How A Girl Looks After Herself And Looks Neat

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How A Girl Looks After Herself And Looks Neat
How A Girl Looks After Herself And Looks Neat

Video: How A Girl Looks After Herself And Looks Neat

Video: How A Girl Looks After Herself And Looks Neat
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unkempt woman
unkempt woman

Often, in an effort to meet beauty standards, the weak half of the population forgets about the most commonplace little things that can ruin all the work and create the look of an unkempt woman.

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  • 1 The appearance of the hairstyle
  • 2 Hands that are best hidden in gloves
  • 3 Visible problems with facial skin and makeup
  • 4 Unaesthetic body parts
  • 5 Shabby clothes look
  • 6 The same applies to shoes

Looking tidy isn't just about putting on flawless makeup and being able to choose the right wardrobe. Everything is much deeper here. Small details can make even the simplest look elegant and feminine. Or they may irrevocably spoil it.

Many women, justifying their untidiness, insist that such a pleasure is too expensive, but this is not so. Neatness is not about visiting expensive beauty salons, spas, designer clothes, or a flashy manicure. Everything is somewhat different.

There are several signs that can easily ruin the image of even the most beautiful woman, and show her not on her best side. After reading it, you should think about it, and, perhaps, fix what is common to many.

The appearance of the hairstyle

An untidy woman, first of all, is betrayed by the presence of dirty hair. This is a fairly common phenomenon in women's society. And no tails and tufts can save the day.

Dirty hair instantly catches your eye. Also, this applies to regrown roots if the hair is dyed. It doesn't matter how much they match the paint. If ever a decision was made to radically change the color of your hair, then you need to be prepared for the fact that dyed hair requires much more care. You will need to periodically update the coloring and tint the growing hair.

If a woman is not ready to make such sacrifices, or knows in advance that she will not have time to follow the new color, then it is better to immediately abandon such an undertaking.

how to be desired
how to be desired

An unkempt woman is also given out by the split ends of her hair. In order to avoid the terrible look of even clean hair, do not neglect going to the hairdressers. Cut off the cut ends will make any look significantly more attractive. Plus, it won't cost a fabulous sum.

Hands to hide in gloves2

It's no secret that well-groomed female hands are valued not only among them, but also among men. A kiss on the hand is the oldest sign of sympathy that a man can express to a lady. But who wants to touch rough skin with their lips, see cracked polish, gnawed nails with burrs and a layer of cuticles? If the first one can still be quickly dealt with, then the rest will take much more time.

It is better to keep an eye on your hands all the time if you want not to watch the grimace of disgust on the face of the man you like. Also, do not forget to regularly wash your hands and thoroughly moisturize with special creams.

Visible problems with facial skin and makeup3

And here everything is much more complicated, since the face is the first thing that catches the eye upon meeting, and it is always open, so that the influence of the environment reflects on it more than on everything else. From improper nutrition or forgetfulness to wash, rashes occur and black dots appear. This significantly spoils the general appearance of the woman.

look the best
look the best

It may still be a habit to fall asleep with makeup on your face. The pores clog and accumulate dirt, making the face look dull and defective. But, not only bad skin can ruin the image. The same makeup can greatly help with this. It is worth looking in the mirror more often, because it tends to spread. Too flashy makeup is another reason for untidiness. Such a coloring is appropriate for holidays in honor of All Saints Day, but not in everyday life. Chapped lips and unkempt teeth can fail.

One simple thing to remember is that no makeup looks as good as clean, smooth skin. If you timely correct the defects that inevitably appear on the skin of the face, as well as follow the makeup, then no one will ever be able to call an unkempt woman.

Unaesthetic body parts4

This point includes dry elbows and feet, un-trimmed toenails and, most importantly, too flashy vegetation in places where it is customary to shave them off. Needless to say, the hair that is visible from under the clothes does not look attractive. In fact, it's even disgusting. Never and for anything in your life should you run your body like that.

No man wants to have a close relationship with such a woman. To look always well-groomed and desirable in the eyes of the opposite sex, you should think about daily habits that will help you not to find yourself in an absurd situation. Wool is no longer in vogue.

become the best
become the best

Shabby fashionable look5

Fashion changes from year to year. It is sometimes difficult to keep track of her, especially if the age of attending various parties and gatherings in noisy companies has already passed. Yes, the sloppy style of clothing is at the top of fashion now: oversized sweaters, jackets with a man's shoulder and ripped jeans. But, no matter how comical it may sound - the slovenliness of the sloppy strife. You can always distinguish specially ripped jeans, as a tribute to fashion, from accidentally torn jeans that continue life in the wardrobe under the motto "well, now everyone walks like that."

What can we say about oversized sweaters! You can't fool anyone with an old sweater, because it is given out by a stretched look and pellets. You will not find this in any store (except at sales, where only marriage remains). If your wardrobe contains faded jeans, old sweaters and things that have become obsolete for a long time, it is better to get rid of them right away. Clothes, like nothing else, betray a woman's untidiness.

The same applies to shoes6

All these signs immediately give out any unkempt woman. These are not very popular among the opposite sex, and other girls are not eager to spend time together as much as possible, more often and in crowded places.

become a lady
become a lady

It is not at all difficult to perform daily body and clothing care procedures, while washing your hair and following the rules of makeup.

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