How Do Girls Who Want To Live At Someone Else's Mind Think?

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How Do Girls Who Want To Live At Someone Else's Mind Think?
How Do Girls Who Want To Live At Someone Else's Mind Think?
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flamingo and girl
flamingo and girl

Kept women - girls and women living at someone else's expense - have always existed. Back in the 15th century, French kings allowed themselves to have so-called "favorites" (or, as they say now, mistresses). Such girls lived at the royal court, dressed luxuriously and denied themselves little. The psychology of a modern kept woman is not very different from the thinking of a favorite of the 15th century.

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  • 1 Historical background: great and magnificent kept women
  • 2 Modern kept women
  • 3 Psycho portrait of a kept woman
  • 4 Misconceptions about the psychology of kept women
  • 5 Why all this is needed

Historical background: great and magnificent kept women

In 17th century France, content began to gain momentum. Since that time, not only monks, but also representatives of the then "oligarchy" began to advertise their relations with their mistresses. Famous aristocrats and simply rich people could afford a favorite. They did not hesitate to take their mistresses with them to any social events. The favorites have become the gold standard of luxury and power.

This phenomenon can be explained in the simplest way: the girls who were in support were young and beautiful, and their companions were not too old at best. The appearance of an adult man with a young girl once again emphasized his status. By her presence, a rich aristocrat seemed to declare: "Look who I can afford." Since then, of course, little has changed.

Marilyn Monroe - the mere mention of this beauty still makes men shudder. She was beautiful and she was the favorite of the most influential and wealthy men of the time (50s). It is impossible to judge how much she owes her popularity to rich fans, but we can definitely say that there were more than enough of these fans.

In Russia, this cultural phenomenon appeared and developed in the middle of the 19th century. The most famous favorite of that time was Matilda Kshesinskaya.

Matilda Kshesinskaya
Matilda Kshesinskaya

Matilda Kshesinskaya

A magnificent ballerina, a teacher - this girl even then destroyed the stereotypes that only uneducated incompetent women can be kept women. She was a real favorite at the imperial court. Matilda had connections with Nikolai || and with two princes, one of whom she later married. This prince was Andrei Vladimirovich Romanov. Thanks to the marriage with him, Matilda joined the great family of the Romanovs.

Needless to say that at that time the kept women were of completely different "caliber"? Some women, for example, the same Matilda Kschessinska or Jeanne de Turbet, were mistresses of several men. But, despite this, they still received honor and great titles.

An interesting fact is that maintenance girls of that time often received more than their legal wives. They inherited the lion's share of the property. Everything was official and transparent - the men simply rewrote the inheritance to their mistresses.

Modern kept women 2

The psychology of modern kept women is not a mystery covered with seven seals. Most of these girls are banal hunting for rich men. They study the places where wealthy "daddies" live, communicate with other kept women and elite escort girls. As a result, the girls achieve their goal - wealthy men appear in their lives, whose age has recently crossed the retirement age, and whose bank account is over several million.

Kept women come from several categories of girls:

girls live at someone else's expense
girls live at someone else's expense
  • the poor who grew up in poverty;
  • wealthy, accustomed to getting what they want at the snap of their fingers;
  • adventurers and / or swindlers.

Each such category has characteristic psychological characteristics:

  1. Low-income girls are ready to take "sugar daddy" at any cost. As a rule, they behave shyly, as they are not at all used to luxury. But such persons quickly settle down in comfortable conditions, since this is exactly what they initially needed. Girls emerging from poverty can be recognized by their behavior: they are constrained, shy, it is difficult to start a conversation with them. Beginning kept women become such in a new environment for them: an elite nightclub, an expensive restaurant, on a private yacht or a private party.
  2. Wealthy ladies (daughters of oligarchs, heirs of an impressive fortune) behave differently; first, they are accustomed to the fact that they are surrounded by luxury in all its forms. Secondly, they are spoiled by attention and even care. Therefore, they are not shy: they say and do what they want. Rarely come across educated and at the same time wealthy young girls.
  3. Adventurers and swindlers have a specific action plan, written out point by point. They know when their victim will say “come to me”, and when they will order another glass of martini. They know how to drain this martini without anyone noticing. And how to get out of the offer to spend the night together in order to fill your own price. Such girls are less common, and, as a rule, only influential money-bags come across.
The psychology of a kept woman
The psychology of a kept woman

In all cases, there are exceptions. The above are just the most common types of behavior.

As a rule, rich men understand exactly what certain women want from them. This "law" does not work only with thoughtful ladies who know how to play everything into their hands. Such girls can act out being hit by a car (and they will know in advance who is driving), a chance meeting in the park, and anything else. But, as mentioned above, they are in the minority.

Psycho-portrait of a kept woman3

The psychological portrait of a kept woman can be considered with a specific example. Let's say a rich man decided to give his mistress an expensive necklace. What will she do?

If this is a girl who is trying to get out of her unenviable financial situation, then she will shyly accept the gift and timidly thank her sponsor.

If this is a wealthy and spoiled lady, then she will take the gift for granted and, perhaps, will even forget to thank the man for such a generous gesture.

If this is a swindler, then she will not accept the necklace. She will do everything possible to demonstrate her inaccessibility. The swindler understands that the worst situation for her is to be another mistress. She wants to be in charge.

girls live at someone else's expense
girls live at someone else's expense

Real hunters or "professional" kept women are not timid lambs or malicious furies who clearly demonstrate their intentions. Smart and calculating girls understand the consequences of certain actions. For them, meeting with rich men is a routine work that occurs according to similar algorithms. A professional kept woman will never fall in love with her sponsor. She does not need custody, care, attention, her goal is financial security.

Misconceptions about the psychology of kept women 4

Some people believe that all kept women are slaves in golden cages who cannot take a step left or right. In fact, many girls feel absolutely free and, moreover, they themselves rule and command in relationships. This mostly applies to the experienced mistresses of rich men. They know what to push and how to show themselves.

There is also a common misconception that all kept women are stuffed fools. But many girls are educated, well-read and smart. Moreover, the requirements for modern mistresses are becoming tougher due to, so to speak, increased competition. Therefore, stuffed fools most often do not find high-ranking daddies - they are interrupted by top managers and novice traders.

Why do you need all this 5

The reason is simple: striving for a better life. Some kept women are not confident in their capabilities, and some understand that they will not be able to achieve wealth with a certain education and work experience.

The psychology of a kept woman
The psychology of a kept woman

A conscious life at someone else's expense is a rather difficult choice. It does not so much limit personal freedom as it interferes with professional realization. It is difficult to agree to work for 20 thousand rubles a month, when not long ago millions fell on the head and golden rivers flowed.

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