Signs Of Flirting Or How To Tell If Someone Is Trying To Charm You

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Signs Of Flirting Or How To Tell If Someone Is Trying To Charm You
Signs Of Flirting Or How To Tell If Someone Is Trying To Charm You

Video: Signs Of Flirting Or How To Tell If Someone Is Trying To Charm You

Video: Signs Of Flirting Or How To Tell If Someone Is Trying To Charm You
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Girl in glasses
Girl in glasses

Signs of flirting are not always clear to everyone. Especially for guys, as girls like to be mysterious. Moreover, flirting can often be confused with elementary politeness. In order not to seem stupid and misunderstand a girl or guy who you think is having special attention, it is worth looking into the signs that they are actually flirting with you.

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  • 1 Looks in the eyes for a long time
  • 2 Always tries to be closer
  • 3 Looking for any opportunity to be alone
  • 4 The girl plays with her hair
  • 5 Constantly starts a conversation
  • 6 Gives you compliments
  • 7 Only laughs at your jokes
  • 8 Teasing
  • 9 Follows your movements
  • 10 Pretends to be a bully and an alpha male

Looks in the eyes for a long time

If the person is interested in you, they will try to maintain constant eye contact with you. If you see how they are openly staring at you, looking at you, smiling sweetly, and this is not the first time you meet your eyes, then these are clear signs of flirting. Usually everything ends with such peepers if the person is not brave enough to approach. Therefore, if you like the one who is looking at you, then take everything into your own hands and act. Perhaps this is fate?

Always trying to be closer2

If you spend time with friends and one of them tries to be closer to you all the time, and sometimes to touch you, then this definitely means that this person is not indifferent to you. Wherever you decide to go, this person will always be behind your suggestions and stay close. Thus, he will try to win your favor or at least a little attention.

Looking for every opportunity to be alone3

This, again, is more noticeable in a large company. The person who has sympathy for you will try to make sure that at some point, at least for a minute, you are left alone. He will try, under any pretext, to take you somewhere, or he will always call to help you, for example, in the kitchen.

Girl plays with her hair4

How can guys recognize signs of flirting from a girl next to him? Very simple! Many ladies unknowingly begin to touch their hair, straighten it and wrap it on their finger, while playfully looking at you. Such frank flirting is not able to notice only a blind! If you like this girl, go ahead. You definitely shouldn't miss your chance.


Constantly starts a conversation5

If a person cannot bear this awkward silence between you, then he will try to get you talking. Ask about the weather, interests and other things, just to listen to your pleasant voice. If you are a guy and a girl first started a conversation with you, then this is a success! Girls rarely start talking first, which means she is really interested in you.

Bestows compliments6

When you are given a bunch of compliments about your appearance, how you are dressed, and what smells good from you, this is a clear sign. Some compliment only because of their excessive politeness, but it is very easy to understand if a person is polite to you or if these are signs of flirting. It is enough to pay attention to his behavior next to you, namely, eye contact and touch. If all this is, in addition to compliments, then congratulations - you are the object of his sympathy.

Laughs only at your jokes7

This person will appreciate even the most unfortunate and unfunny jokes as if he had never heard anything better before. Pay attention to this and you can understand that you are not indifferent to him. This is especially noticeable in a large company, when only one of your friends is your loyal fan, while the rest are in no hurry to laugh with him.

how girls flirt
how girls flirt

Take note and check potential applicants for your soul mate this way - don't joke funny and watch the reaction. If your joke seems funny and funny to him, then it is likely that you are very interested in him.


This applies more to girls. If you are a guy and a girl with whom you communicate, teases you in every possible way, plays and jokes at you, then this is a clear sign that they are trying to "glue" you. This is what boys usually do at school when they like a girl. They pull her pigtails, joke. This speaks of their sympathy for the girl. The same behavior is characteristic of girls who begin to feel sympathy for a guy and expect him to understand this.

Follows your movements9

This is very interesting and happens most often unconsciously. Those who have sympathy for someone, without realizing it, begin to copy the movements of their object of sighing. Often, even different words that are trademarks can also be copied.

what is flirting
what is flirting

Pretends to be a bully and an alpha male10

If you are a girl and you notice this behavior from your friend, then these are clear signs of flirting. This has been done since ancient times. Thus, earlier males tried to take superiority over the rest, so that only the attention of potential females for reproduction and procreation was drawn to him. Times have changed, but instincts have remained. Thus, by behaving aggressively towards other guys, he tries to crush them and make sure that all your attention is focused only on him.

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