Boys As Girls: The Theme Of Masculinity. TOP-8 Reasons

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Boys As Girls: The Theme Of Masculinity. TOP-8 Reasons
Boys As Girls: The Theme Of Masculinity. TOP-8 Reasons

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half male face
half male face

Now many girls complain that guys have become like girls. You can, of course, blame the young ladies themselves for the fact that they already look more like men, but this will not make young people more courageous. And yet - how did it happen that instead of strong heroes, we increasingly come across effeminate gentlemen?

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  • 1 Less manual labor left
  • 2 Computer
  • 3 Women have achieved equality
  • 4 And where are the dads?
  • 5 Army
  • 6 A handsome male figure is in fashion
  • 7 But there is also a main reason
  • 8 Who are androgynes
  • 9 What to do?

Less manual labor i

Yes, this is one of the main reasons why male power began to disappear. Now, both in everyday life and in production, labor is automated. If we compare everyday life with everyday life even thirty years ago, this is heaven and earth. Yes, at that time there were already washing machines, vacuum cleaners and other devices that facilitate work at home. But it was all wrong. Washing machine - you had to throw the laundry there, and then pull it out yourself, rinse it and squeeze it with handles.

Yes, this is all female labor, but the man also helped. Screwdriver - before, they had not heard of this, the owner did everything with his own hands - with a screwdriver. Instead of mowers and trimmers of all sorts of models, there was an ordinary scythe, mini-harvesters were also not used - everything was done by hand. Now technology is at every turn. Yes, and before the townspeople did not use the scythe or tractors too much.

But still, there was more manual labor. And he was appreciated. Today, the biggest salary is for an employee who works with his head. And even more for the one for whom they work. And why then strive to find a job as a mechanic or anodic worker, if these professions are paid ridiculously low? The kind of money that they earn can be easily earned in a computer without leaving home.

So it turns out - manual labor has disappeared, male strength is no longer so in demand, and if there is no demand for it, then it comes to naught.

But we have a lot of examples where you can get money not by hand. Finish special courses in order to get a job later as an electric locomotive driver? What for? You can get a job as a model of men's clothing. Anyone will go there, both thin and normal. Tall and slender are even better - everything sits on them perfectly, like on a hanger.

Who believes that this is an exaggeration, take it, go out into the street and ask the guys you meet who are Serena Aunyon, Alexander Gerst and Sergei Prokofiev ?! (just in case, these are modern cosmonauts). Answer 1 out of 500. Because our young people do not know people of such serious professions.


The cosmonauts will not be named, but who Borya Moiseev, Sergei Lazarev or Sergei Zverev is - they will be named immediately.


What else played a serious role in turning a man into an aunt was the computer. Firstly, from an early age, instead of, as before, kicking the ball in the yard or running around on bikes, our boys try to spend every free minute near the computer. Yes, there are many educational programs, there is a lot of necessary information, but our children are interested in this in the last place.

Toys - adventure games, shooting games, they not only seriously harm the body, but also dry out children's brains. And then young men appear who, like two peas in a pod, look like girls. But this is not a problem for them either. Remember the heroes of Japanese cartoons. All of their boys are very similar to girls.

In addition to the fact that computers keep young mischievous people at the monitors, they attract people of all ages. Walking in the fresh air, making new acquaintances, communicating with loved ones, meeting friends, outdoor games - everything was superseded by the computer. A man is growing, and toys for him are growing.

In addition, in addition to toys, on the Internet you can find a lot of activities for yourself - virtual acquaintances, clubs (groups) by interests, free films, and whatever! Just lie on the couch and crackle chips. True, after this, stoop, obesity, self-doubt appear, charm disappears, wit dulls, but this is all done so imperceptibly that more and more new users are easily immersed in the Web.

the guy behaves like a girl
the guy behaves like a girl

If you need to find a job or organize your own business, you can also do this through the Internet. True, you don't have to go or drive anywhere, you can manage your business right from your room, it's so great. Only insidious technologies do not spare our health, but otherwise …

Women have achieved equality3

Why else did guys become like girls? But because our ladies have achieved equality and have become like men. If in a couple a girl struggles to make decisions, to manage family finances, to be the head, the partner has no choice but to become a "wife". After all, the lady completely takes away all male responsibilities from him.

Of course, very soon she will regret it, but it will be too late - to make ready-made decisions, not to be responsible for finances, not to take care of the family, this is so convenient. No headache. And the “head of the family” gets used to it very easily (and becomes the head in quotes).

Now many ladies will wave their hands, they say, you will not wait from the men when they begin to move. Naturally! You always think you can do better. Perhaps it is so, but give the young man the opportunity to learn to be a man! Why scold him for every mistake, yell at him for every mistake, sarcastically recall him every failure. Are you ladies doing much better? There is nothing to boast about, maybe you should be wary - have you turned into a dork?

how to give him back his masculinity
how to give him back his masculinity

Where are dads? 4

Very often, boys become effeminate men because dad was not around. It should be noted that many children grow up without fathers. Why does this happen?

Because 30 years ago, giving birth without a husband was considered too great a sin. Yes, they didn’t burn anyone at the stake and didn’t kill anyone with cameos. But it was a shame to walk pregnant if you don't have a stamp in your passport. So everyone who has slept with each other at least once put this stamp.

By the way, there was no such advertisement for protected sex either, so pregnancies were not uncommon. So it turned out - they slept, got pregnant, gave birth, but they can't live together. Parents get divorced, and children are left without fathers. Now the problem of fatherlessness persists, although condoms are sold at every step, and they teach to protect themselves, but sexual relations begin very early.

Therefore, there is no responsibility. But there is criminal liability. And the girls now, go figure out how old she is. So it turns out, the boy took the girl off in the cafe, and take the girl and fly in. And she is not 18 yet. And what to do? Only two exits - either to jail or to the registry office. Of course, 99% run to the registry office to sign, and then get divorced there. The result is again a child without a father.

effeminate guy
effeminate guy

Without fathers, girls suffer, but boys become like their mothers. And who else should they be like? It's good if there is an example nearby - a still young, strong man - a grandfather, but if the mother lives far from her parents? Of course, one can object, they say, but after the war there were few men in general, so the boys did not grow up, do not understand who!

But after the war, the great authority was the male warrior. Indisputable, unconditional authority. Well … remember the movie "Hipsters", how strong the opinion of all public organizations was. In those days, a man with a pigtail could simply be broken like a rod. Now we have the freedom of everything in the world, so you can't tell right away on the streets - a man or a woman next to you.


Say what you like, but effeminate men after the army can be counted on one hand. But here, too, our boys do not want to serve.

Yes, before the authority of the army was too high. One has only to watch old films ("Maxim Perepelitsa") and the eyes bulge in surprise. Previously, a guy was considered inferior if he was not in the army. But then there was Afghan, then Chechnya, mothers began to receive zinc coffins, and not always from hot spots. Our army "grandfathers" also tried.

Young guys in the army were also crippled, and sometimes there were deaths. And since we have many families where there were no dads (written above), mothers got up, and the boys from future warriors began to turn into mother's petticoats. They began to run away from the army. Well, it's a shame, of course, why is it, for example, Nikita Presnyakov jumps on all screens, but he is not in the army?

painted guy
painted guy

It is clear that the guy is “very sick”, but it’s not clear what kind of illness it is, if at the “Big Races” he can run around until he loses his pulse, in “The Last Hero” the boy is also not worried about the disease, in “Cruel Games” this disease you can take part, but not in the Russian army? Do not go. Now things are getting better with the authority of the army, therefore, we must hope that at least this aspect will not affect the femininity of our men.

Beautiful male figure is in fashion6

Someone may notice that now, more than ever, a beautiful, pumped-up male figure is in fashion. And this, it seems, does not at all combine with the femininity of our men. How can you combine brutality and feminine softness into one? And yet, you can. How many sugary boys on glossy covers, flexing their muscles, and shining themselves with cloying stuff? A pumped-up body is more expensive. And now you don't always want to imitate such boys. Indeed, very often only muscles are pumped up, but the worldview remains feminine.

And yet, to pump up a truly beautiful body, you need good exercise equipment, competent trainers and balanced, proper nutrition. Well, which guy from the Vasyuki village can afford it? Well, not a village, a small town? But the country consists not only of Moscow. So who? Well, there is a gym, you can buy dumbbells yourself. And the coach? And the food?

a guy with a figure of a girl
a guy with a figure of a girl

Here's an example - one man decided to pump up his body. At first I went to the gym, everything was as it should be, I worked with a trainer, ate on a schedule, drank some supplements, and, I must say, his body grew. Then there were changes in my life (I decided to expand my business and got into debt), the trickle of money began to flow not so regularly and not so generously. The guy tried to get out, but did not give up classes.

Now I was doing dumbbells at home, and in order to nourish my biceps I looked for some supplements on the Internet. In general, with these "magic" additives, he planted a liver, almost lost a kidney, and most importantly, he was blown away like an airship. Now the doctors forbid him to exercise great physical activity - his heart may not be able to withstand, and he does not have enough patience to lose weight by a milligram a day. In general, you need to be careful with these biceps-triceps.

But there is also a main reason7

And yet, the main reason guys have become like girls is that it's easier. Yes, many problems are easier to solve this way.

What do young people (both girls and boys) want most? Stand out among the "gray" mass. Why "gray" in quotation marks? Yes, because I do not consider myself as such, and the rest of ordinary people are ranked as gray. So, the guys want to be bright, unusual, they want to shock others. But in order to stand out as something smart, you need, at least, to be smart. It's troublesome.

how was masculinity
how was masculinity

But to stand out simply by the unusualness, you can simply - change clothes, put on makeup, climb on your heels and - now it's askance at you, but EVERYONE is looking! And if you also invent some kind of behavior for yourself, then … Do you remember Gauguin Solntsev? Say "idiot"? and the idiot, meanwhile, by his behavior has earned himself a flat in Moscow. And I'm not sick. Thousands of surgeons in Russia have not worked, it has worked.

So for a fig now this honey (where you still need to have brains to enter), study in it for 5 years, then an internship, and then get "cuckoo tears" all my life, when can you become such a Gauguin? In addition, under the slogan "and this is how I am," the same Gauguin can express any of his ideas, and they will only look at him shaking his head. That's how we have boys who look like girls.

Who are androgynous 8

By the way, when boys are very similar to girls, and with growing up this similarity only intensifies, perhaps you have androgenic people

To be honest, androgynes are not the result of a certain upbringing or self-education. This is a failure in the human psychological system. A person who is born, for example, a boy, feels like a boy and a girl. He has a slender build than other boys, he is softer in character, and has an appearance that is difficult to attribute directly to any gender.

Who to foist on masculinity
Who to foist on masculinity

Such a person is too unhappy, because he is constantly fighting with himself. At the same time, androgynous naturals. If he was born a man, he may have a feminine behavior, he may show feminine traits, however, sexually he will always be attracted to girls.

What to do? nine

After all this article, it becomes clear that the men themselves are not always to blame for the fact that they are so similar to their friends. So what should you do? Sit and feel sorry for the "children"?

Each person has their own specific situation, but there are two pieces of advice. One for moms - don't raise girls from boys! And the second advice to wives: do not hammer your men under the heels, let him become a real man.

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