How To Be Attractive To Girls: 5 Steps Towards A Woman's Heart

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How To Be Attractive To Girls: 5 Steps Towards A Woman's Heart
How To Be Attractive To Girls: 5 Steps Towards A Woman's Heart

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Not all were born as charismatic, handsome, tall, and girly looking. Frankly, not many were lucky with this. Do you go to parties, but the fair sex bypasses you? Or do they communicate nicely with you, but still give preference to others? Surely you have repeatedly asked yourself why. And what's wrong with you. In this article, we'll talk about how to become attractive to girls.

The content of the article

  • 1 Find your dignity.
  • 2 Learn to work on flaws
  • 3 Pay attention to appearance
  • 4 Find a hobby
  • 5 Radiate the traits that attract girls to men

Find your dignity.i

Each person is something special. No wonder the universe has created us completely different from each other. Find your dignity. What positive character traits do you have in your arsenal? You can compare yourself with your other acquaintances in this way: “They are such and such, and here I am …” Soon you will understand that you, in general, have everything to interest a girl. Feel more confident. After all, everyone who exudes confidence is liked by everyone. But don't forget that there is another step:

Learn to work on flaws2

Admiring yourself, praising your personality and focusing on not noticing the shortcomings is also not worth it. With this approach, you can turn into a tyrant in love with yourself, and no one likes such. Keep the line, remember that a person is imperfect. But negative traits are not given in order to worry about them, but in order to work on them.

Everyone has them, and in order for them to become smaller, they need to be eradicated. Are you shy? Constantly ask yourself the question: "What would I think of a girl who … (insert what you are ashamed of) …?" For example: "What would I think of a girl who came up to me to ask for directions to the store?" No, well, what would you think, right? Never mind! I would not decide that she was a fool, would not rush at her with shouts, would not send and would not eat. He answered and moved on. So why should other people be different?

If you have such a disadvantage as pouring bad jokes out of excitement, learn to bite your tongue in time.

In general, work on yourself, and you will definitely succeed.

Pay attention to appearance3

Girls love neat guys. If you don't know how to become attractive to girls, learn to keep yourself in order. They are very fond of it, believe me! Let's start from top to bottom:

no ridiculous hairstyles, no messy hair. The haircut is neat, the hair is always washed

shave more often, no one likes prickly stubble. Especially when, after kisses, painful irritation remains on the girl's cheeks. If you think the stubble gives you a macho look, let it go a little more than "three days" and then trim it with a clipper. So she injects less. Do you have a mustache and beard? Keep them neat

how to be attractive
how to be attractive

use antiperspirant and perfume. Girls love it when a guy smells good. Do not let go of the vegetation under your armpits, from which you can weave a braid and wrap it around twice J The same applies to "that" place

wash every day

Pay special attention to socks. Many men have problems with this, which make a repulsive impression on girls. Every day, EVERYONE, put on fresh socks. And wash them in advance, so that later in a hurry it will not be found: clean socks are over, you will have to get them "from a dry wash" (ie from a basket with dirty laundry)

Your clothes should not necessarily be expensive, but clean - they simply must. The same goes for shoes.

You can also start going to the gym. It is not necessary to "pump up the frame", it is important just to be in good shape.

Find a hobby4

Girls are attracted to guys who, in addition to work and study, have some kind of hobby. Especially if you are successful in this hobby. It is important here not to try to find yourself uncharacteristic occupation. In this you are unlikely to achieve success, because you will not be able to radically remake yourself. If you do not know how and do not like to dance, you should not look for non-existent desires in yourself.

Attractive man
Attractive man

But it is possible and even necessary to work with what nature has given. Calmly and truthfully think what you can do and what you could learn with pleasure. Starting from the gym, ending with guitar courses. This will broaden your horizons, prevent boredom and add interest from the opposite sex.

Radiate the traits that girls are attracted to when dealing with men5

Confidence. Both in yourself and in your actions. When meeting, do not hesitate, do not mutter, speak clearly and coherently, make decisions quickly. Look in the eyes, don't let your gaze wander. This will help you build eye contact and look confident.

Ability not only to speak, but also to listen. Talk about yourself, but let her also. Ask her - let her tell what she is fond of, what worries her. Girls love to talk J

Sense of humor. Learn to laugh at other people's jokes and joke yourself. Just no obscenity! Save this for times when you are in a male company.

what kind of men do women like
what kind of men do women like

Intelligence. Just don't overdo it either. No need to amaze her with calculations from Wikipedia and be clever, throwing dust in your eyes. Otherwise, the girl will find you boring and narcissistic.

Relaxedness. Occasionally allow yourself to accidentally touch her arm or elbow, but watch her reaction. If a girl pulls her hand not flirtatiously, but abruptly, while cringing, stop such attempts. So not now. And, of course, you should not immediately take on the parts of the body you like, you are not a baboon. For this you can get in the face.

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