How To Interest A Penpal Girl Online. 10 Basic Rules

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How To Interest A Penpal Girl Online. 10 Basic Rules
How To Interest A Penpal Girl Online. 10 Basic Rules

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How to interest a girl
How to interest a girl

Our lives are inseparably linked to social media. In addition to the fact that we hang out very tightly in them, communicating with friends and colleagues, someone uses social networks for work and building a personal life. Why not take this opportunity and meet a lady who may become a soul mate?

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  • 1 What is online dating needed for?
  • 2 What are the advantages of such dating?
  • 3 Clean the page from debris
  • 4 Writing a profile about yourself
  • 5 Make a plan for the first communication time

But the question immediately arises, how to interest a penpal girl on a dating site? What to talk about and what rules to follow so that communication does not merge into a routine. For the sake of this, the pick-up artists have compiled a set of rules that make it possible to understand female psychology much better than we are used to.

What is online dating needed for? ___ online

Due to the fact that our life has become noticeably easier, when each person began to carry a smartphone in his pocket, we have the opportunity to communicate with people, no matter where they are. In addition, we constantly have access to any necessary information. Our ancestors could only envy how much easier our life has become.

If they had to be content with those women and men who were in their environment, neighboring cities, we can find the perfect partner on social networks. This makes life much easier. Indeed, in such cases, it is possible to find an ideal person for yourself, no matter where he is on the map.

In addition, many people who experience discomfort with personal acquaintance, or have previously experienced unpleasant situations, have the opportunity to communicate without revealing their complexes. Due to the fact that such complexes make a person feel embarrassed for a long time with their appearance, voice, lifestyle and behavior, many guys are still shy when they see beautiful girls. That is why dating through social networks is a convenient opportunity that allows you to surround yourself with understanding people without worrying about being judged.

In addition, young people can get acquainted with girls in thematic publics and groups of different performers, artists, or start acquaintance before attending any cultural event. This allows you to choose people who will not only be similar to you in internal organization, but you will also be united by common interests. And to have common interests with a person who can become a potential soul mate is a convenient opportunity to gain confidence in him and firmly gain a foothold in his life.


What are the advantages of dating like this? i

Before trying to think about how to interest a penpal girl, you need to highlight what advantages such an acquaintance has.

  • First of all, you can show the person your advantages right away, so that he or she makes the right impression of you. Of course, you should not overdo it on your image, so as not to form a false understanding about your personality. All the same, you need to remember the saying "they meet by their clothes - they see them off according to their mind." Therefore, do not try to lighten your qualities once again, but do not denigrate them either. Act like your personality is nothing. That almost everyone has such mediocre characteristics. The girl will be amazed by such an attitude towards herself. She will be surprised why you are so calm about big earnings, prestigious work and an apartment in the center of Moscow.
  • In communication through social networks, there is a big plus that makes life pleasantly easier. You yourself can understand when to take the first step towards communication. You can do this without much difficulty. Because in case of failure, no one will see your flushed and bashful face.
  • If you are still getting to know each other in parallel on dating sites, you have a wide choice of what partners to surround yourself with. Those. you can conduct correspondence with a number of people at once, and then, according to personal and own criteria, decide who is more suitable for this role.
acquaintance by correspondence
acquaintance by correspondence
  • As you form several new relationships, you gradually increase your self-esteem and rise in your eyes. No one else can influence your perception of yourself, except you.
  • As soon as you have a new person in your life, you can take a closer look at him personally to determine if you really need him that much. It is possible that you will see in it a large number of flaws that cannot be fixed at all. Therefore, you will immediately understand whether you need this person.

But among the many advantages, there are disadvantages that slightly lower the bar for the convenience of penpal dating.

  • If you are looking for dating in thematic groups, forums and sites, get ready for the fact that you will not meet the best representatives of the human race. Because people who hide their identity behind a page on a social network did not come there from a better life. This means that they are either trying to assert themselves at someone's expense, or they have a lot of complexes that prevent them from conducting normal communication in real life.
  • Also, you may come across a scammer who will appeal different things in communication. Quite often, men come across girls who, before meeting, ask to buy them gifts, or send money to the card, because they do not have travel or are in a difficult life situation. Of course, no girl will come to you. And there is a possibility that you were not communicating with the girl at all.
penpal friendship
penpal friendship

Most of the people who use sex dating sites have a number of sexually transmitted diseases. Especially pay attention to the accounts of girls who are very popular. The likelihood that such virgins are immaculate is very small. But the likelihood of waking up with syphilis or hepatitis is great. Before going out to a meeting with a person - test the waters. Statistics show that in Russia every 5 people are infected with HIV. It's easy enough to pick her up. You just need to forget to look at the pharmacy before visiting a new sexual partner

Clear page from debris2

Before you write to a girl with your intentions about dating, clean your page. Not only may some compromising material be found in your possession that denigrates your dignity, the girl may find in you a not particularly interesting personality.

If you carefully analyze your page and add the necessary material, you may well seduce the girl. To do this, you need to add only interesting photos from your vacation, from work. The photos should not include home gatherings in a communal apartment against the background of a carpet. And also, there should not be any photos with depraved-looking girls, or pictures where you are in the most drunk and obscene state. This will show the girl that you are leading the ugliest lifestyle.

Also, clean up all statuses, posts on the wall that do not make you look in the most favorable light. There should be no mention of ex-spouses, partners, or anyone else. Clean your pages of rubbish in the form of pages "Pickup Rules", "Lessons of seduction", or similar materials. Also, check your videos for porn content. Sometimes men forget that they leave such videos on their page.

pen love
pen love

That is why take care and proper attitude to cleaning your page from unnecessary trash. Your profile is the first thing a girl pays attention to. It is best to delete all posts and reposts from the page, leaving only photos.

Writing a profile about yourself3

Before writing to a girl, make a profile about yourself. It should store information about your interests, your work and what you do in your free time. Unlike a women's questionnaire, such material should contain only the most necessary information. Everything else about your amazing and unique inner world, the girl learns from simple communication with you.

  • There should be a minimum of information about you in order to interest a potential lover and partner. In communication, you should intrigue with mystery, and not dump on the girl everything that boils over.
  • Girls are primarily interested in information about age. That is why indicate only real information so that you do not get into trouble later when your chosen one finds out that you are ten years younger than her.
  • Never hide information about marital status from a girl. If you have an ex-spouse, tell your new darling so. It will clearly be unpleasant for her to learn that you still have children when you bring her to your home. If you are still married, try to convey this information to the girl with full understanding. Do not be surprised if she does not want to continue communicating with a person who does not want to keep her in his life.
  • Pay close attention to quality vacation photos. Don't try to seduce a girl with your big beer belly. It is best to be photographed in good and high quality photography. Unfortunately, girls are not interested in guys who take pictures in front of the entrance in an alcoholic T-shirt. Remember to not only create the best image, but also constantly match it. Do not post photos of any actors or models on your page. Therefore, try to upload only the highest quality, most ideal and favorable pictures.
  • Do not forget to indicate in communication that you love sports, go to concerts and often get out for walks in the air. Girls appreciate active people who are constantly in the process of creating and learning new things. But you need to understand that the main thing is not to go too far when you blow off dust particles from yourself. Then you will become a simple egoist in the eyes of the girl. A man who is more interested in himself than in the inner world of a girl.

Make a plan for the first time communication4

Start making a plan for how you will interact with the girl. Will you be attentive to her, give her your care, and positively influence her life? How will you do all this?

photos for correspondence
photos for correspondence

Unfortunately, many young people, when they start communicating with a girl, have the false idea that they will first get to know a lady, after that everything will turn around and she will start throwing herself on their necks. Of course, this won't happen if you don't put in the proper work in the relationship.

Each of the guys thinks that if he just shows the girl how perfect he is, the girl herself will go into his arms and will continue to communicate for a long time, giving all her free time. No, every girl loves it when a lot of time, effort and finance is devoted to her.

In order not to think about how to interest the penpal girl, try to avoid the most clichéd phrases like “How are you”, “Hello”, “What are you doing”. This pushes people away from themselves. To get a girl interested, you need to show your extravagance, creativity, politeness and understanding. Treat the girl the way you would like your daughter to be treated. Imagine that your new girlfriend is a little sister who needs to be looked after and kept safe.

lure pen girl
lure pen girl

The best way to get to know a girl is to say directly that you found her on the event page of some team, or in a group of some specific interest. This is what you need to indicate in your welcome message.

When you meet her, do not forget to say that she is prettier in life than in pictures on social networks. Try not only to show constant attention to the girl. Try to inform her about what is happening in your life, something strange and incomprehensible for the girl.

In this case, she herself will constantly be interested in what you are doing. Let's say she asks who you play football with on the weekend, where you go on vacation, and how you have fun on Friday night. Do not forget to also hint that you could take her with you to such entertainment.

meeting with a girl
meeting with a girl

The main rule when communicating with girls is to remember that being vulgar in communication is a sign of bad upbringing. Do not overdo it with flattery and undue attention.

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