Relationship Psychologist Tips: How To Find A Life Partner

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Relationship Psychologist Tips: How To Find A Life Partner
Relationship Psychologist Tips: How To Find A Life Partner

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Psychologist's advice on how to find a partner
Psychologist's advice on how to find a partner

To advise everyone; both on the web and in real life, many see themselves as relationship gurus. But the abundance of recommendations leads to the fact that some of them are generally useless, and look more like crazy delirium. If you follow one of these unfortunate advice, you can even lose your relationship. So in that regard, it is worth listening to the professionals. Psychologist and relationship expert Adam Lodolce tells which of them you should never believe.

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  • 2 Finding a new lover
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Ordinary advice and should you trust them i

Interviewer: "How do you know if you should rely on advice?"

Lodolce: “The easiest way to understand the value of advice is based on who gives it. Who is this author, blogger or researcher? Is his audience large enough? Has he achieved success in his field? If he has a large following, then people are more likely to benefit from his strategies. Therefore, you can apply his recommendations to your life and understand whether they will work for you or not."

Interviewer: "Who should you never take relationship advice from?"

Lodolce: “I believe that you should not take recommendations from individuals or people who are themselves unhappy. As a rule, lonely people give a lot of advice, considering themselves to be such sages and gurus. However, their own lives clearly demonstrate that they themselves cannot derive much benefit from this wisdom."

Interviewer: "Worst relationship advice you've ever heard?"

Lodolce: "I suppose it sounds like this:" Just wait for love to come to you, and sooner or later you will find your happiness. " This is a bad recommendation, since looking for love from a person requires activity and enterprise. You need to go outside, meet new people (and not just anyone, but those who will be useful to you). You can't just sit back and wait for a long-legged blonde or a charming boy to fall on you."

Interviewer: "How do I find very valuable relationship advice?"

Lodolce: “Find experts in this area to start. Free tips are good, of course. But something really valuable, and, moreover, suitable for you, can only be advised by a professional. Many are now called psychologists; however, not everyone has the necessary knowledge and experience. Rely on the information that a specialist provides about himself: the level of his education, experience. Read reviews of live users about his work. Trust your intuition. You can really get valuable advice from the experts, which may help you get rid of years of loneliness or save a relationship on the brink of rupture."

Psychologist's advice
Psychologist's advice

Finding a new lover 2

Interviewer: "What's the best strategy for finding a partner?"

Lodolche: “Start getting out of the shell of your own life and meeting new people. This does not mean that you will find a passion within two weeks; perhaps this will not happen in a year. However, the very fact of communication and expansion of ties increases the chances of a cherished meeting."

“For example, my clients tracked how many people they met during the month. As a rule, when I start working with them, they get to know a maximum of 2-3 new people during this period. However, we bring this number to 10 and 20. This can be a short conversation or a regular, casual conversation or an appointment. But in any case, it is important to do this, and not just draw in your imagination pictures of how everything will turn out in some incredible way by itself."

Starting a new connection: what to look for3

Interviewer: "What is most important in the beginning of a relationship?"

Lodolce: “Resist the temptation to fall into a romantic frenzy. Keep your eyes wide and alert. Evaluate a new acquaintance, notice the details of his behavior. Understanding what a person is, how he acts, what his worldview is - all this can cost you years of mental pain. Look for things like lying, alcohol or drug addiction, serious financial problems, emotional or physical abuse."

Relationship Psychologist Tips
Relationship Psychologist Tips

“If you still haven't found the person with whom you will spend the rest of your life - do not despair,” the psychologist encourages his listeners at the end of his interview. “Finding love takes time and effort. Do not hurry. Start by working on yourself. When two emotionally healthy and compatible people meet, everything becomes possible for them."

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