Relationship Problems: Why Is Interest In Sex Disappearing?

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Relationship Problems: Why Is Interest In Sex Disappearing?
Relationship Problems: Why Is Interest In Sex Disappearing?

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Intimate life is an important part of any strong and long-term relationship. Having sex between two people in love gives both of them real pleasure, relieves stress and even helps maintain a beautiful figure and health of the whole body. However, people are faced with a situation where the desire to be playful and active in bed disappears, and sex life goes to one of the last plans. Why is interest in sex disappearing and what does this mean?

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  • 1 Women's health
  • 2 Constant fatigue and apathy
  • 3 Personal grievances
  • 4 Lack of variety in bed
  • 5 "No" to romance
  • 6 Wrong lifestyle

How often does a married couple notice that there is less and less spark in their sex, one of the two constantly has a headache, more and more people fall asleep not in each other's warm arms after intimacy, but on opposite sides of the bed. The couple feels that they both lack something, they no longer want to surrender to each other without a second thought and enjoy this process. In order to prevent this problem, it is enough to understand the possible causes and put everything in its place.

Women's health i

If a woman notices that the desire to have sex with her beloved person has begun to appear less and less, but there are no objective reasons for this, you can check at the doctor's gynecologist and endocrinologist. A woman can completely change her condition due to work and the release of hormones in the body.

The cause of decreased libido can be lowered during menopause or taking contraceptives in the form of medication. Serious diseases of the reproductive and nervous system, the brain, both spinal and brain, have a great impact on the mood and rhythm of the girl. Usually, a course of taking the necessary medications helps to get rid of all the above diseases.

Constant fatigue and apathy2

The exhausting pace of life, constantly being busy and wasting nerves at work can lead to the fact that the only thing that a person really wants after another exhausting day is to fall into bed and not think about anything else. There are two options here: either sacrifice some responsibilities and try to relax, or try to share them between partners. You shouldn't drive yourself to the point where everything is done perfectly, but you don't want anything.

not wanting sex
not wanting sex

Personal grievances3

Maybe the reason why partners lose interest in sex lies in hidden grievances and unspoken claims? Women tend to remember those offensive words that the man did not attach any importance to, for example, by mentioning that his wife had grown a little fat. A good and sincere conversation, caring for each other, affection and compliments will help to understand each other and solve problems in relationships. If the couple cannot resolve the conflict between themselves, an experienced psychotherapist can help with this.

Lack of variety in bed4

Imagine being forced to eat the same foods every day with no variety on the menu. It is unlikely that anyone will like it. But in the same way in sex: love in the same positions in the same place according to the same plan can turn sex not into something beautiful and pleasant, but an ordinary mechanical process that must be repeated periodically.

sex in a relationship
sex in a relationship

Sounds awful, but this is how most married couples live. For example, in America more than 20 million married couples are simply married with absolutely no intimacy, and this does not apply to retirees.

Do you want to return the old feelings? Then try new poses, discuss with your partner what you would like to change for both, get to know each other's tastes and preferences better.

"No" to romance5

Surrounded by everyday problems and constant fuss, people can forget what true love is and how wonderful it is to feel the attention and sincere care of a loved one. If a couple hasn’t thought about how to brighten up the evening for a long time, didn’t arrange romantic dinners and simply didn’t have fun and pleasant time with each other, all the excitement of the first feelings and what romance in general is involuntarily forgotten.

The candy-bouquet period has passed, but this does not mean that you can forget about what it is like to look after, give gifts and just hug more often, and this behavior should not only be on the part of a man.

problems in sex
problems in sex

Wrong way of life6

Most of the problems with the body and health are caused by an inappropriate lifestyle. Poor sleep, lack of vitamins in the body, abuse of fatty and harmful foods, alcohol literally destroy the normal state of a person.

He may feel that he began to tire faster, more often get irritated, less and less want to strive for something and make efforts, laziness and apathy appear in relation to all aspects of life. This is dangerous not only for family life, so you should immediately revise your day and rationally approach your health.

Sex is a natural human need that disappears only when difficulties and problems arise in a person's life or body. If partners no longer have the desire to constantly wonder why they are losing interest in sex, it is worth solving this problem together.

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