How Do All Girls Like It? 20 Steps To Your Success

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How Do All Girls Like It? 20 Steps To Your Success
How Do All Girls Like It? 20 Steps To Your Success
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most wanted man
most wanted man

A little secret of attractiveness for men is that you can and should be interesting and well-groomed. And this is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Even a man who is not endowed by nature with expressive cheekbones and strong-willed chin can become more presentable and hot, using a few simple tricks.

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  • 1 Grow a beard
  • 2 Wear glasses
  • 3 Above your nose!
  • 4 Looking is important
  • 5 Be in the company
  • 6 Being a really nice guy
  • 7 Be the reason for her smile
  • 8 Smile, but slowly
  • 9 Be fit, but not pumped
  • 10 Play the guitar
  • 11 No memorized phrases
  • 12 Get a dog
  • 13 Open pose
  • 14 The magic of garlic
  • 15 look proud
  • 16 Don't hide scars
  • 17 Volunteer
  • 18 Confident gait
  • 19 Wearing cologne
  • 20 Monitor dental health

Grow a beard

Scientists from the University of Wales conducted a small study in 2013. It showed that women find men with abundant stubble to be sexier. The beard demonstrates not only maturity and masculinity, but also its dominant role and aggression. And women who secretly dream of being conquered by a brutal man really like it. It's time to part with razors!

Wear glasses 2

Sunglasses instantly increase a person's attractiveness. Why is this happening? First, glasses add mystery. The riddle in a person always clings. Eyes are a powerful source of information and human vulnerability. Hiding his eyes behind an impenetrable mask, the man creates a riddle around himself that so attracts women. In addition, glasses are able to hide facial asymmetry. Women, of course, love with their ears. But a careful analysis of appearance plays an important role in choosing a companion.

Above your nose! 3

Literally. It is important for a man to keep his brand. Secondary male sexual characteristics, such as a massive lower jaw and pronounced cheekbones, are very attractive to the fair sex. And no wonder. After all, these very signs speak of genetically inherent strength, high testosterone levels and, accordingly, masculinity. And, as you know, a courageous man is a sexy man.

Thus, to emphasize the cheekbones and jaw line, it is enough to keep your head higher, slightly lifting your chin up. Such a simple habit will play into the hands of a man.

Looking important 4

The Welsh Institute conducted the study in 2010. According to its results, men depicted in front of an expensive car, for example, a Bentley, appeared more attractive than those depicted in front of a cheaper car (for example, a Ford). Beautiful, neat clothes on a man have the same effect. Women are not attracted to sloppy, unkempt young men. Although a slight carelessness of hair combined with a stylish suit can be very sexy. But don't overdo it. When it is difficult to see the line between mild sexual and unkempt negligence, it is better to opt for neatness.

Be in the company 5

Being in a group of friends can add a few points to a man's attractiveness. Why? This is called the “cheerleader effect”. This is a psychological phenomenon when a person is more attracted to being in the company of people. The fact is that observing a group of faces, one of them seems more beautiful, more pleasant in comparison with the others. In a company it is easier to divert the girl's attention from minor imperfections in her appearance.

attractive man with cats
attractive man with cats

Be a Really Nice Guy 6

They say that cute good guys don't attract girls. In fact, this is not true. Two universities - Guelph and Nipissing - surveyed 800 people about their sex lives and their selfless deeds, such as participating in charity or donation. They looked, respectively, for the connection between the two aspects of life. It turned out that the guys participating in charity events and characterized by altruism had more sexual relations and dated more partners. Egoists are not so attracted to the opposite sex. And that makes sense. The narcissist is more annoying than desiring.

Be the reason for her smile 7

Women are crazy about men who make them laugh. Numerous polls confirm this. Almost all women value a man's sense of humor and a man's ability to make them laugh.

Smile, but slowly 8

Yes, exactly slowly. Scientists have proven that men who break into a smile leisurely, as if condescendingly, doing a favor, are liked by women. And you want to trust them much more. I like them more than those who expose all 32 teeth in a matter of seconds.

attractive man
attractive man

Be fit, but not pumped 9

Sport is great. A beautiful, athletic body is liked by everyone - both men and women. But a pile of muscles instead of a slender build no longer causes attraction. As well as a lean body or a pile of fat folds. The golden mean is what matters. Maintaining a slim body and muscle tone.

Play guitar10

Many polls have been conducted among women. According to their results, ladies would rather leave a number to a guitarist than a pitching one. No, a beautiful toned body also plays a significant role in male attractiveness. But a guitar in hand will definitely increase the level of sexuality several times.

No memorized phrases11

To meet a girl, many guys begin to turn on creativity and immediately pour out pick-up phrases. Do not do this. A woman is more willing to meet a guy who just comes up and asks how things are and what her name is, without banal flirting phrases. To please women, you need to throw out phrases from the vocabulary like: you are not by chance religious, because you look like the answer to my prayers. Not. These hackneyed phrases of the level of an eighth grader will definitely not add to a man's attractiveness.

man with balls
man with balls

Get a dog 12

Yes, dogs are breathtakingly cute. It seems that the dog is a solid plus. One of them is to multiply the attractiveness of its owner. See at least a photo of the famous heartthrob Tom Hardy with his dogs. Women's hearts do a triple somersault at the sight of such tenderness and courage in one shot. Numerous independent studies support the dog lover's attractiveness theory. They will collect many times more numbers of girls than guys without dogs.

Open pose 13

This is not a men's competition, who will spread their legs wider in public transport. No, you don't need to do that. However, polls show that the open position is much more attractive to women. Free, relaxed, even a little lazy body movements undoubtedly add pepper to men.

The magic of garlic 14

Interesting research has been carried out in this area as well. They show that men who often eat garlic are more attracted to women. They, according to the ladies, smell nicer and more attractive. The health benefits of garlic appear to affect body odor as well. Attention! Nothing to do with bad breath! No garlic breath or other bad smell! As for the breath, it must be fresh. Therefore, do not forget to regularly use a toothbrush, mouthwash and chewing gum.

man with garlic
man with garlic

Look proud 15

Surprisingly, when a man personifies pride in body language and facial expressions, a woman likes him much more. Even more than someone who radiates boundless happiness. A somewhat strange discovery, but so be it. Therefore, men should look proud in any situation.

Don't hide scars16

The theory that scars adorn men works. Yes, a young man with a scar on his forehead will attract more ladies. Although, statistics show that the relationship with such a man does not last long. Could it be that the scars give the man the look of a cocky bully?

Volunteer 17

Male volunteers are very attractive to women in terms of long term relationships. This does not mean that this is his main activity. And the woman is ready to take on the role of the breadwinner of the family. No, volunteering should be on your hobby list.

Confident gait 18

In addition to the fact that a man should radiate pride with all his appearance, he should work on the counter. Women love confidence in a man. He must speak confidently, stand and look. Even his walk should scream a man's confidence. Self-confidence is what catches your eye first.

man in crown
man in crown

How confident is she? A confident person is in no hurry. But when people deliberately slow down their walking speed, it is always noticeable. When a confident person walks, his whole appearance says that he knows where he is going and what he is doing.

Wear cologne 19

The International Journal of Cosmetic Science once conducted a study. Participants who used antimicrobial spray and scented oils said they felt more confident and attractive.

The use of cologne, perfume and other aromatic attributes gives a man not only a pleasant aroma, but also self-confidence and a sense of his own sexuality. And women smell it very well.

Monitor dental health 20

Finally, teeth. The obvious must be said. A beautiful, healthy tooth row plays a key role in attractiveness. A woman can immediately lose interest in a man when he opens his mouth and his teeth look like a man has scurvy. What kind of sexual attraction can we talk about ?!

attractive smile joke
attractive smile joke

The teeth, like a peacock's tail, give the wearer a great appeal. Therefore, it is imperative to monitor the health of your teeth. Regularly clean, bleach, smooth, visit the dentist - do everything to make your smile truly dazzling.

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