Blondes Or Brunettes: Who Do Men Like More?

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Blondes Or Brunettes: Who Do Men Like More?
Blondes Or Brunettes: Who Do Men Like More?

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Whom men prefer: blondes or brunettes
Whom men prefer: blondes or brunettes

You can talk a lot about the delights of diversity, but the facts are that men prefer curvy girls, fitness models, tall or petite, not to mention their hair color preferences. So who do men prefer: blondes or brunettes? This is an eternal question, but it has been scientifically proven that hair color still affects the first impression, and it affects everything else.

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Hair color and relationship seriousnessi

It is not easy to believe in this even for such irrational creatures as women, but representatives of the stronger sex really choose girls with different hair colors for different types of relationships. It is difficult to say what reasoning they rely on, since all men's secrets are kept with seven seals. But it is possible and necessary to speculate on the topic.

Dark-haired girls can rejoice: according to the latest research - albeit not psychological, but social networks, they are more popular - this was determined by the fact that they received more likes than blondes or red-haired beauties.

They are perceived by men as more moderate and calm representatives of their sex, reserved and reliable. It is because of these associations that men often think of them as life companions, and not as a temporary hobby or just an affordable way to have a good time.

Interesting were the results of a study conducted by a university in Florida: men were shown photographs of girls with different hair colors and asked to rate their physical attractiveness. The brunettes won by a wide margin!

The traditional opinion about dark-haired women is that they are careerists literally from birth, so they are preferred by the corresponding representatives of the stronger sex - those who are not afraid of competition, but love it.

Most often, a girl with dark hair is seen as an equal partner, so they choose her for an appropriate partnership.

As for blondes, men - also by tradition - treat them more frivolously. Of course, not like in the East, where blondes are viewed as easily accessible creatures - but still, it should be admitted that, in general, the attitude towards them is much more frivolous than towards dark-haired applicants for a male heart.

But on the other hand, they attract more attention - which is also confirmed by a very original research. It was held in South Britain - they found pretty girls volunteers who did not change anything in their appearance and behavior, as well as in clothes, just putting on a particular wig, and then took certain actions and watched how the man would behave …

The action is simple to primitive - just drop the glove. And here's the (rather predictable) result: three quarters of the men who responded to the situation picked up a glove for the blonde, and only 25% paid attention to the brunette.

Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?
Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?

Scientists have found an interesting explanation for this behavior: it turns out that light curls are associated in the stronger sex with good health, and therefore the ability to bear healthy offspring. It is clear that a modern man evaluates girls according to completely different criteria, but no one canceled instincts - in this case they work.

Also, it is to fair-haired girls that representatives of the stronger sex most often sit down in a bar, evaluating them as easier interlocutors, although noting that they may have higher demands than dark-haired women.

Finally, blondes make a man want to help them, while at the same time being considered more inaccessible (and here another instinct comes into play - the hunting instinct). Also, men note that beautiful blondes, in their opinion, are more domestic.

That is why they are more popular with those men who are not just looking for a relationship, but want a family. Usually such representatives of the stronger sex are over thirty, they have taken place at work and do not want a partner for themselves - they are looking for a mistress for the house, which means they are aimed at courtship. They want to see next to an eternally admiring girl who will look with enthusiastic eyes and adore just because a man is.

This is exactly how blondes are considered - as charming dolls who will need to be taken to the shops for outfits, and then they will cook borscht at home.

Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?
Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?

So in this case, the answer to the question of who men prefer, blondes or brunettes, does not have an unambiguous answer, it all depends on what is the purpose of dating and what type of ideal woman exists in a man's head.

Have beauty standards changed? 2

This is a rather difficult question that even presupposes a certain cultural excursion. Modern men really, for the most part, consider dark-haired women to be the standard of beauty, which was confirmed by the results of the corresponding survey. Approximately 78% of men said that women with dark hair are more beautiful, and only 22% considered blondes more attractive.

Fashion experts say that current trends have shifted the scale of preference towards Hispanic women with their naturally dark hair. And this can be seen even in beauty contests. At the same time, it is noted that the quantitative factor also plays a role - to find a real blonde is almost as difficult as any rare diamond.

Another version about the popularity of brunettes among modern men also refers to the national factor, but approaches the issue from the other side. The fact is that blondes have traditionally been the standard of beauty among Europeans, and brunettes among Asians. And this trend is simply explained by the fact that the European population is shrinking today, and the Asian population is increasing, so that its standards of beauty are logically becoming the leading ones. Since it is unlikely that something will change, then we can say that today gentlemen prefer brunettes.

Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?
Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?

Psychologists also say that the era of blondes is receding into the past and is being replaced by the era of brunettes: yesterday's Marilyn Monroe is replaced by today's Angelina Jolie. But they associate this not so much with sexual attractiveness, but with those qualities of character that the representatives of the stronger sex attribute to girls with a certain hair color. What are these qualities, already mentioned above, but why do enthusiastic girls leaning on a strong man's shoulder go out of fashion?

It's all about the general trend of the modern world, in which women strive to be equal. And men support them in this endeavor, so they stop seeing girls as weak creatures who need protection, and begin to see them as full-fledged partners. And since they still attribute strength of character and other naturally masculine qualities to brunettes, they also see them as attractive.

So, if we talk about trends, then we can confidently say that soon the answer to the question of who men prefer, blondes or brunettes, will be quite unambiguous. However, blondes are not only not going to give up their positions - they want to move into the category of elite beauties, for which in the near future there will be a real hunt from the male side.

Men make their choice: blondes or brunettes3

So is it really possible to put an end to this eternal dispute, which has lasted not even the first decade, but not even the first century? It is very difficult indeed, even though research continues. So, the American scientists approached the question in an original way, who asked a group of subjects to rate the attractiveness and age of women who were removed from the back, so that it was only visible whether it was blonde or brunette.

Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?
Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?

So, it turned out that girls with blonde hair, for some reason, were rated as more attractive and younger, and brunettes - as just pretty and older. But despite this, men chose … brunettes, explaining that the blonde is probably more frivolous.

So, the question of which hair color is preferred by the stronger sex is traditionally difficult.

At the same time, despite the fact that brunettes still become the leaders of numerous ratings and mostly win beauty contests, which suggests that most men prefer them, the club of blonde lovers is also not small.

Thus, we can say that the main thing is what is the goal of a man who wants to get to know a particular woman. So, if he wants to chat naturally and generally have a good time, then with a high degree of probability he will choose a blonde for this - inaccessible and charming, which will take a lot of effort to conquer. This is the type of men with a father complex who want to see a little girl next to them for pampering.

As for brunettes, they are chosen by other men for other purposes. First of all, representatives of the stronger sex do not consider the option of superficial relationships with such girls, and they themselves do not see just beautiful dolls. Strong and confident men come to brunettes who need a real partner. They believe that you can behave on an equal footing with brunettes, that they are reliable people who you can rely on, and not babysit them.

Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?
Who do blondes or brunettes prefer?

So, a little summary. It is really difficult to decide who men prefer, blondes or brunettes, because each representative of the stronger sex has its own tastes and preferences. However, based on research and polls, we can say that blondes are gradually giving way to beautiful brunettes who are becoming more popular.

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