TOP-9 Qualities Of A Real Man: Opinion Of Women And Men

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TOP-9 Qualities Of A Real Man: Opinion Of Women And Men
TOP-9 Qualities Of A Real Man: Opinion Of Women And Men

Video: TOP-9 Qualities Of A Real Man: Opinion Of Women And Men

Video: TOP-9 Qualities Of A Real Man: Opinion Of Women And Men
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The qualities of a real man
The qualities of a real man

Everyone has ever heard such words as "Here he is - a real man"! Who is this ideal, and does it exist at all? What, in the opinion of women, these very qualities of a real man should be, but also what the representatives of the strong half think about this, we will understand in detail in the further content.

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  • 1 What a man should be: the opinion of women
  • 2 The qualities of a real man in the opinion of the stronger sex

What a man should be: the opinion of women

If you ask girls without hesitation and quickly name the most important qualities of a real man, then, most likely, you will hear the following:

  • kind;
  • loving;
  • generous.

According to the survey results, these three traits were highlighted by the bulk of women (almost 100%). But if the girls are given a little thought, then they will note other features that, in their opinion, should be present in the ideal guy.

  • Masculinity. Under this quality, the ladies represent a strong morally and physically hero, ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their beloved. No wonder women are so fond of the military, firefighters, rescuers. Even an experiment was carried out on this fact.
  • Before the girls, they put the most extraordinary man dressed in a military uniform, but he never served in the ranks of the army (of course, the women did not know this), and asked to compile his psychological portrait. The fair half in the front ranks singled out his masculinity, strength, heroism, discipline. According to the girls, the basic qualities of a real man are inherent in the military.
  • Courage. Surely no woman likes a coward man. Women believe that the head of the family should be endowed with courage, since he is responsible not only for himself, but also for his loved ones. No wonder, on the basis of heroism, many films were shot, which ladies watch with such pleasure and trepidation: here the daredevil went to the monster's lair to help out the princess, and there the brave super hero saves the whole world at once!
  • Reliability. This concept is twofold, and under it the girls represent such a man who can be relied on in any situation, entrust your secrets and even your life. Another description of a reliable guy is his financial viability. That is, he should be able to provide everything necessary for his family, pamper. Different women perceive the quality “Reliable” in their own way. For some, this is a man with whom you can go into fire and water, for others, the one that will provide a decent life.
  • Honesty. Ladies vying with each other assert that in any situation a guy should remain honest, never deceive his beloved. But here you can argue a little, because there is a lie for the good. For example, a girl doesn’t suit her new haircut, but she likes it. And so, in order not to injure your chosen one morally, you can, after all, lie, saying that the new image suits her!
  • And the fact that a loved one has changed is unlikely to please anyone. Just imagine, the faithful comes home in the morning, and to the question "Where have you been?" answers honestly: "I had a full blast with one blonde!" So, honesty cannot be included in the mandatory qualities of a real man, sometimes a sweet lie is better than a bitter truth!
  • Decency. This trait is especially appreciated by women, but it is less and less common in reality. A real man should be decent in everything: take care of children, wife, parents, help out friends, be a good worker. A decent man will never leave his family, will not change his beloved, no matter how much he wants.
  • Thrift. A man, in addition to work, should pay attention to household chores. Any woman will be delighted that her beloved will help her cope with cleaning, cooking. But today more and more guys prefer computer games, because this is much more enjoyable than washing dishes or vacuuming.
  • And some representatives of the stronger sex are generally sure that household is not their responsibility, and even more so household should not be on the list of qualities of a real man. Previously, it may have been so, until women achieved the right to work on an equal basis with the powerful. But the men did not fight to engage in home comfort on an equal footing, they decided that they were comfortable without it.
  • Therefore, dear ladies, they themselves wanted equality of the sexes, so now do both work and home, and the peasants had enough of their own troubles!
funny man
funny man
  • Kindness. Girls believe that the real man is the one who treats animals with trepidation, helps the elderly, and fights for world peace. A kind man is a good family man with whom it is comfortable to raise children and lead a life. He will never offend, he will shed a tear with you over the grave of the deceased hamster.
  • Sexuality. By the way, very few women even remembered this trait during the survey! Many of the women are simply sure that a real man may not be a sex symbol if he is endowed with other positive traits. Some girls said that they would be more attracted to a chubby good-natured person than a brutal macho who does not like animals.
  • And it's hard to disagree with this. Therefore, dear men, do not pursue the idealization of appearance, it is better to pay attention to your behavior, worldview.
  • The ability to be there at the right moment. Yes, women attributed this quality to the main ones. They believe that a guy should be able to find time for his beloved, friends, relatives and loved ones when they need it. You can't just brush off those who need help, referring to important things, employment. You need to be able to give up something in order to support those to whom you are dear and who are dear to you.
  • Neatness, neatness. Every woman, first of all, when meeting a guy, pays attention to his appearance. It used to be that ladies were seduced with a dirty face after a fight, with rough hands from hard work, with traces of sweat - the result of long work.
  • Today, girls will pay attention to someone who looks neat, smells nice. A man should be such that he is not ashamed to show his girlfriends! Let him have a difficult physically work (worker at a factory, miner, firefighter, and so on), but he must be able to find time to bring himself into a proper form for going out to people.
  • Striving to develop. Every real man should have an active life position: study, self-development, the desire to move up the career ladder. Only about such people we can safely say: they know how to live, love life, want the best for themselves and their family. Why not a real man?
  • Independence. The fair sex especially appreciates this feature in the strong. A man simply has to be independent of situations and other people, to be able to independently solve problems. Financial independence should also be. You cannot rely on the help of parents, friends, you need to be able to earn money yourself so as not to be obliged.
man with hat and glasses
man with hat and glasses
  • Fidelity. This quality is less and less common in the modern world, and therefore it is so appreciated. A real loving man will never change his beloved, will not betray his friends.
  • Having your own point of view. If a guy has his own opinion, then he will be respected, and this can be referred to as a real man. There is no need to dissemble, agree with someone if you feel inside that that person is wrong. You need to express your vision of the situation, be able to refuse.
  • A man should not be selfish. This is the opinion of absolutely all women. If you have already started a family, then you should put the interests of your wife and children first, and not your own. And who is the egoist here? That's right, all the girls!
  • Sense of humor. Ladies love when the chosen one can easily make them laugh, distract from problems. But it is worthwhile to understand that there should be a measure in everything, and treat with humor only those situations where it will be appropriate. The concepts of "Man with a sense of humor" and "Clown" should not be confused.
  • Stress resistance. Women like it when guys can easily endure stress, do not get depressed over all sorts of trifles. Even in the most difficult situation, you need to show that you have "iron nerves", because it is considered very unmanly if a man begins to behave like a hysterical grandmother. We tell you how to be and what to do when, the guy became like a girl!
man playing
man playing

This list contains only a drop of common sense. Women, noting the qualities of a real man, created the image of a non-existent super hero who would meet all the requirements of an ideal creation. This is a handsome man and a kind-hearted man, and a strong and brave guy. Perhaps there are some somewhere, but still, all the qualities of a real man described above simply do not fit in one person, and this is worth understanding.

The qualities of a real man according to the stronger sex2

Of course, the guys themselves have their own opinion on this issue. During the survey, most men singled out a quality that should be inherent in anyone - the lack of effeminacy.

Yes, a guy should take care of his appearance, hygiene, tidiness, but everything in moderation. You cannot so zealously style your hair with gel, pluck out your eyebrows, giving them an unnatural look, especially using decorative cosmetics. Men believe that powder and lipstick are part of a woman's image, their beauty. It is difficult to call a guy a real man walking in tight jeans, and on whose lips gloss is clearly visible.

Yes, appearance is the first thing that men noted. But there is also a list of other qualities.

odd man
odd man
  • I see the goal - I go to it. If a man decided to achieve something, then he will definitely do it. He will not sit and envy other people who have a business, a good family, but will try to get everything the same, only twice as much.
  • Mutual assistance. Each man has a certain circle of friends who should always come to each other's aid. If you constantly refuse to support your comrades, then they will never say about you that you are a real man.
  • A guy should not be henpecked, but he must also respect his wife. This is really a real male quality! You cannot, at the first order of your beloved (be it a whim, or the goal of training your spouse), throw everything, rush to look for her new shoes.
  • But you need to give money for these shoes! You also need to be able to “rustle” around the house, everyone should be done together, together, and not on command. A real man should always find time to communicate with friends only in a male company, and the spouse cannot influence this.
  • Comprehensive development. According to many men, they should be able to do everything, have “golden hands” and “a bright head”: “Has the car stalled? I will quickly see what happened there, and only if absolutely necessary I will tow it to the master.
  • Need to hang a shelf? No problem! A friend is moving? I will help you move the furniture. Do you need to help your son solve the problem? And that's not a problem either! " You can list further everything that a well-rounded guy should be able to do, but this will be a very long list!
  • A man should be able to resist provocations. For example, you have important family affairs planned: dinner with your wife, meeting your mother-in-law from the airport, walking in the park with your child. But here friends invite to drink beer, and the refusal is answered "Not a man, or what ?!" This is a provocation.
  • Yes, the mother-in-law will take a taxi, but you can always have time for a walk with your son, and you meet with friends once every six months. But give preference to those things that were planned in advance! In the same way, your beloved can provoke, but if you already have an invitation to your friends for a gathering, know how to refuse the lady.

Otherwise, how the strong and weaker sex see the qualities of a real man, converges. But men have singled out for themselves the main list, which is located above, and the rest is not considered mandatory. But not everyone understands that all positive traits are difficult to develop in oneself.

For example, there are guys who see their shortcomings in their inability to earn money, refuse, stand their ground, begin to believe that they are not real men. But they forget that other qualities are also embedded in them, for example, purposefulness, kindness, responsiveness, and so on.

In the same way, some ladies, having noted the absence of one feature in a man, begin to close their eyes to the presence of others. There are no ideals! Each person is unique, some qualities prevail in him, but others are absent. It is impossible to find everything in one, it would be a robot, not a living creature!

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