Wirth Dating Rules: What Can They Give And Where Can You Find Them?

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Wirth Dating Rules: What Can They Give And Where Can You Find Them?
Wirth Dating Rules: What Can They Give And Where Can You Find Them?

Video: Wirth Dating Rules: What Can They Give And Where Can You Find Them?

Video: Wirth Dating Rules: What Can They Give And Where Can You Find Them?
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Wirth dating
Wirth dating

The development of the internet has brought new forms of communication on dating sites. Virt-dating allows you to talk on intimate topics in the virtual space. This is a kind of erotic game that can diversify life well.

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General information

Wirth is closely associated with the word "sex". Initially, it meant ordinary virtual dating. People found each other on social networks, on special dating sites. The more popular they became, the greater the need for a small classification was.

Someone was looking for just communication, someone for friends, others want to escape from everyday affairs. It was then that different sites appeared. When a person came to it, it became clear to him what kind of contingent gathered on the site.

Sex on the phone can be considered the prototype of virtual sex dating. These services were once very popular. It was enough to call a certain phone number and the most daring fantasies could be discussed with the interlocutor. The call was chargeable, one minute was expensive, but the service was in demand.

In the age of the development of instant messengers, everything is much simpler. There are a lot of people who in this way give their leisure time an unusual mood. To some extent, this is a kind of fetish.

Previously, sexual fantasies were found in ordinary letters. If a man was on a long trip, then he maintained a relationship with his beloved woman in this way. This practice helped to strengthen the senses.

Now you can install various programs on your smartphone that allow you to exchange messages. Therefore, virtual dating took on a new form.

Main features2

The main advantage of such communication is anonymity. On many real dating sites, you can find a chat where you do not need to enter personal data. You can introduce yourself as anyone and enjoy the role. Some just write compliments, others talk about intimate topics or flirt.

For some people, this kind of forbidden communication is very exciting. Some people like to discuss fetishes, for example, sexual relations between characters in a computer game. Such a conversation can help you better know the characteristics of your sexuality.

Wirth dating rules
Wirth dating rules

For example, a person wants to try something from the BDSM theme, but has no idea how to bring it to life. Different scenarios can be played with a virtual partner.

Wirth dating has certain advantages. The first is complete safety. There is no way to get sexually transmitted diseases, HIV or unwanted pregnancy. Incomplexed and shy people communicate more easily on the Internet, as nothing binds them.

The advantage of virtuality is protection. A dialogue with an inadequate interlocutor can be easily terminated with two clicks of the mouse. In real life, such an obsession is hard to get rid of.

Of course, this is not a full-fledged substitute for sex, but it can provide a pleasant relaxation and distract from bad thoughts. Wirth should not be taken as something serious, capable of flowing into a full-fledged relationship.

Main types3

Conventionally, several types of virtual dating can be distinguished. The first is text chats. They can be on special sites or on social networks in special groups messages are published. The text contains information (some introductory data, gender and desires) and contacts.

wirth with a camera
wirth with a camera

Text chats are especially popular with people who like different fandoms. Such people want to play not just virtual sex, but the relationship between certain characters. All this is mixed with personal fantasies, preferences (for example, bondage or spanking).

Modern instant messengers provide voice communication. You can call or exchange short messages. This kind of Wirth gives a lot of emotional involvement. Through the voice, you can feel excitement, intonation, mood.

For the most daring, there is a virtual webcam. Here everything is already simpler - there must be a camera on a laptop or computer. The interlocutors communicate on intimate topics, doing various indecent acts from nudity to masturbation. The disadvantage of such communication is deanon, i.e. people see each other and can find each other in reality.

Rules of conduct4

With virtual dating, a person does not see the interlocutor. Emotions, feelings, reactions are hidden. Therefore, communication is simple and easy. Not all guys understand how to turn a conversation into a sex channel.

If the girl is unfamiliar, then you need to think about whether she will be happy with such a topic. Rarely does a representative of the weaker sex immediately offer to go to the intimate sphere. But some directly say that they want a virtual. In this case, it is better to clarify what she understands by this word.

You should not immediately send photos of the penis, as the interlocutor may misunderstand this.

virtual dating
virtual dating

Sometimes such an offer may follow from a wife or constant companion. This indicates that the other half wants sexual variety. Do not be afraid of Wirth in a permanent relationship. He will throw wood into the fire of passion, improve attraction.

A girl should be careful looking for a virtual partner. Some men use the correspondence for personal gain, lure erotic photos and blackmail.

First you need to choose the right place. It is desirable that it be a bedroom or another room. No one should bother a person. It is important to get in as comfortable as possible. This will be difficult at the kitchen table.

Next, you need to make sure the Internet is working. Check the connection speed on special services. It will be unpleasant if communication is interrupted at the most important moment.

This is especially important when using a webcam. At low speed, the image will be of poor quality, constantly failing. This will negatively affect the sound - it will constantly disappear and gurgle.

If a woman wants to use a webcam, she needs to be positioned correctly. Lighting and posture give the figure different characteristics. Therefore, you need to test different positions of the left.

types of virtual dating
types of virtual dating

It is worth paying attention to the choice of clothing. Staying naked isn't the best option. The tactile component is absent in the virtual and therefore needs to be replaced with a visual one.

A girl can choose a light silk robe or a shirt, a man boxer shorts. You should not hope for a good striptease session - very few people will be able to do it beautifully and gracefully.

When using a webcam, you need to be puzzled about creating an atmosphere. If there are dirty dishes in the background, dirty socks on the floor, this is unlikely to make communication sexy and romantic.

You can make a neutral background, turn on relaxing music, dim the lights. All this will make the atmosphere intimate. Some people prefer to choose non-standard places, such as the bathroom. Both guys and girls will love this session.

Despite the fact that instant messengers have appeared not so long ago, phone sex has been around for many years. Therefore, when confused, you can Google the most popular phrases for Wirth. These are general patterns to help you focus and understand which direction to go.

You can never speak on abstract topics (provided that it is Wirth). No one is interested in hearing about family problems or the need to call mom. Even during virtual sex it is disgusting.

Wirth's rules
Wirth's rules

In case of confusion, you can always moan and tell how the interlocutor turns on with his actions. Do not skimp on compliments, praise, description of external data.

During orgasm, many people want to understand how they look from the outside. At the moment of Wirth it will not work. There is also a man on the other side of the monitor. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account both his reactions and desires.

It is worth making sure that the communication channel is safe. Some criminals are specifically looking for people who are engaged in Wirth. They steal personal data, videos and photos. Then they use the material for blackmail.

Offer to call unilaterally should be alarming. Perhaps, on the other side of the screen, a fraudster is located.

Alternative 5

Virt-dating in the form of video chat is suitable only for courageous individuals. The rest can start small: text communication. In this case, it is best to start with the distribution of roles. You need to discuss with the interlocutor which scenes turn on whom.

For example, a guy loves fantasies about lecherous teachers. In this case, the girl's task is to play this role. For a better sense of the atmosphere, think over all the details: scene, situation, clothing, etc.

Wirth Sex Dating
Wirth Sex Dating

Better to discuss the forbidden practices right away. Some people don't like prostate massage, others don't like violence. It is better to discuss this at once in order to avoid conflicts.

Wirth itself happens through messaging. Their length depends on personal preference. Someone writes voluminous texts, someone is limited to a couple of lines. It is necessary to agree on acceptable vocabulary. Not everyone will like words from porn videos like "milf" and the like. Others, on the contrary, give birth to others.

The process itself follows the traditional scheme. Acquaintance, foreplay, sex. The duration of each stage is determined individually. It must be remembered that the role is played out and it does not have to coincide with the real person.

Finding common ground will be a good preparation. Emotional closeness will enhance the feeling of attraction, will add pungency to sensations. Do not neglect this action.

In virtual dating, you will have to replace many aspects of communication. Therefore, pay attention to filling the message, do not answer monosyllables or emoticons. Imagine the body of the interlocutor in great detail.

The foreplay will take about 20 minutes. Further it is worth moving on to decisive action. In between masturbation, it is worth describing the actions in detail in the text. Do not be limited to "I have taken off my shorts" or "I am in my panties."

Wirth-dating what is it
Wirth-dating what is it

Sample text: “My hand slides over smooth velvet skin, fingers touching a swollen nipple. The fabric tickles him pleasantly, adding pleasant goosebumps. A pleasant warmth spreads between the legs, and I bring my hips together."

Such fruitful communication will definitely bear fruit. It will increase arousal and you will be able to quickly reach orgasm. Some then add porn viewing and vibrator stimulation.

Sometimes people like to act out not just bed scenes, but a whole plot with an erotic bias. In this case, communication lasts more than one day.

Safety engineering6

Virtue dating allows you to relax and enjoy yourself. You can find a potential partner in instant messengers, social networks, dating sites. But you cannot be sure that the person on the other side of the screen is safe.

Therefore, it is better to adhere to simple recommendations. When registering, it is better to use a spare e-mail box (not with real data) and an additional phone number. This is necessary so that it is not possible to find a person's contacts on other sites.

Don't settle for webcams with your first acquaintance. These videos are popular on porn sites and hardly anyone wants that kind of fame. Therefore, it is better to do this only with trusted people. This also applies to sending intimate photos. One day they can become a property at work or among friends.

about dating for sex online
about dating for sex online

Don't tell the whole story about yourself. Better to come up with a new image: age, name, surname, place of work, etc. Do not question the interlocutor in detail about the presence of a wife or children - this will knock down the mood and will be like an interrogation.

Remember that unpleasant communication can be stopped right away. Do not succumb to provocations, at the first threats - the interlocutor should be immediately blocked.

Virtual sex will be a pleasant variety in life. Not everyone thinks this is acceptable if you have a permanent partner. Therefore, if there is a boyfriend or girlfriend, it is worth asking about the attitude to such fun. Some people enjoy reading correspondence.