The Most Helpful Tips For Finding A Wealthy Man

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The Most Helpful Tips For Finding A Wealthy Man
The Most Helpful Tips For Finding A Wealthy Man

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man and girl
man and girl

In the modern world, you can even find an ad on the Internet with the phrase - I'm looking for a wealthy man. It should be understood that no one traveller will respond to such a phrase and will only put the author in an uncomfortable position. Although it depends on what the girl means by the phrase wealthy. Maybe she just wants to become a kept woman or offer herself for one evening. Really wealthy people don't look for such offers on the net.

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Where to look? I

You need to meet a wealthy man in the appropriate places. They are associated with the interests of the rich - money, culture, spiritual development:

Business development courses, various kinds of trainings, master classes, seminars. People come here who already have start-up capital, who want to exaggerate it and develop in new directions. There is a chance to find a young “budding millionaire”. At such events, it is important to have an understanding of the topic and to understand a little about it. Sitting stupidly or staring at the alleged "victims" will not produce the desired results

  • You can get a job related to the service of VIPs. Travel agency managers, bank employees, administrators of expensive restaurants and spa salons, employees in car, branded clothing and footwear stores. It is important every day to be ready for the gift of fate and to be on top. They are greeted by clothes, after all.
  • Wealthy people take care of themselves, so you can find them in eco-shops and sports clubs. Among them, there are many who like to cheer in equestrian sports or Formula 1 races. It will be very helpful to get up-to-date on healthy eating, sports or competition. One species is not enough, you need to talk about something. In the future, this will become your hobby for two, so you should choose to your liking.
How to find a wealthy man
How to find a wealthy man
  • Of course, the cream of society likes to relax in expensive restaurants and expensive resorts. There are more chances to make an acquaintance on vacation, since they are distracted from working days and want to unwind. You can even expect an initiative on their part, if, of course, you managed to attract attention and make a good impression. It is not worth lying about the fact that a girl comes here every day or season - acquaintance with the lie will not bear fruit.
  • Get acquainted with the overseas groom, marriage agencies and a dating site will help. On proven platforms, only real people and fortunes. Wealthy foreigners live in Western Europe, as well as Canada and the United States.

How to look? 2

The first impression is crucial. People in wealthy circles are used to evaluating others by their appearance. If a girl has only jewelry from her jewelry, it is better not to wear anything. Such a "beauty" will immediately be attributed to a number of cheap ones who want to seem expensive. We choose clothes from the same principle. Better one expensive outfit than a wardrobe. Over the years of a rich life, a man can easily identify expensive fabric from cheap stuff, no matter how super fake it is.

Another misconception is that wealthy people peck at size five breasts, huge lips, eyelashes extended to the eyebrows. Maybe they will like this kind of appearance, but most likely for one night. Minimalism and natural appearance will give the impression of individuality and self-respect. Calm makeup will help you see the natural beauty of your face better. A girl should be well-groomed, this is more important than fashionable purple shades.

How to attract a wealthy man
How to attract a wealthy man

Behavior is part of the dress. If a girl behaves defiantly, trying to attract attention to herself, then she will not cause anything but laughter and bewilderment. Of course, you need to draw attention to yourself, but it is better not to do it in such a way that everyone around you also looks at this performance.

Who are wealthy men looking for3

Every hunter who wants to receive her prize should understand that if she decided to covet the golden horse, she must offer something in return:

  • The girl must be educated and continue to develop. Attending various kinds of seminars can not only become a reason for acquaintance, but also fulfill their primary role - self-development. You need to be interested sincerely, try to learn new things and apply them in your life.
  • Be interested in culture, know history. It will be interesting for a man to teach his chosen one something and to tell about the painting in the Louvre, but he will be pleasantly surprised if they answer him and keep the conversation going.

Leningrad Group "Exhibit"

Finding a wealthy man
Finding a wealthy man
  • Should be the standard of women. It is not enough to speak in a soft melodic voice, wear heels and beautiful underwear. You need to be real, take care of yourself, know your worth, be modest both in behavior and in desires. If after meeting you relax and start telling vulgar jokes with swear words, a man may experience a shock.
  • Know how to please him. It's not just about bed. Although here you also need to have a couple of different ideas in the store, which should be replenished. It is important to study the habits of your chosen one, what he likes, in any situation to be his support and support. Know how to make him laugh, how he loves to relax, how to cheer him up. It's important to have a couple of personal chips - a special lucky tie knot, a nice Friday night with homemade noodle soup, etc. you need a man to associate with a girl as many warm memories as possible.
  • Self-confidence and optimism are the best qualities that will help not only in finding a man, but in general in life situations. Constant whining about a bad life or about what kind of "hand" you are will not bring the desired consolation, but, on the contrary, will force a man to run away from negativity.

Misha, is he biting now?

The girl made sure that they paid attention to her. How to proceed further? How to make sure that people do not play with it, but become seriously interested?

Find a wealthy man
Find a wealthy man

First of all, you should decide for yourself what is the purpose of such a relationship. If in the future a girl sees herself walking around the shops and discussing her new manicure with her friends, then she should admit to herself that she is looking for a wallet, and not a man. And with such requests, it is easy to become a kept woman, get bored after a while and be thrown out. Of course, for such a time, you can "fall in love" with yourself some kind of state or beg for a business. There is a chance not to be left with a "bare butt" in the end.

If the prospect of a strong relationship and the search is for a man with a pleasant cash bonus, then you need to hook a man with something that he is not yet familiar with or has forgotten.

  • Be sincere with him, anyway, under any circumstances. All guile and the desire to make a good impression will lead to ruin. He is already used to the fact that most people communicate with him for their own benefit, he has the opportunity to check every word.
  • Men who are used to buying everything for money can forget about free pleasures. Such a contrast will make an impression on him, thereby emphasizing that the girl is interested in the person, and not in his financial capabilities. A walk along the embankment or a park, a trip to a cozy coffee shop, a trip out of town for a picnic. Such a vacation will give the young man an opportunity to distract himself from his money and switch to getting impressions that will be associated with the girl. This is how feelings arise. The more pleasant memories of a person, the more warm feelings towards him.
Find a wealthy guy
Find a wealthy guy

If a girl decides to become a companion of a rich man, she must fully correspond to his status. So that he would not be bored next to her and ashamed in front of his surroundings. Not everyone can be so confident in their choice as the hero from the movie "Pretty Woman". Therefore, before a girl writes in her diary - "I am looking for a wealthy man", you should still think about what he can find in her.

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