The Man Decided To Have A Mistress. Important Points And What Needs To Be Foreseen

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The Man Decided To Have A Mistress. Important Points And What Needs To Be Foreseen
The Man Decided To Have A Mistress. Important Points And What Needs To Be Foreseen

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Looking for a mistress
Looking for a mistress

They say men are polygamous, need variety and a constant role of "conqueror". No matter how ardent lover and faithful husband a man is, sooner or later a moment comes in his life when the thought creeps into his crazy head: "I am looking for a mistress!"

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  • 3 Top secret
  • 4 Love abode
  • 5 "Looking for a mistress!"
  • 6 Age, children, marital status when choosing a mistress
  • 7 Inappropriate candidates
  • 8 Prohibitions in love affairs
  • 9 Say goodbye on time

There are several reasons for such a desire: the bored life of family life, misunderstanding on the part of the wife, lack of attention and lack of admiration of the beloved woman, about bed pleasures, as well as the daily grumble of the wife - "saw".

An experienced husband needs a woman who can inspire heroic deeds, entertain, comfort, caress the poor fellow who is tired of the hustle and bustle of life. You need a woman - a "holiday" with whom you can have a good time, experiment in bed, remember the old young years, feeling the drive and sweetness of "novelty", and most importantly: not to think about any debt, not to be obliged, and leave madam the moment he gets bored with it.

Money questioni

If a man firmly and inexorably decided to acquire a secret lady of the heart, and the slogan "Looking for a mistress!" firmly rooted in his mind, he needs to think through all the important points. One of these points is the question of finance. Women are gentle and touching creatures.

Being in the role of a mistress, they require attention, love, affection and a little money. Or a lot of money. At least gifts and investments are indispensable in a love affair. Some ladies require decent material support, while others are in need of treats and cute presentations.

Saving finances is the enemy of outside relationships. A spouse who wants not just to go to the left, but is in this direction for a rather long period of time, should consider and plan his budget so as to please his mistress and, at the same time, not infringe on the family.

Secret love dates, going to cafes or restaurants, going out of town require a significant material contribution. If a man is not ready for such sacrifices, thoughts of a permanent mistress should be left until better times.

Time for love pleasures2

Free time is the second important moment for those husbands who are persecuted by one single thought: "I am looking for a mistress!" It is necessary to set aside time for meetings with a beautiful lady. If a loving "stallion" spends most of his time at work, lying on the couch from fatigue, and on weekends cultivates a vegetable garden in his country cottage, his mistress will not fit into his schedule.

Looking for a mistress
Looking for a mistress

The wife and children also require attention. It is not worth for the sake of a "dubious affair" to deprive your family of relatives. It is necessary to clearly plan the days and hours in which the “unfaithful husband” will spend “outside the home” and which with his family.

It should be understood that a mistress is also a person, moreover, vulnerable and tender, requiring attention and communication. It is unlikely that she will like spontaneous meetings “when there is a free minute,” she also needs stability, and, some, reliability.

Top Secret3

Most wives are very suspicious. Despite the routine, the habit of contemplating the same male face, they tend to be jealous of their faithful. Do not underestimate women's intuition. A special instinct will push, even the most indifferent spouse to look through the list of messages and calls in contact, letters on social networks.

This can lead to the most undesirable and disastrous consequences. To avoid such a problem, it is desirable for a man to get a second mobile phone, or a SIM card, about which his wife will be completely unaware.

An unfaithful husband should be somewhat like a secret agent: appear and disappear, keep the address and real phone number secret, not disclose information about relatives so that the cunning mistress could not penetrate the holy of holies. The minimum number of people should know about the relationship with the "secret lady", just 1-2 close friends who have the loyalty of the Malchish - Kibalchish, in whose reliability the "unfaithful husband" will be absolutely sure.

candidates for mistress
candidates for mistress

Love abode4

The meeting place is a very important detail when looking for secret affairs. It is not always easy and simple to find a woman with her own living space; moreover, a family young lady can seem to be a mistress. It is better for a man to worry about such things in advance, not hoping for "maybe" and "I suppose."

A cozy nest for cooing doves should be located as far as possible from the family's home. In a big city there is such an opportunity, but in a small town it is quite problematic to find such housing. An excellent option would be if you arrange secret dates in a neighboring settlement, which you can quickly and easily get to.

"Looking for a mistress!" 5

So, the man is fully prepared, financially armed and ready to go hunting. The next step is especially important: where to find her, the joy of the eyes and the beauty of the nights? Some men are lucky to have casual meetings or suitable candidates presented by Fate itself, but what about those poor fellows who do not have an appropriate lady in their immediate circle? Well, there is no reason to be upset, and perhaps this state of affairs is even better. You can find a mistress on the Internet.

There are several dating sites, among which there are many attractive women who want affection, love, and, there is nothing non-binding, the role of a mistress. Wanting to look for happiness on such a site, a man must take into account several points:

  • Do not post a photo of yourself, so that your wife's acquaintance does not accidentally stumble upon him.
  • Do not write a phrase bursting from the depths of the soul: "I am looking for a mistress!". If a man indicates his true marital status and at the same time spends time on a dating site, a smart young lady will guess his intentions and the reasons for the search.
how to find a mistress
how to find a mistress
  • Do not fall asleep, the young lady you like, with proposals of an intimate nature and eloquent photographs of manhood. You need to behave beautifully, intriguingly, be an interesting interlocutor and gradually enticing a woman, bring her to the goal of her acquaintance.
  • If a woman is captivated by the charm of a secret interlocutor, sent in private messages, photos of a fan, you can proceed to active actions. You should immediately explain to the lady the essence of real things: that a man is not free, longs for secret meetings with a woman who will decorate his gray everyday life with bright colors.
  • You need to be extremely honest so that the "potential mistress" does not have unnecessary hopes for the development of relations. You should not mention family problems or insult your spouse.
  • A woman should understand that the family is important and respected by a man, but in his life, vivid impressions and the presence of a "magic fairy", which he saw in her, are sorely lacking.

These tips will come in handy for a man looking for a mistress on social networks if the dating site does not appeal to him. You should not post family photos, personal data on the page. It is better to replace the first and last name with a simple pseudonym.

On social networks, women love to talk about themselves, and this fact will play into the hands of a man. So he will better understand what kind of marital status the lady has, whether she has children, whether she dreams of marriage. The last point is important and suggests that this person is in no way suitable for the role of a temporary mistress.

An attractive employee with whom a man often flirts over a cup of coffee can also perfectly cope with the role of a lover. Colleagues know each other well, see each other often, have the opportunity to arrange a meeting, keeping the topic "incognito", are aware of each other's family affairs.

Most often, it is the employees who become secret lovers for many years. In this situation, there is one drawback: in case of a breakup, they will have to see each other at work, communicate, as if nothing had happened.

If the separation comes by mutual agreement, the problem will be resolved, but if one of the parties turns out to be "abandoned", there are plenty of problems. Women are vengeful creatures, capable of doing anything to turn the life of a former "lover" into hell.

where to look for a mistress
where to look for a mistress

You shouldn't, at the first opportunity to shine with your eyes and nod your head to tout the employee with a tempting offer: "I'm looking for a mistress!" For a start, you should offer to drink a cup of coffee, walk in the park and have a heart-to-heart talk. A woman should be reliable and serious, who, even in case of refusal, will not harm a man by exposing his secret desires to the public.

Age, children, marital status when choosing a mistress6

When a man has the goal of having an affair on the side, he should take the age of the lady chosen seriously.

A young girl, with an elastic tender body, an angelic face and girlish naivety, looks great. Possessing such a nymph is the dream of every man who has a ten-year marriage experience behind him, and his overweight wife in a washed dressing gown, but having a relationship with such a girl is dangerous and not easy. Young girls are very amorous, emotional, dreamy and ambitious.

She will suck out of her lover either a large amount of money or a large heap of nerves. Such a lover is full of reckless ideas and inexhaustible enthusiasm, and if it occurs to her to destroy her lover's marriage and take the place of his wife, she will make every effort and imagination for this.

Middle-aged women, divorced and independent, "desperate housewives" and hardened bachelors are the best candidates for such a "position." Most often, they do not seek to start a family, but to have an intimate and loving relationship without obligations, for them an excellent prospect. Especially if the lover generously gives gifts and throws some money.

A woman's marital status is not so important, the main motives that encourage her to participate in a love affair. If a lady is secured by marriage, this can play into the hands of both partners. She will also be afraid of advertising, interested in caution and secrecy.

relationship with the secret lady
relationship with the secret lady

Having children can play a big role in choosing a mistress. If a woman has reached Balzac's age, but until this day has been "childless", she may be visited by the idea of ​​using her lover as a "bull - inseminator."

She can assure a man of personal reliable contraception and adjust the "accidental" fact of conception, even if she does not plan to raise a child with a man and destroy his family. Many single mothers gave birth to a child “for themselves” from a casual relationship with a lover. This is not the most suitable option for a man who is looking for vivid emotions with a woman on the side.

Even if a woman does not claim paternity and dignifiedly disappears from his life, the man’s compassionate heart will remind from time to time that somewhere out there, “dear blood” is growing up.

Inappropriate candidates7

When choosing a mistress, a man should be very careful, and put a ban on himself in advance, on relationships with women, from which problems may arise in the future or the present.

This category includes:

  • Girlfriends, relatives or acquaintances spouses.
  • Neighbors, shop assistants, which is nearby, teachers and educators, with whom children are engaged.
  • The boss.
  • Minors.
Inappropriate candidates for a mistress
Inappropriate candidates for a mistress

A good option would be a woman who has no idea about the place of residence of her lover, who does not know by sight and by the name of his family members.

Prohibitions in love affair8

When a man finds a suitable candidate for love pleasures, he must introduce certain rules in their relationship and strictly follow them:

  • Do not allow his mistress to call his home phone number or write messages after 2 am, when he is at home, with his family.
  • Do not meet your partner's family and friends. This will allow her to think that your relationship has moved to another, more intimate level. You should also not introduce the lady to your social circle.
  • Do not compare a mistress with a spouse, do not arrange "competitions", such as: "Oh, my bakes very tasty pies, and, you, can you do that?" A woman will rush to show her culinary abilities, driven by the hope that in the event of her superiority, she has a hope to borrow, someday, the place of the lawful wife.

Say goodbye on time9

All good things come to an end. Even the most eccentric and charming mistress will sooner or later seem like a simple ordinary woman.

Any relationship requires development, so a love affair must be stopped in time. It is better if you inform the woman in advance about the terms of "leaving", assuring her that you will take away the best and most tender memories of her.

urgently need a mistress
urgently need a mistress

Arrange a goodbye evening, give a gift to a sweetheart who "tomorrow" will become a "former" and leave each other with a light heart and gratitude for those wonderful moments that you spent together. And about the secrets of seduction and creating a successful profile, if you are looking for dating for sex on the Internet, read in our next article further on the link.

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