About Freedom And Loneliness: The Pros Of Loneliness

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About Freedom And Loneliness: The Pros Of Loneliness
About Freedom And Loneliness: The Pros Of Loneliness

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live alone
live alone

There are two ways in human life: to live for the family or to live for oneself. Much good has been said about a person's life in the family and for the family. But I want to talk about life for myself. To live for oneself is to live alone, to completely and completely belong to oneself. Is it good? It is wonderful! Someone will say that this is loneliness and it is depressing.

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  • 1 Freedom of action and decision
  • 2 Life or not life?
  • 3 Family budget for one
  • 4 Free time
  • 5 Sleep
  • 6 Career
  • 7 Personal space
  • 8 Independent, not attached

Someone will say that living like this is boring and pointless. And someone will create their own piece of the world, see thousands of opportunities for self-realization, self-education, building a successful career, life and recreation. Living alone is profitable, convenient and simply wonderful. And here are some of the benefits of living alone.

Freedom of Action and Decisioni

There are no daily reporting obligations. When making a plan, whether it's a plan for a day, a year, or the next weekend, there is no need to warn and coordinate your actions. Listen to the opinion and take into account someone's (not your own!) Desires and needs, make compromises and put pressure on your throat with your feelings, so as not to look selfish or lazy. Spend the evening with a glass of wine and a good movie?

You are welcome. Unexpectedly hanging out with friends in a movie, bar or club? Easy! It all depends on your own mood and desire, you do not need to explain or ask for leave. No need to sit with friends and constantly look back at the clock in order to have time to relax at a strictly allotted time. And then also to report what and how went and why they were late.

Life or not life? 2

Routinely tedious household obligations such as taking out the trash, washing dishes and cleaning the home are perceived as taking care of yourself. I want to live in cleanliness and order. Do this for yourself when it is convenient. Also, do without sharp remarks and sarcastic comments: "it is not visible that they were vacuuming", "the corners are not captured", "one cup is washed for two hours." The salary allows (and most often it does for bachelors) - call the cleaning service at home, and the question is closed.

There are no other problems of common everyday existence. There is no “queue” to the bathroom, there is no time limit for visiting the bathroom. "Fights" for the evening viewing of a TV show, series or football are excluded - the TV is always free, like the computer. The unsaved computer game remains at the same level, the favorite cup is in its place.

Living alone
Living alone

How nice it is to come home after a hard day at work, order pizza and pamper yourself in a hot bubble bath, turning on your favorite music. And after an intoxicating procedure, lie on the cool sheets of your own bed in your underwear or negligee.

Family budget for one3

This point should be indicated with a capital number 1. Your own earnings, independent budget allocation, spending and saving money for your own desires and plans is definitely a fat plus in a single stay. Yes, there is one source of income, but there is also one expense.

Utility bills are regulated without straining nervousness, no one pours more water than they would like, or the lights are turned on only when there is a rare need. You can spontaneously spend more than usual on a thing you suddenly like - a return to point 1: no need to report or make excuses. It is easy to find an additional source of income when business does not distract from relationships and household members.

Live alone
Live alone

Besides, bachelors try not to go into debt. They do not take cars on credit, because they need to have time to take their children to schools and kindergartens before work. They don't go into mortgages because the family needs shelter. A person who belongs only to himself does not hesitate to rent apartments. His budget allows him to rent decent shelter for an extended period. Himself at this time will spend time and effort to buy an apartment (or house) of dreams. It is not bound by urgency. He goes to his goal clearly.

Free time4

Free time is really free time! The choice of activities is great and does not depend on the other person. The owner decides how to spend his free time - whether he will sleep, watch TV, go in for sports, or have a beer with friends. Or maybe he will work seven days a week, not being afraid that someone at home does not have enough of his attention.

Dream 5

The sleep mode is set to its own. A lark or an owl, to music or in complete darkness, in bed or on a couch, with an open window or under a blanket, in pajamas or naked, spreading all four limbs, snoring at the top of his throat, not afraid to wake up any. Freedom and comfort are the key to healthy and sound sleep. In addition, there is no hustle and bustle during the morning preparations. A calm breakfast in the silence of the morning - what could be more beautiful ?!

Bachelor life
Bachelor life

Career 6

Depends on the desire and vision of your place. Successfully realize yourself as a professional? You are welcome! There is an opportunity to work until the seventh sweat, stay at work for a long time, attend refresher courses and get a second higher education - there is nowhere to rush. A person is devoted to himself and the realization of his goals. No need to run to kindergarten, cook dinner in a hurry.

There are no worries that the other half is left without attention. No matter how sad it is, starting a family, a person refuses a successful career. This is a forced restriction for the sake of family happiness. Man is the master of his life. And he must decide for himself - giving up a career for the sake of a family. Or postponing family plans for a while in order to achieve prepared goals.

Personal space7

Living alone is to be protected from invasion of personal space in your home. Someone constantly crawls into a person's personal space: at work, colleagues are trying to impose friendship, management periodically oppresses, a crush in transport or in public places, an annoying neighbor or colleague wants to get into his own car all the time. At home, a man is his own king - closed the door and rule! He wants to communicate - he invited a guest, his soul wants peace - he turned off the phone, closed the door, and hello, silence.

Life without a girl
Life without a girl

Independent, not attached 8

Another delicate moment is to live alone - not to have attachment and dependence on the other. Love is beautiful, a person needs. But often love breaks down on everyday life and hard everyday life, but obligations remain and begin to prevail over desires and feelings. People spend their time and nerve cells not on life itself, but on creating the appearance of harmony and mutual understanding between cohabitants.

As a result, this is not life, but an imitation of worries about other people's health and work problems. The person tries to look caring and considerate. And forgets about himself. After all, he also came tired from work and does not want to walk the dog. He wants to take off his shoes where they always took off before the second appeared in this house. He is not obliged to remember memorable dates not for him, and to listen to about the work and gossip of people unknown to him.

Is it good to be a bachelor
Is it good to be a bachelor

On weekends, you just want to sleep, and not arrange family outings to relatives. Love is beautiful, but let it live in its own home, bringing warmth to hearts and joy to souls, leaving space for the flight of thoughts and a free sofa for mortal bodies.

Who said that living alone is boring and dreary? They are wrong. It is boring in the company of people without like-minded people, sad in a society without talented and progressive personalities. Cold from the presence of dodgy and dastardly subjects. Scary from manifestations of envy and anger. If living alone is a voluntary and conscious choice, then this is a life without compromise, psychological pressure. This is a world of open possibilities.

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