What Is The Role Of Women In The Family, Or Who Should Earn Money?

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What Is The Role Of Women In The Family, Or Who Should Earn Money?
What Is The Role Of Women In The Family, Or Who Should Earn Money?

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Many girls are worried that when they meet, young people pay attention to the wealth of the chosen one. It is not necessary that a girl's financial situation corresponds to that of a man's, but a woman's income can greatly affect the further development of a relationship.

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Compared to previous generations, there are more women than ever before. Many of them are heads of families or earn significantly more than the other half. A woman can spend the money earned on herself or on her family. While more women earn more than ever before, they are paid significantly less to do the same work as their male counterparts in nearly every profession and industry. On average, women earn 20% less than men.

90% of women at some point in their lives will be fully responsible for their finances, since most marriages end in divorce, and men more often prefer to pay alimony from their wages than take their children to support, and some of them will start paying alimony after receiving a writ of execution and the relevant court order.

Kept girls

Girls who are handed over by their parents to the hands of men, most often cannot, and do not want to work. They visit the fitness room, indulge in their own beauty, and post brunch photos to Instagram.

Parents provide the young ladies with money, with the words “you will have time to work out more”, “the man must”, etc. To feel independent and show off to their girlfriends, girls choose the sphere of beauty and the modeling business, and if they do not come out face, then art.

To get a man, it will not be enough for a girl to have a good appearance, it is necessary to "sell herself at a higher price", which is possible only if her mind and appearance match. If the young lady is not very smart, she will not keep the sponsor for a long time, it is also necessary to have a share of cunning.

A girl who is provided by a rich man must correspond to him in everything. You can't come to dinner with his colleagues disheveled, eat salad with a spoon, tell the latest gossip from the Dom-2 project.

The financial situation of the girl
The financial situation of the girl

Also, a man can insist that the girl does not work, and then she will be completely dependent on whether he gives her money or not. Not every woman will agree to endure this type of relationship, however, the longer the addiction persists, the more oppression a girl can experience.

The strategy is good up to a certain age, because over time, beauty begins to fade, and "sponsors" prefer fresh girls, so it is necessary either to keep a man with something, or to start a business, but not everyone can keep a child, but in order to manage your business, you need have a good grasp and know how money works.

If the beauty is gone, and the source of income has not appeared, the situation is completely deplorable for the kept woman.


The keepers of the hearth are most often girls brought up in such families. The father works, and the mother takes care of the household and children. Most often, such families have more than one child.

Women and money
Women and money

The roots of this format of relations go back to the past, when a farm meant a vegetable garden and cattle. However, homework cannot be discounted these days, caring for children, especially if they are often sick and stay at home instead of going to kindergarten, can be exhausting. After all, it is also necessary to keep order in the house, prepare food, and at the same time make sure that children do not go into sockets or throw off a hot kettle. The situation becomes simpler as children grow up, teenagers can already be entrusted with household tasks.

In such families where a woman does not work, a man either gives money to run the household, or completely transfers all the family capital into women's hands, in exchange he expects that in the evening he will always have a hot dinner, the children are washed, and the wife does not have a headache.

The situation is dangerous if the marriage breaks up. Specialists who do not carry out professional activities can lose their competitiveness even in a year - something has been forgotten, something new has appeared. Then the girl will have to start her career from scratch or go to work that does not require special skills with a small salary. Do not think that child support will cover all expenses, children are much more expensive than it might seem at first glance. Moreover, one can never expect that an ex-husband will turn out to be a scoundrel and will hide part of his income behind a gray salary, and there are many such cases.

The longer the woman is in it, the more difficult it is to get out of such a relationship model. Because employers prefer to hire young and promising, and not specialists of pre-retirement age from the date of their last employment, twenty years have passed.

What can you learn about a girl by her financial situation
What can you learn about a girl by her financial situation

On the same wavelength3

The most common situation that affects the financial situation of a girl in a relationship is work on an equal footing with a man. In such families, the responsibilities for both earnings and housekeeping are divided equally. A man cannot say “you are a woman, which means you have to,” because this is a reference to patriarchy, where the head of the family was involved in providing material for the household.

Such relationships are the most harmonious, because there is always something to talk about, and in the event of a break, no one loses anything.

However, one should not forget about pregnancy and maternity leave, when a girl most often finds herself in a position dependent on a man and for some time the model becomes similar to the situation described in the "homemaker" section. It is important not to get bogged down in family affairs and not become a hen hen, because children grow up and they will have more topics in common with those who are on the same wavelength with them, and women who are obsessed with household affairs will always have one wave: “you have eaten ? "," Put on a hat? " etc.

hard worker
hard worker

A way out of the situation can be the transition to remote work and a shorter working day. Thus, a woman does not lose her qualifications, earns money, and her life is not limited to the child.

Business sharks4

Punchy young ladies who set themselves the goal of conquering, if not the whole world, then at least everything that they can reach. Such women even give birth to children on the job. Women who occupy the position of a boss are often deeply unhappy, because professional deformation does not spare anyone, and not everyone can cope with character.

Careerists often earn more than their men, which is fraught with some difficulties in their family life, since psychologists say that this is due to a drop in self-esteem in men and advise women not to brag about their wealth. It is rather strange that in the opposite situation, experts do not suggest men to refuse to manipulate a woman with their wealth.

Financial situation
Financial situation

If a couple is satisfied with a relationship in which she earns, and he runs a household, then such a marriage can last indefinitely. It should be noted that the collapse of such a relationship model is dangerous for a man, since he finds himself in a situation where, in the event of a breakup, he will have to change cleaning to work as a loader.

Often female sharks are accompanied by a male businessman in life, then minimal attention is paid to everyday life, and household duties are shifted onto the shoulders of hired people.

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