The Most Original Gifts For Your Girlfriend: Unusual Ideas And Tips

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The Most Original Gifts For Your Girlfriend: Unusual Ideas And Tips
The Most Original Gifts For Your Girlfriend: Unusual Ideas And Tips

Video: The Most Original Gifts For Your Girlfriend: Unusual Ideas And Tips

Video: The Most Original Gifts For Your Girlfriend: Unusual Ideas And Tips
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What to give a girl
What to give a girl

Indeed, a question that tormented, tormented and which will continue to torment men before every important date. And if in the old days it was much easier with this - he returned alive from a campaign on a neighboring principality - that's a gift, then today everything is much more complicated.

The content of the article

  • 1 So, what was the original gift of the girl in the past centuries?
  • 2 But if there is no money, but you want to surprise?
  • 3 Something meaningful to her or to both partners
  • 4 Transcend yourself
  • 5 DIY gift
  • 6 Simple and elegant
  • 7 Tedious, but beautiful
  • 8 Delightful, but short-lived
  • 9 Gifts-gifts, and lunch - on schedule!
  • 10 And a couple more comments

So, what was the original gift of the girl in the past centuries? I

Of course, no one is talking about the Neolithic, because then the concept of a gift was just being born. But when history came down to antiquity, then this question arose, so much so that the bone across the throat would seem like an insignificant trouble.

In addition to gold and precious stones, albeit expensive, but not the most original gifts, the powers that be in the ancient world knew how to please their beloved. For example, old Nebuchadnezzar II, being the ruler of Babylon, decided not to waste time on trifles and gave his wife hanging gardens. Yes, yes, the very ones that were built in the middle of the desert and from scratch, and over time were ranked among the wonders of the world. But Mark Antony, who got out of rags to riches, more precisely from plebeians to consuls, presented Cleopatra with the most expensive and luxurious pearl at that time. It would seem - not the most amazing gift, but considering the uniqueness of the piece and the way it was presented in a glass of wine with a comment in the spirit of “if you don't like it, throw it into the sea” it did its job.

Thus, it is not difficult to understand that the originality of a gift is based not only on itself, but also on the method of its presentation, uniqueness and originality. It's not a sable coat to give, though … Louis, number 14 (the guys didn't know how to fantasize with names, what to do), gave his beloved a sable coat. Such a simple little thing for royalty. True, it was one and a half kilometers long. Nowadays, of course, you shouldn't so ruin the unfortunate animals, of which there are not many left, but ordering something similar even from faux fur is a very eccentric gift.

It is equally important for creating a fancy gift from an ordinary little thing and the way of processing it. Without looking back into deep antiquity, one can recall the actor of the 60s, Richard Burton, who presented his wife with a diamond with a very high-quality cut, which made not the largest (albeit damn expensive, still 70 carats) diamond unsurpassed. So even seemingly banal things can be made extravagant.

Richard Burton
Richard Burton

Richard Burton

The originality of the gift depends on the woman herself. For example, Elvis Presley's mother dreamed of a car. And, giving it a soft pink color, the king of rock and roll handed her a Cadillac. In those days, the car was already moving from fancy gifts to expensive, but expected gifts. But due to the fact that the present was made on the basis of a dream, it was the most unique and distinctive surprise for a particular woman.

How to choose a gift for a girl on March 8 if you do not have such funds, but you really want to surprise? We'll tell you further!

But if there is no money, but you want to surprise?

Well, the article below will tell you how you can make an unrivaled gift without investing any funds or spending the required minimum.


If you know that a girl loves pets very much, is ready and able to provide them with proper care and has the required level of responsibility - then you can present a living gift. Obviously, one should proceed primarily from her preferences in such a delicate matter.


Independent, like most ladies, freedom-loving and wayward, they can appeal to homebodies who prefer home comfort to walks under the moon and other active pastime. It is worth very carefully choosing a future cat, since character plays a key role in such a gift.

Again, the choice should be stopped on animals more adapted for life at home - this includes sphinxes and munchkins, first of all, as breeds that will feel very uncomfortable on the street in the middle lane. It is also important to take into account the presence of allergies in the donated object in order to timely choose a hypoallergenic breed for the presentation.

What to give a girl original
What to give a girl original


The guards are loyal, cheerful and affectionate with the owners. Well, or decor, at least. Here, as with cats, it is important to take into account the nature of the passion and the beast. For the aforementioned couch potatoes, decorative and dwarf breeds are perfect, because for them the house is the whole world, so going out with such a dog is a necessary thing, but not as critical and frequent as with more active animals.

For girls who love outdoor activities, the same active breeds of dogs such as sled dogs, hunting and service dogs are perfect. It is worth noting, however, that all these pets can behave at home, to put it mildly, undisciplined, but this is a matter of training and patience.

Those who have already gathered in search of the nearest nurseries, overexposure centers or pet stores should take into account that for a city apartment it is better to choose animals that are quieter and not too large, so giving an alabai is cool, unique and original to the limit, but what to do with a seventy-kilogram "calf", requiring daily walks of several kilometers - a problem of those for which the beloved obviously will not say "thank you" later.

What to give a girl original
What to give a girl original

Turtles, snakes, snails and other terrarium inhabitants

If you want to surprise a woman not only with the fact of a living gift, but also with its belonging to the animal world, you should be very sure that she likes these smaller brothers. And it's also good to make sure that there are veterinarians in the village who have experience in communicating with such pets, because in case of illness, learning about their imminent death will create an extremely unpleasant feeling for a girl from such a gift, even if not immediately - but this only makes it worse …

Generally speaking, giving animals is always a walk on the razor's edge, because along with the gift, the burden of responsibility will also fall on fragile female shoulders. Therefore, if a man has even the slightest doubt that the gift will be accepted and will not lead to negative consequences in the future, then it is better to refuse and give for example …

Something that matters to her or to both partners3

The most subjective gift possible. In fact, no specific advice can be given, because each couple in such a context will have their own answer to the question “what to give a girl an original one”.

What originalt to give a girl
What originalt to give a girl

However, a few tips can be given:

Whoever remembers the old will be out of sight! But whoever forgets - both!

To find out shortly before a significant date, of course, by "roundabout ways" and hints, which moments the girl remembered best, the memories of which events in the relationship bring her the warmest feelings. It can be a rooftop gathering under a starry sky or the first dance, going to the cinema or breakfast served in bed - in general, anything that a man could not even guess about, betraying it much less significance.

Then everything is simple - based on the data obtained, you need to organize a similar event, in no case repeating the one that lives in memories, but has a direct associative connection with it. That is, for example, you can please her with a great dinner, cooked through pain, tears and curses with your own hands. Or, say, trample on the snow under the window a declaration of love.

In general, it is required to push the sleeping romantic deep inside and make him work a little on, albeit unpretentious, but unique gift.

Surpass yourself4

In other words, if, say, a man is an ardent opponent of anything, and a girl loves this very “something” and cherishes the dream of receiving, then this particular object of dreams can and should be presented as a gift.

Turning to a vulgar, but quite real situation, we can give an example of cunnilingus. Some men are passionate about this aspect of oral sex. However, if you prepare for “X-hour” and step over your own, possibly far-fetched, rejection, then for a girl such a gift will become the most unique and most valuable in view of the fact that it will not only surprise her, but also show how much the man appreciates her.

What an originalt to give a girl
What an originalt to give a girl

By analogy with this, it is not difficult to guess, you can do with any aspect of life, in relation to which the partners have opposite opinions. Nevertheless, even here you need to keep a clear head and not rush to extremes. In the end, this is just one of the available gift options and you can always just pick up and give …

DIY gift5

It all depends on the directness of the hands of the donor and his ability to reflect the very essence of his attitude. It is important that a self-made present will simply be original by its nature. And even if this is a sawn-off cutting board with a heart and flowers drawn by a rough man's hand - but this is what the man put his soul, his labor and a part of himself into. And such a gift for a loving woman will easily overshadow the shine of diamonds and the shine of gold.

And now a few tips that can help men choose a gift for their beloved:

Simple and elegant6

Wood and fabric products. It requires a minimum of skills, it is quickly and easily made with a minimum of effort, it can be easily decorated with improvised means. No one requires a figurine for a historical reconstruction in compliance with all the details, no one asks for an evening dress, but a crumpled cutting board or chair, oven mitts or an apron will not require special skills, but will be very pleasant not only because of its homemade origin, but and practicality.

What is the bestt for a girl
What is the bestt for a girl

Tedious, but beautiful7

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings made of beads or beads, or even braided. Again, this is a craft that is very undemanding to a man's skills, but requires some perseverance. If you also “steam up”, then it is quite possible to embed real stones into the composition of the product - the same mica or quartz are processed without much difficulty, they look quite attractive, not to mention the possibility of buying semi-precious and precious stones in specialized stores at a fairly affordable price tag.

Delightful, but short-lived8

Bouquet. Yes, a simple bouquet. Well, how simple … A man with a certain creative streak can collect and form independently a flower arrangement that carries a specific meaning and, possibly, has some meaning for a girl in particular or their couple in general.

With the proper skills in botany, it will not be difficult to create a bouquet of plants that, even when they wither, will retain their former beauty for a time significantly exceeding the life cycle of an average bouquet. The same immortelles or physalis retain bright colors for a long time. Even roses, with proper care of the composition, will be able to keep the petals intact after drying.

Gifts as gifts, and lunch - on schedule! -__ 8212

Food. It has been noticed more than once that men, as a rule, cook better than the weaker sex. Therefore, if you resurrect the Gordon Ramsay hiding inside, you can please the girl with interesting and delicious dishes. Especially if she usually dominates the kitchen. In the end, a couple of nice compliments and an unrivaled dinner (not navy-style pasta, but also not molecular cuisine) will make such a gift not only original, but also satisfying.

Whatt to please a girl
Whatt to please a girl

And a couple more notes9

It is important to learn the most important thing - in a gift, it is not so much the present itself that is important, but attention to the girl and the little things. The most precious diamond, donated without any background other than a message of wealth, will lose to a picnic on the rooftop under the moon, which will awaken memories of first dates, first kisses and the first steps on the path of a couple's relationship.

And it is no less critical to remember that a man will never boast of a gift he has made and, even more so, reproach a woman with it in the future. Because giving a gift is, first of all, not a way to amuse your own pride, but a disinterested and sincere act of showing attention to a person, a way to show his value for the donor.

And as for the question of all times - what to give a girl original? - then the answer is extremely simple. Any gift will be original if it is unexpected. And the more unforeseen and atypical it is for this particular couple, the more original it will seem to a woman who has already internally prepared for a “bouquet and box of chocolates”, where the latter is nothing more than a stereotype of a standard gift, because under some circumstances even this will become an eccentric gift!

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