How To Take Out A Guy's Brain: A Guide To Action

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How To Take Out A Guy's Brain: A Guide To Action
How To Take Out A Guy's Brain: A Guide To Action

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how to get a guy's brain out
how to get a guy's brain out

Brain removal is such a special skill that the fair sex is rewarded with at birth. At least their tantrums have worked much better since childhood than boys. But when they grow up, the level of their skills increases significantly, but they still wonder how to get the guy's brain out. There are many effective techniques, thanks to which this is done in a really high quality.

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  • 1 How to create real discomfort
  • 2 No compromises and yes comparisons - the way to a successful takeout
  • 3 My God, what a fool!
  • 4 Useful sawing is possible

How to create real discomfort

So, the couple is doing well, the relationship, apart from a couple of quarrels, is almost idyllic. What does this mean? Of course, it's time to spoil them! Moreover, it is quite simple to do this, to make so much effort as it is definitely not necessary to preserve them. It is enough to know the pain points, and they are approximately the same for all men.

The first is the ears, because it is through them that information enters the brain, which is supposed to be carried out. Opinion polls around the world show that the most unpleasant quality of girls for guys is their talkativeness. So if a girl really wants to take out a guy's brain, she should talk. It is desirable - a lot and very irrelevant.

Of course, the evolutionary development of men does not stand still: for centuries they have learned to turn off the brain at such moments so that it cannot be carried away. Therefore, endless questions in the style of “Are you listening to me?” Can and should be an excellent addition to an endless monologue. And if you are listening, what have I just said?”. They turn off the “take your mind off what she says” feature and bring the guy's brain to a boiling point. A very efficient way!

What other method can you take out the guy's brain? Of course, the opposite tactic is silence. It works especially well if the girl is naturally chatty. In this case, if she begins to be mysteriously silent, the young man at first is very happy (simply because he does not know what awaits him next), and then he is completely lost.

Morning, afternoon, evening passes in silence - and now the guy starts to get nervous and asks what happened. In this case, you need to answer in monosyllables and in the spirit that everything is in order. He will definitely start thinking frantically about his behavior, and this is always useful for men.

To complete the atmosphere of such perfectly created discomfort, you should immediately after the silence procedure begin to actively demand from the guy attention to his needs and desires. Once he decided to be with a girl - so let it be with her. And not with his friends, hobbies and whatever else that was so important in his past life.

Brain blow
Brain blow

When he truly becomes attached and decides that this is it, the second half has been found, all social and other connections that have developed long before meeting with the girl should be cut off from him. Otherwise, this is some kind of disgrace! Does he want to meet friends? It was on this evening that his girlfriend should have an unbearable headache.

Going fishing with your dad, what is a long-standing family tradition? This means that you need to join or offer a choice: either mossy traditions, or your beloved. And this should be done every time, reinforcing the conditioned reflex to set priorities.

And yes - if a girl wants to spend time to her liking, she must definitely drag the guy with her, otherwise why is he needed at all. Does the lucky man resist? The brain-enduring procedure should be continued to the bitter end, let him feel in his own skin what it is like to be a winner in life!

There are situations when you can't take your loved one with you, but even here there is a way out for those who know exactly how to endure a guy's brain - you just need to spoil his mood so that he cannot have a good time without his half, but what is he!

How to remove a guy's brain
How to remove a guy's brain

No compromises and no comparisons - the path to a successful takeout ___ 8212

Compromise solutions are for weaklings who believe that two should be comfortable in a relationship (and this is bullshit, everyone knows that). In fact, there are only two opinions in the world, and the second is wrong. If a girl knows for sure that the relationship between her parents and her boyfriend is not working out, her beloved mom and dad should be invited to visit for a week, or better for a month. Let him endure, suddenly everyone will soon become one family.

But his parents need to be kept away - an adult man should not be emotionally attached to mom and dad, this is shameful in the end.

Does your loved one resist? It is necessary to use the first two points from the previous plan for the removal to choose from, adding to them significant sighs and no less significant phrases that the knights have been translated and all men are the same.

Speaking of men - with your current boyfriend, you definitely need to talk about the former, and a lot and as actively as possible. Let him know that he is not the only one in the world - there are plenty of them, and more than enough better. It is necessary to compare it with the one who was in the girl's life before he appeared there until the brain already flows through the ears. Does it also melt? Generally great, the goal has been achieved.

Successful brain removal
Successful brain removal

It is especially important to compare guys in terms of sexual ability. Constantly talking about how the previous guy knew how to make kuni and what a great instrument the very first one had, you can achieve an amazing result - the attitude will change almost instantly.

Oh my god, what a fool! 2

Turning on a fool is the most reliable brain-enduring tool that has been known to girls since ancient times. You need to use it a lot, constantly and in any situation. You need to argue with a guy constantly, as well as demand. What to demand? It doesn't matter, the main thing is more often. And it is especially important to argue if the girl is wrong, because this is one of the most correct answers to the question of how to take out the guy's brain.

It would be nice to add to all this a phase of active pressure on old wounds, because there were certainly situations when a loved one acted wrong or made a mistake when choosing a gift, or behaved stupidly. So we need to talk about them, and more - let him learn the lesson and no longer do so. No, well, what is he!

Cutting profitably is possible __8212

But seriously, sometimes guys need to endure the brain, especially if the guy is loved, and the girl wants to live life with him. For example, instead of listening to his complaints about his relationship with his mother, who can call at two in the morning and ask to put the door down (a case from real life, by the way), you need to endure your brain that it is time to stop all this. It is unlikely that a young man will like it the first time, but over time he will certainly appreciate such care.

Saw the brain
Saw the brain

But a useful cut, like a harmful one, has its own rules. First, there is no need to humiliate the guy and lower his dignity below the plinth. No nasty words, and even more so - no discontent. Just heart-to-heart conversations.

Rule two - you need to itch not for all reasons at once, but only one at a time. And choose the right time for this itching. Well, definitely not when the guy quarreled with his best friend or listened to another batch of stories from his father that in his years he was already the deputy director of the plant.

And third - the sawing must be stopped in time. For example, if a girl is worried about her boyfriend's habit of drinking a couple of beers every evening, it takes two months to drink it, and then offer an alternative: a favorite drink or a girlfriend. Let it be already a man, or something.

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