How To Keep A Man For Life - Advice From A Psychologist

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How To Keep A Man For Life - Advice From A Psychologist
How To Keep A Man For Life - Advice From A Psychologist

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How to keep a man
How to keep a man

One of the most common female fears is to be left alone, without a beloved, who until recently swore love to the grave, and then betrayed and instead of happiness gave loneliness, so bitter and unbearable. Yes, this is truly scary. Fuel is added to the fire by the fact that in our society it is problematic for a woman after 25 to get married, and if she also has a child from her first marriage, then the chances of personal happiness are even less.

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  • 1 Misunderstanding is the reason for the gap between partners
  • 2 Constant reproaches break relationships
  • 3 Appearance is not the main thing, but still …
  • 4 Lots of control = little love

A question arises that worries millions of modest girls and serious ladies, how to keep a loved one so that happiness lasts forever, and not like the majority, until the first betrayal and divorce? And can you keep a man with zero effort?

Let's put all the dots on the "and" - we are considering a situation when a man loves his chosen one and they are completely happy, because if everything is bad and there is no mutual love, then it becomes unclear why this man should be kept. However, then it will not work, because you will not be cute forcibly.

So why does a man suddenly decide to run away, hide, disappear, because recently he was completely happy? There may be several reasons for this.

Misunderstanding is the reason for the gap between partnersi

There is an abyss of misunderstanding between you. Sometimes it turns out that there is absolutely nothing in common between partners. The passion that kept people together subsided a little, and the intimacy did not appear. The wife has her own interests and views of the world, her chosen one has his own, and often completely opposite ones. People have nothing to share with each other, and sometimes there is even nothing to talk about.

Sometimes it doesn't matter and they just enjoy each other, almost silently, finding harmony in communication with friends and their favorite work. But if a man feels that his companion is not his soul mate and suffers from this, then this can serve as an important factor in the fact that he simply leaves her as soon as the opportunity arises. What to do?

Find common interests, share with him what he loves, create unforgettable moments when the whole world belongs only to you two. Become that sweet beauty with whom he can not only spend hot nights of love, but also just talk, discuss art (or whatever he loves there).

how to keep a man
how to keep a man

Of course, if he is a scientist and he only has synchrophasotrons in his head, then it is unlikely that the spouse will be able to hold a full-fledged discussion with him. But listening and asking some logical questions is not difficult. But you will become irreplaceable for him.

Constant reproaches break relationships2

You got your husband with reproaches and discontent. Oh yes, women can! Often not even noticing that every word is filled with demotivation, the wife creates an oppressive atmosphere in the family and the spouse is elementarily scared to share or tell anything at all, he no longer believes that the evil wife can say something approving and support him … And if such a man has an opportunity, he will certainly run away.

What to do, because you want to be with him, so dear and beloved, you just do not know how to express positive emotions. The answer, as always, is simple, bring more light and positive into your life, surround yourself with what you love, because your nagging at your husband is just a consequence of moral overwork.

You will be able to keep a man with zero effort if you exude joy and happiness, and will not pay attention to the little things, because then tremendous support, love and understanding will come from you. Well, who will voluntarily leave such a goddess?

Appearance is not the main thing, but still … ___ 8230

You stopped taking care of yourself. This is also very repulsive to your spouse, because it is one thing if you just gained two kilograms and stopped wearing lacy underwear, and quite another, when you run yourself to the fullest, go around the house in a dirty dressing gown and justify your unwashed head by saying that - “I’m children I barely had time to get to school, what kind of head is it?

how to keep a man without making an effort
how to keep a man without making an effort

Nobody says to set aside half a day for makeup, but beautiful clothes, neatly gathered hair, a push-up bra (yes, if your spouse sees you in such a house, he is unlikely to think about escaping) and a moisturizing mask before bedtime, this is the minimum that every self-respecting lady can do without problems. Believe me, this will be enough to instantly transform from a dull housewife into a real queen.

Lots of control = little love3

You are trying too hard to control him. This item also belongs to the category - "you don't know what to do, you better do nothing, but just watch the TV series and eat a cake." Your spouse is a separate person with interests and needs and may want to spend time with friends or go fishing. He has no other woman. And stop trying to control it, but rather use your free time for your own purposes, please yourself with something, be it a cake or new cosmetics.

The main thing is that the spouse sees happiness on your face when he crosses the threshold of the house. And stop thinking nonsense, he only loves you. So you should understand for yourself the concept of the personal space of a loved one and not go there. Would you like your husband to forbid you to paint your nails and constantly suspect you of an affair with your manicure master? Rave. But in turn, your constant suspicions are the same delusion. Calm down, he will not go anywhere from you. Things are good. Eat another candy better. Sweet foods raise endorphins, right?

how to keep a man without making an effort
how to keep a man without making an effort

Actually, keeping a man lighter than you think, because for this you just need to not do what he runs away from. That is, you can create special conditions for a loved one, overthrow mountains for his sake, but at the same time do a lot of unnecessary things than completely destroy the effect of your efforts. So here are two main tips on how to keep a man with zero effort - fill your life with positive and do not think nonsense. That's the whole secret, because then you won't do anything superfluous, and your every look will be filled with happiness and joy, well, do they leave such cuties?

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