How Do You Want To Go Out Again? 6 Tips For The Desperate

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How Do You Want To Go Out Again? 6 Tips For The Desperate
How Do You Want To Go Out Again? 6 Tips For The Desperate

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A string of unsuccessful dating in search of love sometimes really undermines self-esteem. And if your life in 2019 was not particularly sparkling with fireworks, you should not despair. The coming year may well be more successful - if you properly restore self-confidence after failures.

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  • 1 Focus on your goals
  • 2 Analyze mistakes and let go of the situation
  • 3 Get rid of emotional baggage
  • 4 Determine your desires
  • 5 Go beyond dating with one partner
  • 6 Get rid of stereotypes

This can be done using the following techniques.

Focus on your goals i

Forget about any New Year's personal life plans. The romantic sphere is too out of control to make promises to itself in this regard. Focusing on more realistic personal development goals will set the tone for the next year and help you become more confident again.

Analyze mistakes and let go of the situation2

One of the most common mistakes is to move on to new activities without learning from old ones. As a result, it turns out that a person does not just step on the old rake, but dances on them.

The best way to analyze yourself is with a diary. Start a special journal, and in it write down events and your reflections on this matter. In the future, these notes will help to draw the correct conclusions.

Get Rid of Emotional Baggage3

Negative experiences - such as anger, resentment, sadness, disappointment - accumulate at an unconscious level. And then, although the person does not realize this to himself, these emotions continue to influence subsequent life.

To fill your life with new, you need to get rid of the old - in terms of emotions, various types of art therapy, techniques for working with anger, and visiting a therapist will help. You can write a letter to the person against whom you feel resentment. This message should express negative emotions - but it should not be sent to the addressee.

Determine your desires4

Once you've let go of the past, it's time to look to the future. But the question is, what will it be? It all depends on your own preferences and desires. Do you want to feel safe? To be loved? Find someone you can trust? It is important to decide on those aspects that are important to you. And in accordance with them, build a search strategy.

Unsuccessful dates
Unsuccessful dates

Go beyond dating with one partner5

During the search phase, you can afford to meet with several people. After all, you are not yet connected by a relationship - so why not? This helps you gain confidence and ultimately make a better decision by choosing the right person.

Psychologists warn that this strategy does not work if used for manipulation. Rather, meetings with multiple partners should be conducted to get a better understanding of these people.

Get rid of stereotypes6

In our culture, it is generally accepted that if, for example, a girl does not get married after 25, then she automatically turns into an old maid. Don't be fooled by silly stereotypes. People find love at 20, 30 and 50 years old. And if you are in too much of a hurry to please the ghostly demands of society, you can only make yourself unhappy.

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