheating: Where Men And Women Get Pierced

Video: How To Recognize Cheating: Where Men And Women Get Pierced

Video: How To Recognize Cheating: Where Men And Women Get Pierced
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How to recognize cheating
How to recognize cheating

Jealousy is a feeling that can destroy a relationship and bring a person to a nervous breakdown. How to understand that your intuition does not let you down, and your other half is really deceiving you?

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How to recognize betrayal and lies?


First, let's dwell on how to recognize a man's betrayal. You don't even need to contact a fortune teller. It will be enough to browse the social networks of your boyfriend. Well, and still use a dozen or two tricks. Let's get started.

How good it was to live before, when you could follow other people's likes and comments on Instagram! The day the platform decided to drop this feature became a black calendar day for millions of girls around the world. Well, now, to find out if a guy likes that busty girl, you have to flip through all of her 546 photos in a bikini

But girls are not capable of that for the sake of finding out the truth, are they?

Do not despair, ladies! All is not lost yet. Not so long ago, Instagram introduced an interesting feature - a list of close friends. Now users can post a "story" not for all their subscribers, but only for a select circle of people. If a guy did not include his lady in this list, this is not a good sign.

After all, what is he to hide from you? You saw him both naked and drunk as a lord, you know what bar he likes to sit in with his friends. We are ready to find out by the pattern of the laminate that has appeared in the frame for two seconds, at home with which of his friends he is spending this evening.

How to recognize cheating
How to recognize cheating

And if the guy is completely against the girl subscribing to his social networks, then the bell does not just ring, he yells like a Jericho trumpet.

  • If a guy does not answer messages and does not pick up the phone, while he cannot give a convincing reason why he suddenly disappeared from the radar, the girl's concern is fully justified. If you are not planning any significant event (suddenly, he was preparing a surprise) and you have a common circle of friends, excuses like "I helped one friend … You don't know him, it doesn't matter!" look dubious.
  • He smiles when he looks at the screen of his smartphone, but this is clearly not some funny picture or video with kittens. He is texting with someone, his face spreads into a smile, but he does not say who is writing to him? Suspicious. After all, his girlfriend already knows that his friends are masters of vulgar and dumb jokes. She's okay with it, so what is he afraid of? Whose messages are you smiling at, you scoundrel?
How to understand that a guy is cheating on you
How to understand that a guy is cheating on you
  • Okay, the previous points were riddled with sarcasm. But we are printing this point as the embodiment of seriousness. If a guy constantly suspects his girlfriend of infidelity, does not trust her and throws tantrums, this is a bad sign. At the very least, we are dealing with a pathological jealous and possessive person. As a maximum, he has long been walking to the left and is afraid of a return boomerang from karma.
  • He suddenly asks to try something new in sex. Here you do not need to immediately rush at him with checkers bald - perhaps the guy just got hooked on a new genre of porn. But we also cannot exclude the possibility that a new liberated acquaintance hooked him up to a new genre.
  • Appearances and passwords. If a guy has always been secretive, okay. Many guys and girls prefer to set a password on the phone - at least in order not to find a dozen or two stupid selfies of drunk friends in the gallery later. Or he is very afraid that the girl will see the history of his browser and her hair will stand on end. If the craving for secrecy came out of nowhere, and he screwed up all his technique, the question is brewing - where did such a love of espionage suddenly come from?
What do guys get pierced on when they cheat
What do guys get pierced on when they cheat
  • Family therapist Lauren O'Connell baffles the ladies of the whole world. She says that if a guy suddenly becomes affectionate and gentle, it should be alarming. Of course, if this is an unusual demeanor for him. How it works? The irritation and anger that he used to pour out on his girlfriend, he now pours out, cheating on her with another. As a result, instead of aggression, there remains a feeling of guilt, which prompts him to be white and fluffy.
  • Lauren also draws attention to another interesting fact - if the guy stopped leaving the phone on the charger next to the bed, there is a chance that he is cheating.

Sounds weird? Men, when reading this paragraph, I suppose they crossed themselves altogether.

What is it about? If earlier his phone was always at hand and was in sight, now the man increasingly removes it away from the prying eyes of his girlfriend.

How to recognize cheating
How to recognize cheating

He spends more and more time in the bathroom. “If he'd rather rush to the bathroom to brush his teeth or take a shower when he gets home instead of welcoming you right away, he's probably cheating,” says Lauren

However, ladies, we remain sober and do not throw our fists at my husband who has returned from the gym.

  • He is not interested in sex. He shies away from marital debt like an offended young lady and prefers to go to bed. If he has no problems at work, and health is enough for three, there is a chance that he has enough sex in life. True, outside the home.
  • Strange daily routine. His colleagues called him and urgently called him to work at ten in the evening? Does he really go for a run at 9 AM? Hmmm.

O'Connell also warns that if a man suddenly offered to sleep separately, this is an extremely suspicious sign

What to do when there is a suspicion of cheating
What to do when there is a suspicion of cheating

You stopped talking. He does not share his plans and experiences. Perhaps he was having a difficult period in his life, and this made him withdraw into himself

Or maybe he found himself another listener.

  • Irritability. He gets annoyed at every little thing. And not on someone, but on his girlfriend. She annoys him with how she looks, speaks, laughs, cooks and has sex. Here the face of the problem in a couple - even though he cheats, at least not.
  • Psychologists also argue that if a person can't bring himself to look you in the eye, chances are they have something to hide.
  • Does everyone know that if your partner is cheating on you, then in your couple, sex drastically fades away?

It turns out that things could be different!

What cheating looks like
What cheating looks like

Marriage and family therapist Anita Chlipala warns: "An affair on the side can be so exciting that a traitor will be gripped by a passion that will ignite a fire in his current relationship."

  • Persona non grata. If earlier he often mentioned his colleague or good friend, and now he stopped mentioning her at all, this is no accident. Perhaps their relationship has now grown into something more?
  • Women's intuition is sometimes very, very true. If a girl has never been a jealous hysterical owner, but she suddenly began to be overcome by vague anxiety and jealousy, you should listen to your intuition and find out what caused it.
  • The sudden transformation of your other half is a reason to strain. This applies to both guys and girls. If a guy never really bothered about his appearance, and now he changed his hairstyle, wardrobe and began to smarten up like a schoolgirl before a date, then he decided to conquer someone. Whom, one wonders?
What to do if a guy is cheating
What to do if a guy is cheating
  • Relationship coaches also advise paying attention to abrupt changes in the partner's behavior - if a guy suddenly began to overwhelm the girl with gifts and does not skimp on expensive restaurants, it is possible that he is trying to drown out the feeling of guilt.
  • He hides how much money he makes. Doesn't say where he spends them. Finance is, of course, a personal topic. But you are also not strangers, right? Such a desire for secrecy looks suspicious.
  • He does not want to upload joint photos. Some guys do not like to flaunt their relationship at all, and they have to be persuaded for weeks with cute photos. If a guy has always been like this - ok. If he suddenly began to delete joint photographs, there is clearly something wrong. All your friends and acquaintances already know that you are together. From whom, then, is he hiding?
  • “The best way to avoid being caught cheating is not to tell anyone about your habits and how you usually spend your day.” - Kevin Darne, author of the relationship book MY Cat Won't Bark.
How to understand that a girl is cheating on you
How to understand that a girl is cheating on you
  • If a guy is serious, sooner or later he will introduce his lady to his friends. If a girl does not even know his best friend and absolutely does not know anything about how and with whom her boyfriend spends his time, this is an alarming signal.
  • He never speaks on the phone or listens to voice messages in the presence of his girlfriend. If all his conversations are "purely business" and "personal", and this despite the fact that he does not handle millions and is not a crime boss, the case begins to smell fried.

All of the above ways to bring a partner to clean water should be taken with a healthy dose of irony. You can find these and similar tips in any women's magazine or forum. Why do they wander from article to article?

Because for all their seeming stupidity and paranoia, they work.

But with one condition.

The best ways to find out if your partner is cheating on you
The best ways to find out if your partner is cheating on you

A girl should not initially be pathological jealous. Otherwise, she will not even have time to finish reading the article and will throw her fists at her boyfriend, and then track down the girl whom he put the unfortunate heart under the photo. And maybe he really liked the photo, and not her naked fifth point.

And now, no kidding. What should you pay attention to first of all if you suspect a man of cheating?

  • He reacts too violently to harmless questions.
  • Confused and annoyed when talking about what he did and who he met.
  • Doesn't want to spend his free time with you.

He may lock the phone simply because privacy is important to him. He can start to monitor his appearance and change his hairstyle because he so wanted. There are a million more reasons why all these "warning signals" may not turn out to be alarming or signals at all.

But if love, trust and closeness (in all senses) go away in a couple, and tension settles, then the problem is on the face.

Changes partner
Changes partner


Statistics claim that men cheat much more often.

But she's not saying that girls won't cheat at all?

How to recognize cheating when it comes to a woman?

What wisdoms do men share with each other?

She becomes dreamy. She smiles and blushes when she reads another message. And it all seems to flutter

Well, this looks really suspicious and may indicate that the current boyfriend is no longer the hero of her novel. But this may also indicate that positive events are taking place in her life, which are not related in any way to betrayal. Maybe she's just thinking about the huge pizza she will order as soon as she is alone at home.

She suddenly bought a bunch of sexy lingerie

Many girls love beautiful lingerie and prefer to invest in it. But if before the girl did not bother about this and wore simple and comfortable panties, and then she suddenly switched to red lace, such changes in tastes are really hard to miss. The main thing here is to make sure that with this purchase she wanted to please her man, and not someone else.

What if she's cheating on you
What if she's cheating on you

She stopped clinging to her boyfriend

Until recently, she literally choked her boyfriend with care and love, demanded 24/7 attention and sent him a hundred messages a day. There may be two options - she was like a couple of "women's courses" and decided to kindle the fire of passion in a relationship, or the current man is no longer the center of her Universe.

A secret behind seven passwords

And again about passwords on the phone. It's the same with men - she never gave her phone in hand? Or did such a change happen suddenly?

She leaves the room to answer the call

Men and women are creatures from the same planet, whatever one may say. And in many ways they are similar. Constant secrets and omissions are an alarming sign in any relationship.

When she goes out with her boyfriend, her gaze wanders. She seems to be looking for someone. Hope to meet someone? Or is he afraid of a meeting?

Cheating the way she looks
Cheating the way she looks

This behavior really looks ambiguous. Here I am, the love of your life, standing in front of you. What more do you want, woman?

But it is possible that she is just looking for a cafe in which she could finally have a snack and warm up.

Common Sense3

Should you trust the advice from magazines and the Internet 100%?


Is it worth making a scandal if 7 out of 10 points agree?

In principle, it is not worth making scandals. But sitting down and talking is a great solution. Whether it is about choosing wine for dinner or solving relationship problems - nothing better has been invented yet.

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