Smart And Beautiful Girl: To Combine The Incompatible?

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Smart And Beautiful Girl: To Combine The Incompatible?
Smart And Beautiful Girl: To Combine The Incompatible?
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Smart and beautiful girl
Smart and beautiful girl

In the Soviet Union, the most laudatory words for a representative of the beautiful half of humanity are an intelligent and beautiful girl. If someone said so about someone, then no clarifications were required. Somehow the image of a smiling, modest pretty student loomed by itself. "Prisoner of the Caucasus" did not appear on the screens for nothing.

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  • 1 What is a smart girl?
  • 2 What is a woman's mind, according to men?
  • 3 What is a beautiful girl?

Leonid Gaidai and Natalya Varley managed to create a collective image of the Soviet beauty. Or maybe it was exactly the opposite - it was this image that influenced the minds of Soviet people.

Those times have sunk into oblivion along with the image. What is it in our time - a smart and beautiful girl?

Of course, everything is subjective. There is even an opinion that it is impossible to collect these two concepts in one person, they are, they say, mutually exclusive. Will the statement turn out to be true if we consider these two parameters in more detail? And why is there an opinion that men are afraid of smart and beautiful women?

What is a smart girl? I

No matter what idle gossips or the media say, a normal man chooses an intelligent girl. If an image of a lady in horn-rimmed glasses appears before my eyes, which broadcasts with a smart look, then no, it does not go away.

What is a woman's mind, according to men? 2

As you know, a man, like any person, needs communication with his own kind. Moreover, one type of communication cannot replace another. With friends, you can happily talk about fishing, football, and finally, about women. But sometimes it all ends there, and the soul longs for another

Yes, there is such a substance - the soul. No one can say for sure what it is, but also no one denies that she demands her own. It is with a woman that you can talk about topics that cannot be revealed in any other society.

An intelligent girl can give good advice, consider the situation from different angles, which will help in solving a painful problem

She will not impose her point of view, but will listen and express her opinion without pressing or imposing - this is really smart.

She also does things that 99% of women do not. In modern society, this is called - taking out a man's brain, or composting it. The most unpleasant condition for him. This is exactly what a smart girl does not do, and men are very grateful to her for this

A smart girl
A smart girl

She knows how to control her emotions. This does not mean at all that they do not exist. Enough, like any girl, but keeps them in check and acts so that she controls them, and not vice versa. This makes it possible to compromise, which has a beneficial effect on any relationship

A smart girl is sure that there are no perfect people, therefore she knows how to forgive not only a man, but also herself

She does not dwell on either the man or the problem. This allows you to live easily and freely, and people who are around feel the same way

It's not boring with her! She knows how to surprise and is surprised herself. There is no end to her inventions and improvisations! She knows how to turn any weekday into a real holiday

How does it feel to be a smart girl
How does it feel to be a smart girl

And it's warm with her. She knows how to turn the conversation around, so attentively and actively listen that a person himself does not notice how he opens his soul to her, sometimes finds his truth. And I am very grateful to her for that

All these criteria differ from what some time ago men put into the concept of "smart girl". It was such an image of a dry, knowledgeable madam, with whom I did not really want to communicate, since it was not communication, but eternal rivalry. The girl tried to show her intelligence and erudition, and put the man, this baboon in pants, in his place.

Yes, the image is really unattractive. That is why empty-headed blondes began to enjoy such wild popularity - you can't talk much, but nobody can stand the brain.

Fortunately, times have changed, and girls are changing too. And now a smart girl does not seek to show her superiority, but controls the communication gently and imperceptibly so that the interlocutor is comfortable and interesting.

What is a smart girl
What is a smart girl

In order to be such a girl, alas and ah, you need to study. Of course, higher education does not provide any guarantee, but this is not about it. And that smart people, not only girls, learn all their lives, including intelligent actions.

What is a pretty girl? 3

If men show solidarity about the mind of a girl, then there is confusion in matters of beauty. Here taste and color are mixed, and the loss of comrades begins (“when there is no agreement in comrades”).

However, there have been so many studies on this subject that some common features have emerged. The key word is some. 40-50% is, of course, an indicator, and yet it cannot be called a standard.

So, a beautiful girl, according to men of different ages, social status and country of residence.

Beautiful girl
Beautiful girl

She must have beautiful eyes. 40% of men believe that they are blue or green, but always with a sparkle. And it's also good when a girl looks straight, does not avoid looking. This is also considered beautiful

She should be feminine and gentle. 46% of men consider this the main criterion for beauty. And skirts and heels highlight this well

There are, yes, there are men in the world who prefer protruding bones, but 45% still favor splendor of forms. But here, as it turned out, it is not the size that matters, but the proportion. The curve at the waist should be large and the hip-to-waist ratio should be 7:10

Long hair. 58% of men find it feminine and beautiful. And researchers argue that it is not without reason, since such hair convinces others of health. By the way, a dark color is added to long hair, men love this more than light. But hairspray and complex hairstyles are not welcome

Where to find a beautiful and smart girl
Where to find a beautiful and smart girl

For some reason, self-confidence was added to the criteria. 60% of men mark it as a sign of beauty. So, to be beautiful and happy, you just need to be confident. A valuable discovery

General grooming. Here are skin, hair, nails, clothes. The main condition is that all this must be well-groomed. Not necessarily trendy and bright, but clean and stylish

Posture. This is the first sign of confidence. This is probably why men are ready to forgive a woman for many defects in appearance if she has a regal posture

A confident woman will also smile. So a pleasant, open smile is also an indicator of beauty

Make-up must be, this is a sign of grooming, but excess will scare off even the most daring

Beautiful and smart girl
Beautiful and smart girl

The aroma is very subtle. It turned out that men are attracted by the scent that correlates with their own. But even if there is no such coincidence, a light trail of good perfume is a special note of sexuality, according to men. And kinesthetics generally believe that smell is the main measure of beauty, everything else is secondary

The gait should be light, flying. Looks very attractive with a straight back

Beautiful voice. Moreover, some men believe that a low voice is a sign of sexuality, while others believe that a high voice is feminine. Range is not as important as clarity and melody

According to experts, all sociological studies and polls of men about the ideal woman have given an unambiguous result - men want a girl to be smart and beautiful. No alternative.

Smart and beautiful girl
Smart and beautiful girl

Numerous polls and studies show that an inner component is woven into the concept of female beauty, and the mind should be feminine and used not to shine with it, but in order to create happiness and harmony for oneself and those around them. This combination of inner and outer beauty will lead to the fact that everyone will say: a smart and beautiful girl.

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